Valentine's Day

Romantic Gifts Beyond Roses, Chocolates, and Jewelry

Romantic Puzzle For Valentine's Day

Another Valentine’s Day, another box of chocolates. Sound familiar? While roses, chocolate gift baskets, and jewelry are popular Valentine’s Day gifts for a reason, they aren’t exactly unexpected. If you want to shake things up this year with something that both delights and surprises, we’ve got you covered.

From flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day bursting with tropical blooms to handmade treats and thoughtful items, you’ll find something that fulfills your loved one’s desires. So go ahead and get shopping for all the Valentines in your life.

Valentine’s Gifts That Are Not Roses and Chocolate

We get it. Red roses and a heart-shaped box of chocolates let your loved one know you’re thinking of them on Valentine’s Day. But know what really shows your love? A gift that speaks right to their heart.

Of course, each person – and each love – is different. But the good news is you know your loved one better than anyone else! So take note of what makes them smile and get to work selecting the perfect gift.

Pick a Theme

First things first. Spend some time thinking about who will receive your gift and what type of message you want to send.

If you’re giving a gift to a friend who has stood by you this year, let your gratitude shine bright with gifts that are as sweet as your friend’s words.

Aiming to soothe the pain of your sister’s recent breakup? Opt for something colorful and fun…coupled with a note that lets her know you’re always there.

For a new romance or crush, choose something light yet thoughtful — an activity the two of you can complete together, like a gorgeous puzzle, is a great choice. And for your long-term partner? Opt for something personal and unexpected — remember Valentine’s Day is the time to show them just how much you love them.

Refreshing Flowers for V-Day

While you might want to stray away from the traditional rose delivery for Valentine’s, that doesn’t mean flowers are off the table. With hundreds of types of blooms available, it’s easy to find a Bouq that your recipient will love.

Modern Love Bouquet

Looking for a modern bouquet that dazzles? Choose an arrangement that brings a bit of a tropical paradise right into their own home. Or send some cheer with a bouquet of sunflowers.

Fairytale Worthy Bouqs

If you’re aiming for something a bit more soft and romantic, look for a bouquet filled with pastel blooms and interesting textures. Our pick? A mixed floral arrangement that looks like it’s been plucked straight out of a fairytale.

Long-Lasting Gifts for Long-Lasting Relationships

To send something that will liven up the home throughout the year, think about sending plants for Valentine’s. Easy to care for orchids or succulents make a gift that anyone can comfortably cultivate. Plus, the recipient can watch their plant grow along with your love.

Edible Romantic Gift Ideas for 2021

Let’s keep it real. Food is the way to a lot of peoples’ hearts…and chocolate isn’t the only option. The first step in choosing an edible gift is knowing what the person likes! Do they love to try new things or stick to what they know? Is there a fun way you can play on their favorite dish? By showing that you thought what their stomach loves, they’ll appreciate your gift even more.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

For something on the sweet side, you can’t go wrong with caramels…especially goat’s milk caramels made by hand. Add in a box covered with cute drawings and you’ll hit this Valentine’s Day out of the park. Or add a bit of sweetness and excitement to their breakfast with a jar of specialized jam. It’s a simple way to elevate weekend mornings at home.

Savor the Love

If you’re searching for something more savory than sweet, check out these options. A set of popcorn seasonings will add some flavor to movie night and hand-rolled butter pretzels will make your Valentine feel like you spent hours in the kitchen just for them. Shhh…you don’t have to let them know otherwise.

Pro tip: If you aren’t sure if your receiver has any food allergies, it’s best to err on the side of caution and ask ahead of time.

Unique Valentine’s for Men

Just because the guy in your life won’t love a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates doesn’t mean you should skip out on giving him a Valentine’s Day gift. Stuck on what to choose? You’ve got options.

Warm the Heart and Body

While socks may not seem romantic, sweaty feet and raggedy holes are not. Appeal to your man’s practical side with a new pair of cozy merino wool socks. Another option for the guy who enjoys simple pleasures is an insulated tumbler to keep his beer or seltzer cold.

Play It By Ear

For something a little more indulgent, help him amp up his music listening with a mini amplifier that connects with home speakers. If he’s more into getting ready for the day with caffeine, make sure he has coffee with him wherever he is. An Aeropress allows him to make a solid cup of Joe whether he’s at home in the kitchen or on the road.

Unique Valentine’s for Women

No matter if you’re shopping for a friend, partner, or even your mom, you can find something that helps her feel your love.

Valentine’s Day Won’t Succ With This Gift

For a gift that continues to give, you can’t go wrong with a plantable succulent bouquet. She can enjoy her gorgeous blooms now and plant the succulents to keep her company in the future. Every time she looks at her little plant pals, she’ll think of you. Awww.

Picture Perfect Valentine

If she’s always looking to capture special moments, give her a Polaroid camera. She’ll have a blast snapping and printing photos of the two of you as well as the world around her.

Support Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

To encourage her to give herself the self-care she deserves, create a basket filled with some items she’ll love. Bath bombs will let her take a few minutes (or hours) to unwind and refresh. And a few herbal teas or a nice bottle of wine are always a welcome treat. To top it off, include a cozy blanket and a journal, novel, or adult coloring book.

Moments to give roses, chocolates and other gifts are important milestones in a relationship like big anniversaries. Putting together complementary sets of gifts for Galentine’s Day or a friend’s birthday is an equally perfect time to send a bouquet of flowers with other festive gifts. A present that aligns with their personal aesthetic and taste preferences will make any occasion an important holiday for the people you’re closest to.

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