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Nurses have always provided compassion and looked after our health, but this past year they went above and beyond. As the coronavirus pandemic took hold of communities, nurses put their lives on the line to take care of the sick and comfort those in need. Whether they were monitoring COVID patients in the ICU or keeping quarantined nursing home residents company, all of these medical professionals deserve our thanks.

While we should show these heroes our appreciation every day, National Nurses Week is a reminder to set aside some time to show these special people some love. So put your appreciation on paper, pick out a gift, and help make a nurse’s day a bit better.

Nurses Week History

Although nurses have always played a critical role in the health and well-being of communities, it took a while for others to officially recognize these responders’ heroic deeds.

In 1953, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare secretary Dorothy Sutherland sent a note to President Eisenhower encouraging him to proclaim a Nurses Day in 1954. Although Eisenhower didn’t make this proclamation, people observed the first Nurses Week in October. Further attempts to establish an official Nurses Day continued until President Nixon proclaimed National Nurses Week in 1974.

In 1990, the American Nurses Association (ANA) declared May 6 – May 12 as National Nurses Day. They chose these dates based on the May 12 birthday of the famous nurse Florence Nightingale. This week remains one of the many lesser-known spring holidays.

National Nurses Week 2021

After sacrificing so much the past year, experts think that nurses deserve more than a week of thanks. We agree. The World Health Organization and other global and national health organizations have declared May 2021 Nurses Month.

Not only is May 2021 Nurses Month, but 2021 is the Year of the Nurse and Midwife. The World Health Assembly declared 2020 the Year of the Nurse and Midwife to honor these healthcare workers and celebrate the 200th anniversary of Nurse Nightingale’s birth. After witnessing the roles nurses and midwives played in combating the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Assembly extended the recognition into 2021.

Nurse Appreciation Gifts

No matter if you were personally helped by a nurse this year or not, one thing is for sure: the world would be a much darker place without nurses. To help show your appreciation for these medical workers, consider picking out an item or two from this list of gifts to Nurses’ Week gifts.

Send a gift to your relative who works at a long-term care facility, the ICU nurse that took care of you this year, or even the nursing station at the hospital across town. We promise they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

A Bright Ranunculus Bouquet

Flower arrangement in red, yellow, pink, and white in vase with eucalyptus filler

After a year filled with its fair share of doom and gloom, it’s time for some brightness and light! Celebrate National Nurses Week with this standout ranunculus bouquet is filled with delicate blooms of every color. As the ranunculus flowers open, nurses will be able to enjoy layers and layers of beauty.

The flower arrangement also contains fragrant eucalyptus leaves that both calm and energize. We think that’s the perfect combination for a long, stressful shift.

A Restaurant Giftcard

overhead spread of assorted takeout restaurant food with hands serving food

After a long day (or night) at work, the last thing anyone wants to do is cook. While it’s easy to reach for a frozen pizza or bag of chips, sometimes nurses want something a bit healthier and filling. That’s where a gift card comes in! Celebration

Any nurse will love a reason to order takeout from their favorite restaurant. After spending so much time caring for others, they will appreciate a way to take care of themselves.

A Flower Subscription

If one bouquet is nice, a subscription for flowers is even nicer! While May is nurses’ month, we think these kind caregivers deserve our thanks all year. That’s why our flower subscription is the perfect gift.

You get to choose the size of your bouquet as well as how often your favorite nurse will receive flowers. Whether you choose to send flowers weekly or bi-monthly, you’ll never have to pay for shipping and you’ll receive our Friends and Family discount. Don’t forget you can send a subscription to a hospital floor or clinic to remind a group of nurses you appreciate their hard work.

Compression Socks

Legs in white socks. Orthopedic socks.

No matter where nurses are working, they often spend a lot of time on their feet. While it would be hard to pick out a perfectly fitting pair of comfortable shoes, you can give them some high-quality socks! Trust us, they’ll appreciate this gift.

Compression socks help keep feet and legs from becoming swollen. To add some fun flair to their days, choose a pair with colors or patterns.

An Insulated Mug

Smart looking woman with laptop and her drink in a reusable insulated tumbler mug on the table.

Lots of nurses rely on coffee or tea to keep them going throughout their day. The problem is, they often don’t have time to drink their beverage before it gets cold!

An insulated mug will keep any beverage warm (or cold) until your favorite nurse has a chance to drink it. We recommend looking for an option with a spill-proof lid to guard against inevitable bumps and knocks.


What Week is National Nurses Week?

People celebrate Nurses Week from May 6 to May 12 each year.

What is the Theme of Nurses Week 2021?

Since Nurses Week has extended into Nurses Month in 2021, there are multiple themes. Check out the following and use them as inspiration to show nurses some love.

  • May 1 – May 9: Self Care
  • May 10 – May 16: Recognition
  • May 17 – May 23: Professional Development
  • May 24 – May 31: Community Engagement

How Do Nurses Celebrate Nurses Week?

Many hospitals, medical centers, and clinics hold potlucks, lunches, and/or awards ceremonies to help nurses celebrate their special week. If nurses are lucky, community members (like you) will drop off tokens of gratitude like handwritten cards, beautiful flowers, or healthy snacks.

Why is Nurses Week in May?

Nurses’ week traditionally wraps up on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. If you didn’t learn about Nurse Nightingale in history class, we’ll give you a refresher.

Nightingale worked during the Crimean War to treat wounded soldiers. She traveled around battlefields at night to attend to the soldiers, earning her the nickname “The Lady with the Lamp.” After the war, Nightingale founded the world’s first secular nursing school, setting the foundation for modern nursing education.

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