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7 Unique Flowers to Gift on Valentine’s Day

Unique mixed bouquet of flowers

Roses are a classic like Marilyn, but what if your sweetheart is more of a Madonna? Papa Don’t Preach, but it’s always a nice touch to give flowers that match someone’s personality. We have some fabulous alternatives for those who really want to impress their Valentine with flowers. Without a doubt, you’ll be asked to take a bow for gifting a Bouq as unique as they are.

Be sure to thank your lucky stars — we want to help you make this love-filled holiday extra special for that special someone, which is why we compiled a list of some of our favorite (and unique) blooms to gift. Find one that suits your sweetheart and order today from our Valentine’s Day bouquet collection.

1. Ranunculus

We love ranunculus. First, their name sounds cool to say out loud. Go ahead, try it! We bet you smile. Second, they look like a rose’s mysterious cousin. Their layers and layers of silky petals form their rose-like shape. If you’re looking to take a break from ordering roses for Valentine’s Day delivery but not stray too far outside the bloom box, ranunculus are a perfect choice.

They possess all the charm of the classic flower we know and love. Except, they come with more originality. If your partner adores tradition, step it up a notch with a batch of bright red ranunculus blooms. The difference may be subtle, but the emotion behind the choice speaks volumes!

2. Alstroemeria

You might have heard of alstroemeria. They are also known as “Peruvian lilies.” Don’t sleep on these delicate blooms! They are perfect for those who want to reveal a bit of their soft side since the alstroemeria comes in a variety of light, fun colors.

If you and your significant other have been together for a long time, a bouquet of alstroemeria flowers just might be the perfect gift to rekindle any old flames!

3. A Tropical Assortment

This year, most people aren’t traveling to their favorite tropical destination. Enter tropical blooms. Not only do they remind them of your favorite vacation getaway, but they also last a long time.

Once you pop the stems into a vase, these colorful flowers will freshen up your recipient’s living space for as long as the span of a perfect vacation! If your romantic partner misses a little taste of the tropical islands while sheltering at home, then treat them to the best stay-cation with a bouquet of tropical flowers!

4. Fringed Tulips

Tulips are another fan favorite for Valentine’s Day. However, you don’t have to stick to the traditional Dutch tulips that everyone knows and loves. Fringed tulips have all the beautiful, delicate qualities of the popular Dutch variety, but their petals dazzle with elegant fringes. You can’t go wrong with any tulip, but if you want to go outside the box while still staying in the same room, then fringed tulips will charm your sweetheart.

5. Lisianthus

Hands down, one of the most underrated, romantic blooms out there. The lisianthus captivates with petals that form an oval, funnel-like shape. These flowers even come in a variety of sweet colors like pink, purple, white, and blue – perfect for any love-filled occasion! If you’re looking to gift your sweetheart a flower that’s just as sweet as them, choose a bouquet of lisianthus and prepare yourself for ecstasy.

6. Hydrangeas

People all over the world appreciate these colorful and exuberant flowers. Native to Asia and America, they come in all shapes and sizes and many different varieties. In Japanese legend, an emperor once gifted hydrangeas to the family of a woman he loved. He had neglected his love to focus on business so he sent hydrangeas as a symbol of his ever-lasting adoration.

Pink hydrangeas symbolize heartfelt emotion so they make a great choice to include in a mixed bouquet. If you’re forgotten Valentine’s Day in the past or want to apologize, blue hydrangeas make a great choice.
Useful tip: Avoid white hydrangeas for Valentine’s Day. In Victorian England white hydrangeas symbolized vanity.

7. Plants

Ok, we cheated a little here. But gifting a potted plant continues to grow in popularity for Valentine’s Day. Don’t feel restrained by tradition. Sending Valentine’s Day plants is a great gift because they continue to remind your special someone of your love months and even years later. Make it a tradition and start a collection of gifted plants that continue to grow year after year.

Valentine’s Day allows you to express your deepest feelings to any of your loved ones. Whether or not you prefer following the traditions or blazing new trails, there’s always a flower that makes the perfect match for your partner. Our Valentine’s Day collection is always en Vogue and boasts some of the most romantic blooms out there. They can convey any special message of endearment to the people who matter most. If you have pets, don’t forget to check out our post about pet-safe flowers.

Shop from our collection of Valentine’s flowers today and let that special someone know just how much you appreciate them. Without a doubt, your Valentine will be Crazy for You!


Do I Have to Give Roses for Valentine’s Day?

No way. While placing an order for roses for Valentine’s Day is traditional, current trends are moving toward mixed bouquets and other flowers. Get creative and know your loved one! If their favorite flowers are sunflowers, there is nothing wrong with a sunflower bouquet or mixed bouquet for Valentine’s Day. In fact, mixed bouquets are currently in fashion for Valentine’s Day.

Are Roses the Only Floral Symbol of Love?

Red roses symbolize love but they aren’t the only flowers that symbolize love. Red flowers, in general, send signals of romance. Red tulips are popular and you can even gift red sunflowers for a truly unique Valentine’s Day bouquet.

What Other Unique Flowers Can I Gift on Valentine’s Day?

All flowers make beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts. The best flower to give is your sweetheart’s favorite. For more unique choices, consider sunflowers. People of all ages love sunflowers. Sunflowers symbolize joy and happiness. Brighten the day of your sweetheart and select a mixed bouquet that includes sunflowers.

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