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Honor the nurses that have been on the frontlines during the pandemic with beautiful flowers. Order flower delivery today and brighten the day of your favorite nurse.

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Nurses Month Flowers

National Nurses Week is usually from May 6th to the 12th. This year, the entire month of May has been named National Nurses Month. It’s the perfect time to send a lovely bouquet to the nurse in your life. Show your appreciation for their dedication and express your thanks with the gift of flowers.

Celebrate Our Nurses

These are our school nurses and emergency medics, the ones staffing the frontlines in our hospitals and assisting our doctors and specialists. They might be taking care of a loved one in a care facility or patching up our first-responders. From nurse-practitioners to mid-wives, it’s time to celebrate all our nurses. They deserve our greatest recognition for everything they’ve done during the COVID-19 pandemic, the greatest medical crisis in our lifetime.

This year, the sacrifices and dedication of our nurses have come into the spotlight more than ever. It’s been one of the toughest years ever for health care professionals and our nurses have risen to the challenge and fought to keep us healthy. They’ve performed essential and life-saving work and proven themselves to be our heroes.


Why do we celebrate nurses in May?

May 12th was the birthday of Florence Nightingale, considered by many as the founder of modern nursing practices. She earned the nickname “The Lady with a Lamp” for tending wounds and training nurses during the Crimean War.

For almost 20 years the U.S. Department of Health and Welfare lobbied for a National Nurses Day to honor Ms. Nightingale and all the other nurses. In 1972 National Nurses Day was created on May 12th in honor of Ms. Nightingale. Over time this week of recognition expanded to National Nurses Week and this year to National Nurses Month.

What’s the theme for National Nurses Week in 2021?

This year, the American Nurses Association (ANA) announced a month of celebration for everything our nurses have done during this difficult year. Since the 1980s, National Nurses Week has been celebrated with a theme. Some previous themes have been based around mental health, healthy aging, and honoring school nurses. Each week during National Nurses Month will have a different theme.

  • May 1 - May 9: Self Care

  • May 10 - May 16: Recognition

  • May 17 - May 23: Professional Development

  • May 24 - May 31: Community Engagement

What Year Is the Year of the Nurse and Midwife?

The World Health Organization dubbed 2020 the Year of the Nurse and Midwife for the great sacrifices they’ve made during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nurses staffed the frontlines and many were among the first to contract the coronavirus. They and their families have made tremendous sacrifices. Celebrate them this year with fresh flowers.

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