Happy Birthday Roses

Birthday flowers are an amazing way to celebrate a loved one, and many people think roses are the most beautiful flowers of all, making them ideal birthday gifts.

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Roses - Perfect Birthday Flowers

Happy birthday roses are a fantastic way to show somebody how much you care. With their various meanings, roses are the perfect flowers to send birthday wishes to anybody you love.

It doesn’t have to be romantic love, either. Yellow roses are ideal for friends, while white roses represent innocence and purity, making them great for a young family member.

Surprise your loved ones on their special day with a stunning bouquet of roses from The Bouqs Co. Roses say, “I’m so happy you’re in my life, and I couldn’t be happier that you were born today.”

What Do Roses Symbolize?

One of the wonderful things about roses is that each color and number of roses symbolizes something unique, so you can customize your message even if you aren’t good with words. These are some common rose color meanings:

  • Red roses represent romance and love

  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship

  • Pink roses are for grace, joy, admiration, and gratitude

  • White roses show purity and innocence

  • Orange roses mean passion and enthusiasm

If you send roses to somebody you love, various numbers of roses have different meanings:

  • One rose means love at first sight

  • Two roses represent deep, shared love

  • Three roses say, “I love you”

  • Six roses symbolize, “I want to be yours”

  • Seven roses mean, “I’m infatuated with you”

  • Nine roses represent eternal love

  • 10 roses say, “You’re perfect”


Do You Have Same-Day Delivery on Roses?

We offer same-day delivery in select zip codes on some of our popular Bouqs. The selection varies depending on the zip code, and you must order by noon in your recipient’s time zone.

The Bouqs Co. also offers next-day delivery across the continental United States on a bigger variety of our best Bouqs, including several single- and multi-colored rose bouquets.

Do Roses Come With Vases?

If your recipient doesn’t already have a vase, we have several lovely vases to choose from that you can add to your order for a small additional cost.

What Time Will My Roses Be Delivered?

FedEx delivers our farm-fresh roses by 8 p.m. While they try to deliver to businesses before 5 p.m., they can’t always do that. Local florists deliver Same-Day Bouqs by the end of the day.

Will the Roses Be Safe from the Weather During Delivery?

We thoughtfully package our roses in a protective sleeve and box, so they should be safe from hot and cold weather during the delivery process. Still, you should bring them inside once you receive an email saying they’ve been delivered rather than leaving them out in the elements.