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Romantic Gifts Beyond Roses Chocolates and Jewelry

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Modern love potions are made from a dash of flowers and a handful of snacks, mixed together with something wrapped in a bow and voila! Romance is in the air instantly. There’s a reason giving roses, chocolates and jewelry make up the magic formula for grand romantic gifts.

It’s no easy feat to hunt down all three, but flower gift sets combine two of their favorites in one convenient place. From Valentine’s Day to anniversaries, every occasion is memorable when you go the extra mile to make them smile.

Get Roses, Chocolates but First, Jewelry!

Find out how the people you’re shopping for prefer to shine. Are they the type to bling out in gold accents and precious stones or subtly ornate vintage turquoise and silver rings? Boho handmade and heirloom looks assembled with wood or crystals may make for a sustainable gift with deeper meaning. Wood can represent stability: a naturally lasting bond that ages gracefully and improves over time. Crystals take eons to form a uniquely beautiful landscape with spiritually significant meaning for your relationship.

Healing stones and crystals are definitely having a moment. Boutique jewelry brands like Gorjana make bracelets from gemstones with the holistic properties of everything from strength to inspiration. Charm bracelets with pendants point more literally to interests you share. They attach meaning to your gift with tiny totems that refer to shared memories and activities like hiking a mountain, exploring the open road or sharing a concert.

Meaningful gifts draw from the same heartfelt intention, catering their importance to each special person. Though it doesn’t have to be complicated. Bouquet bundles check every box in the must-have treasure trove of Valentine’s Day preparedness by pairing meaningful jewelry and beautiful flowers.

Picking a Theme

Personalize your gifts with themes like forever friendship (will you be our Galentine?), growing together or eternal romance. You can show that special someone how deeply you understand them through thoughtful, giving that speaks to your connection. If you met when they accidentally spilled a drink on you, a cocktail or champagne-themed gift would be appropriate. Maybe you met through friends, ask your mutuals for the inside scoop on what flowers or foods they’re crushing on at the moment.

If you’re getting gifts for childhood friends or a long-time sweetheart you know each other intimately. Draw from the inside jokes you share, items you’re consistently stealing from each other and snacks you know they love. It will help narrow down how to incorporate a personal touch into a gift. Flower arrangements are beautiful, but making them even more meaningful can be as simple as adding a gourmet chocolate bar or jewelry that generates positive energy.


Roses are undoubtedly the most popular flower option given with love in mind. All hearts are not created equal; some beat to a different chrysantha-drum. Tulips are classic alternatives to roses and ranunculus and sunflowers are gaining in popularity for unique flower bouquets. We all have our own faves when it comes to getting bouquets, so ask your person what flowers warm their heart. Unless it’s a birthday, you can’t go wrong with presents like roses, chocolates or charming bracelets; which highlight how important someone is to you.

Edible Romantic Gift Ideas

As much as roses, chocolates and those candy hearts go together like Rihanna in literally every outfit, give your snack selections a second thought before sending them along. Besides just that everyone’s taste buds are tempted by different flavors, we live in a world full of allergies. While they’re likely to double check the ingredients to protect themselves, it’s more thoughtful to get them something they can enjoy without worry.

Nuts are a common allergy, specifically peanuts, so playing it safe with a nut-free option is safer than a bag of artisanal trail mix. Do some label research, if your person is vegan make sure your gift fits in their nutritional plan. Don’t be afraid to just ask them what their favorite snacks are and get exactly what they want. Giving them a gift that is unsurprisingly on-brand for them is always better than a disappointing surprise. You got this.


Flowers like roses and chocolates or other edible gifts make dependable gift combos that speak to specific intentions and make the recipient feel special. Handmade gifts paired with tropical bouquets would be perfect for suggesting an island escape, or even, gulp, a honeymoon. Fruit flavored snacks or boozy candy are a perfect snack replacement for this gift theme.

For your favorite people working on their green thumbs, orchids or succulents make an ideal gift they can comfortably cultivate without massive demands on their time. Gemstone bracelets and succulent bouquets complement each other perfectly for that casual, festival chic style.

Trust your knowledge of how well you know the recipient, creating gift medleys that speak to how you feel is reflected in giving thoughtfully. Your shared history will help guide you to a gift set they’ll appreciate regardless of how long you’ve known each other. You don’t need to be your relationship’s historian to give a meaningful present, especially with gifts for everyone.

Moments to give roses, chocolates and other gifts are an important milestone in a relationship like big anniversaries. Putting together complementary sets of gifts for Galentine’s Day or a friend’s birthday is an equally perfect time to send a bouquet of flowers with other festive gifts. A present that aligns with their personal aesthetic and taste preferences will make any occasion an important holiday for the people you’re closest to.

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