White Roses Bouquets

Send white roses bouquets anywhere in the United States. The Bouqs Co. specializes in white roses flower delivery for any occasion.

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Floral arrangement featuring white hydrangea, white roses, white carnations and green eucalyptus leaves.

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What Do White Rose Flowers Symbolize? White Roses Meaning

More than likely, you've seen white roses at countless weddings – with good reason. The crisp, flawless flowers represent eternal love, purity, commitment, new beginnings, and hope, making them an ideal addition to any wedding day.

Even if it's not your big day, you can still send the white flowers' message of true love any time of the year with same-day delivery from The Bouqs Co.

When Should You Send White Rose Bouquets?

Sending white roses conveys a clear, intentional message to the recipient. Unlike bright pink or deep red flowers, the velvety white blossoms capture the sweetness and innocence of pure love. With that in mind, a white rose bouquet makes a perfect gift for:

  • Wedding Anniversaries: Surprise your spouse with glorious white roses, courtesy of The Bouqs Co. Our expertly designed, artisan-crafted arrangements will remind your spouse of years of love, commitment, and trust, with many more to come.

  • Valentine's Day: Break away from the expected and try a new flower type for Valentine's Day. The flowers pair well with your loved one's favorite blossoms and will fill the room with their sweet, delicate scent after delivery.

  • New Baby Gifts: Welcome a new family member to the world with a gorgeous white flower bouquet. The white blooms will mirror the infant's innocence and joy, while the magnificent arrangement will delight new parents.

Are White Roses or Red Roses Better for Gifts?

At the end of the day, our flower experts at The Bouqs Co. believe that all types of flowers make perfect gifts. That said, some arrangements may be better suited to specific events or recipients.

White Rose Bouquets

White rose bouquets make spectacular surprises for loved ones, brides-to-be, and new parents. When paired with colorful blooms and fresh greenery, they exude a casual luxury perfect for displaying on the kitchen countertop. On the other hand, you can choose from elegant arrangements in ceramic vases that set the tone for a romantic, glamorous night.

Finally, many of our clients find that white roses make lovely sympathy gifts, thanks to the subdued tones and graceful design of our handcrafted bouquets.

Red Rose Bouquets

Vibrant red blossoms guarantee a standout gift! The red blooms deliver a message of passionate love well-suited to anniversary dinners, date nights, and other special occasions.

Can You Order White Roses Online?

At The Bouqs Co., we make it easy to order sustainably sourced, artisan-designed flowers online. Simply choose your favorite bouquet, select your delivery date, and enjoy same-day or next-day delivery throughout the United States.