Mother's Day Lilies

A lily bouquet makes the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Symbolic. Refined. Sincere. The Bouqs simplifies lily delivery for Mother's Day.

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Send Lilies for Mother’s Day

Are you looking for the perfect flowers to send for Mother’s Day? Lilies represent life and rebirth, making them ideal Mother’s Day flowers for any mom. Each type of lily represents something different, so you can send a different message to each mom figure in your life.

  • White lilies represent innocence, virtue, and purity, ideal for new or soon-to-be mothers.

  • Red lilies represent passion and love, perfect for your significant other.

  • Pink lilies convey a sense of admiration and appreciation, which is excellent for any woman who has played a motherly role in your life, even if they aren’t related to you.

  • Orange lilies, also known as tiger lilies, are considered symbols of wealth in some cultures, conveying deep respect toward the recipient.

  • Calla lilies aren’t true lilies, but they are still a great option for adding a regal, elegant touch to a Mother’s Day bouquet.

The Benefits of Flowers for Mother’s Day

Flowers are more than just a symbol of how much you love your mom (or grandmother, aunt, mother-in-law, the mother of your children, or any other mother in your life). Floral arrangements have a variety of benefits, including:

  • Flowers freshen the air. The fabulous scent of flowers freshens up any space.

  • Flowers boost your mood. Studies have shown that flowers boost your mood by providing immediate happiness when you receive them, increasing intimacy in places where flowers are displayed, and reducing feelings of depression and anxiety over time.

  • Flowers increase productivity compared to sculptures or a lack of decor by as much as 15%.

Show Unexpected Kindness to All Moms With Flowers

Mother’s Day is a chance to honor all the motherly figures in our lives. Did your grandmother help raise you? Do you have an aunt who provides you a shoulder to cry on and hugs to keep you going? Do you have a coworker who always has motherly advice for you? Send lily bouquets to everyone who has been like a mother to you or your children this Mother’s Day.

Why Are Our Flowers So Fresh?

The Bouqs Co. works directly with farmers who use responsible farming practices, so the mothers in your life will receive flowers faster, fresher, and with less waste. Some blooms even arrive in bud form, giving your mom even more time to enjoy your thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.

Keep Love Blooming This Mother’s Day With The Bouqs Co.

While moms deserve all our love and respect every day of the year, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to keep love blooming with farm-fresh lilies from The Bouqs Co. to tell your mom just how much you truly care. Whether you choose a bouquet of all lilies or one where lilies accent another flower type, your mom is sure to love it.