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How to Surprise Your Partner & Make Valentines Day Memorable

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll make the day special for your significant other. While they’re likely to appreciate any gesture, sometimes you want to go a bit above and beyond.

If you’re looking for ways to surprise your partner or create a Valentine’s Day they’ll remember, we’ve got some tips. Whether it’s planning a creative date night, mixing up your Valentine’s Day flower order, or writing a heartfelt love letter, these ideas will make sure love keeps blooming throughout the year.

How to Surprise Your Significant Other

Whether you’ve been together for six months or 20 years, your significant other is probably expecting something for Valentine’s Day. With that said, you can still surprise them! The secret? Ditch the classics and opt for creative gifts and date ideas.

Plan a Creative Date

Hopefully, you’re already planning on spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other. But don’t stop at simply blocking this night off on your calendar! While a dinner date or movie night is a fine way to spend time together, don’t be afraid to get a bit more creative. Try out one of these ideas to increase the surprise factor.

Indoor Picnic

By the time Valentine’s Day arrives, you’re probably itching to get outside and enjoy some warmer weather. Unfortunately, it may still be quite chilly outside! If that’s the case, take some time to enjoy a cozy picnic indoors.

Lay a blanket out of the floor, light some candles, and grab some grub. This could be your partner’s favorite takeout or a meal you’ve cooked up yourself.

Ice Skating

Even if your heart is warm, don’t be afraid to take a trip out onto the ice. Haven’t ice skated before? That’s okay! Learning something new with your significant other will bring the two of you closer together. If nothing else, you’ll end up shuffling around the ice with big grins on your faces.

Once you’re done skating, plan a way to warm up. A trip to a cute coffee shop or brewery will warm your insides and snuggling together in a cozy blanket will take care of the rest.

Dessert Tour

If your partner has a big sweet tooth, take a dessert tour of your city! Plan a route that stops at a few bakeries or restaurants. Head into each place to enjoy a slice of cake, scoop of ice cream, or some tiramisu.

If you want to stay at home, bring the desserts to you! Pick up a few items ahead of time or have them delivered to your home. That way you can lounge in sweats while enjoying sweets with your sweetie.

Mix Up Your Flower Order

There’s no denying that flowers are one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts. However, they’re not always the most surprising. Rather than ditching the flowers entirely, try mixing them up!

While flowers like red roses and tulips will bring smiles, they probably won’t surprise your partner. Try swapping these classic blooms out for unique flowers for Valentine’s Day. Flowers like ranunculus and lisianthus bring a lot of romantic appeal as well as a bit of surprise. And sunflowers for Valentine’s Day will surely bring a smile to their face.

You can also order a dried bouquet rather than fresh flowers. These delicate bouquets will last throughout the year, reminding your partner of your love for them.

Surprise Them at Their Workplace

If you normally give your partner flowers at home or treat them to a home-cooked dinner, try mixing things up this year. How? Surprise them at their workplace!

Sending flowers to their office can be a great way to show them some love in what is oftentimes a dull place. Before you opt for a workplace delivery, think about if they’ll appreciate this gesture. Will they swoon at this public display of love or hide in embarrassment? If the answer is the latter, it’s best to skip an office delivery. If you know they will love this thoughtful gesture, opt for a bouquet that will easily fit on their desk.

Another option is to show up for a surprise lunch date. Your partner will be happy to ditch their bag of leftovers for a meal out. Just make sure they have a long enough lunch hour to make this work.

Plan a Secret Trip

If you’re aiming for something a bit more extravagant, take the time to plan a secret trip! This could be anything from a night at a nice hotel in town to a hike at the local park — think about what your partner likes and use this as a guide. While it’s okay to branch out from tried and true favorites, don’t step too far away from what they like. For example, if they hate the cold, it’s probably not the best idea to plan a day on the ski slopes.

Once you’ve got the trip all planned out, resist the temptation to fill your significant other in on the details. Just let them know they should pencil in the necessary amount of time. As time gets closer, you should also let them know what they should pack. If you need help planning a trip, there are a lot of lists of less-traveled locations such as this list of secret spots in Los Angeles.

When it comes time for the big event, keep quiet! Lead them to the destination without many hints. To amp up the suspense factor even more, blindfold your partner until you arrive (they should trust you, right?).

Make Valentine’s Day More Memorable

While Valentine’s Day only comes one day a year, that doesn’t mean you should forget it as soon as the 15th arrives. These tips and ideas will help make this day of love a bit more memorable.

Think and Plan Ahead

Even if you’re a diehard procrastinator, do your best to think about Valentine’s Day before it arrives. While you may think you’ve done well by picking up a bouquet or box of chocolates from the grocery store, this screams last minute. Even if your partner appreciates the gesture, they’ll know you only put in last-minute thought.

Instead of picking up some wilted flowers from the store, order farm-fresh Valentine’s roses ahead of time. While you may think roses are roses, your partner will be able to tell the difference between the flowers’ quality.

Since The Bouqs Co. allows you to order flowers ahead of time, you have no excuses. Order now and all you have to do is sit back and relax when the big day arrives. Sounds nice, right?

Turn to Paper

In today’s day and age, anyone can scribble out a text or even order a photobook online. However, only you can create a one-of-a-kind note. While you may think a neatly printed note is better than your messy handwriting, hear us out — nothing is more romantic than a hand-written note or cute doodle.

Don’t know where to start? As cliche as it sounds, try to write straight from your heart. Include a few sentences about why you love your significant other as well as a few special moments the two of you have shared the past year. Make sure to include inside jokes, pet names, and anything else that will make them smile.

Not only will your partner enjoy reading the note the first time around, but they’ll be able to keep it forever. Don’t be surprised if you find them tucking it in their wallet to reread during a tough day.

Choose a Gift They Can Cherish

If you’re looking to make this day one to remember, skip out on the classic gifts. Fortunately, there are lots of gifts besides chocolate and jewelry for Valentine’s Day.


If you’re significant other can’t get enough of all things botanical or is often complaining about their drab office, give them a houseplant! Plants for Valentine’s Day not only give them something to enjoy now but also something to care for in the future. Orchids are a great choice for the flower enthusiast and succulents meet the mark for forgetful plant parents.

A Loaded Goody Bag

For a gift that keeps on giving, create a goody bag filled with your partner’s favorite things. Think small items like their favorite candy or bag of chips, a gift card to that coffee shop they love, and a book in their favorite genre. You can also include sentimental items like a coaster from the bar you met at or a ticket stub from the first concert you attended together.

Tickets to a Show or Class

Oftentimes quality time together is the best gift. Align with spending Valentine’s Day together, give them something to look forward to by purchasing tickets to a concert, comedy show, or cooking class.

Create a Valentine’s Day to Remember

By planning ahead and putting in just a little bit of extra effort, you can create a Valentine’s Day the two of you will cherish long after the day is over. Remember, surprises don’t have to be big or extravagant. Simple ideas like ordering farm-fresh flowers and pairing them with a heart-felt note will help your love keep blooming throughout the year.

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