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Popular Wedding Flowers for 2023

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Countless wedding themes have come in and gone out of style over the past few years, but let’s face it — nothing beats the elegant appeal of a classic, timeless wedding. White linens, fine china, lush greenery, and calligraphed details all make for a traditional wedding theme that will never go out of style.

But what about the flowers? Choosing the bridal bouquet, floral arrangements, and accent flowers to complement your timeless wedding can be challenging, especially if you aren’t a “flower person.” Thankfully, you have a wide range of options to choose from that will amaze your wedding guests.

Read on to learn our top choices for flowers and other classic wedding ideas to accent your elegant look.

Popular Wedding Flowers for the Timeless Bride

Garden Roses

Nothing says a timeless wedding quite like roses. Roses have that romantic, old-fashioned appeal that makes brides look like they’ve stepped out of a 1950s issue of Vogue. If you’re considering roses for your classing wedding flower arrangement, you can’t go wrong choosing a garden rose arrangement.

Garden roses feature round, fluffy textures that add vibrance and beauty to any flower bouquet. Choose cream-colored garden roses to complement your bridal gown, or combine blush and fuchsia varieties for a pop of feminine color.

We recommend pairing your garden roses with peonies to round out your bouquet, or adding delicate sweet peas for a more stand-out appearance.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are delicate flowers that can add a soft, ethereal look to your wedding bouquet. These flowers come in variegated colors, creating a unique bouquet that isn’t too “out there” for a traditional wedding.

We recommend pairing sweet peas with lush greenery elements throughout your wedding decor and bouquets. The combination of soft green accents with the delicate, translucent sweet pea flowers will add grace and timeless style to your wedding.

Spray Roses

Sometimes called “miniature roses,” spray roses offer a smaller, daintier alternative to traditional rose bouquets. These roses are perfect for centerpieces, bridesmaid bouquets, and other floral accents throughout your decor.

While they aren’t as attention-grabbing as garden roses, these flowers provide the romantic quality of a rose bouquet for the smaller arrangements in your wedding. Even better, their dainty petals are the perfect choice for your flower girls to toss down the aisle as they prepare the way for your grand entrance.


Peonies are some of the most popular flowers for wedding bouquets — and for a good reason. These lush, fluffy blooms provide a delicate quality that perfectly accents stylish, romantic brides. Traditionally, peonies signified romance and elegance — both of which also describe the vibe of a classic wedding.

While peonies tend to be more expensive than other wedding flowers, their vibrance and timeless beauty make them worth the cost for many brides.

However, if a bouquet of peonies simply isn’t in the budget, we recommend adding one or two to your wedding bouquet alongside daintier sweet peas and greenery. After all, a peony saved is a peony earned.


Ranunculus blooms are versatile wedding flowers that can bring beauty to any wedding bouquet. These blooms feature large, delicate petals in romantic colors ranging from white to pastel pink and peach to fuchsia.

Ranunculus flowers are large enough to be stand-out pieces in a simple bouquet yet small enough to complement larger blooms, like roses and peonies. Because ranunculus blooms accent most wedding arrangements, they’re some of the most popular wedding flowers for brides.


Hydrangeas are a timeless favorite when it comes to wedding bouquets. These large, lush blooms make the perfect stand-out addition to your bridal bouquet, centerpieces, and other wedding flower arrangements.

Fresh-cut hydrangeas only last two to three days, so we recommend having a wedding florist pick and deliver these blooms on your wedding day to ensure the lushest look. Alternatively, you can opt for antique hydrangeas, which feature large, jewel-toned blooms and tend to last longer than traditional varieties.

Lily of the Valley

Lilies of the valley are white, ethereal flowers with sturdy green stems. These dainty blooms add unassuming beauty to any simple wedding look.

Numerous brides have opted to carry all-lily bouquets, which add pops of white and green that perfectly complement a simple ceremony and sophisticated gown. However, you can also consider pairing these dainty flowers with blue calla lilies, adding the “something blue” every timeless bride needs in her wedding look.

Tips to Styling a Timeless Wedding Celebration

Wedding flowers are just one of the many elements that make up a wedding theme. Here are a few other tips to style your celebration.

Choose a Classic Wedding Gown

Your wedding dress is the central wedding feature around which you should center your decor, flowers, and other accents. As such, if you’re going for a timeless, classic theme, you’ll want an elegant, ageless gown to match.

Wedding gowns can of course range from simple to luxurious, but they all have one common theme — timelessness. For your classic wedding, you’ll want a sleek, rich gown that will withstand the test of time and that you won’t look back on and cringe.

Style Your Flowers

Styling your flower arrangement with simple beauty in mind can add an air of timelessness to any bloom variety. Here are a few ideas to add elegance to your bouquet:

Opt for a Monochromatic Bouquet

Creating a monochromatic bridal bouquet featuring whites, creams, or other neutral colors is a surefire way to add simple elegance to your wedding day.

Use Fresh Flowers

Many weddings have an air of freshness and natural beauty. Using fresh flowers rather than artificial ones can help make your wedding bouquets and flower arrangements feel sophisticated and tasteful.

Consider Hand-Tied Bouquets

Tying your timeless wedding bouquet with natural twine or flowing ribbon can add a simple yet purposeful touch to your florals.

Add Pops of Blue

Classic weddings always feature something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. As such, adding pops of blue throughout your wedding flowers and decor can tie together your decorations with a timeless, sophisticated theme. We recommend placing your centerpieces in blue china vases or tying your bouquet features with a baby blue ribbon.

Opt for Classy Ceremony Elements

Many modern weddings include their own spins on wedding traditions and elements. However, if you’re going for a timeless theme, you’ll want to include all of the features that make up traditional wedding celebrations. A few ideas include:

  • Flower girls in glamorous dresses tossing rose petals down the aisle
  • Ring bearers in sleek tuxes bearing the wedding rings on elegant cushions
  • Traditional wedding songs, like “Here Comes the Bride,” and other classical piano tunes
  • Sleek invitations and programs featuring pristine calligraphy

How to Pick Flowers to Match Any Wedding Theme

Perhaps you’d like your wedding bouquet to complement another style, such as modern, rustic, beachy, or vintage. Thankfully, many wedding floral arrangements have a versatile appeal that makes them suitable for any style. You’ll simply need to know which wedding flowers to choose from our list.

Here are a few popular wedding themes with flower options to match:

Coast Wedding

Oceanside weddings are all the rage in 2023. If you’re planning a coastal ceremony, consider a bouquet with white roses for a tranquil, serene appearance.

Mountain Wedding

Nothing celebrates your love of nature better than getting married in an idyllic mountain setting. Arrange lush roses with dainty sweet peas and greenery garlands to bring natural beauty to your outdoor ceremony.

Rustic Wedding

Rustic ceremonies and timeless wedding bouquets go hand in hand. To bring an elegant appeal to your rustic ceremony, include larger blooms like peonies and ranunculus blooms with delicate flower choices like baby’s breath and sweet peas.

Modern Wedding

Some blooms simply never go out of style. Classic flower choices like roses and lilies of the valley are some of the top trending choices for wedding flowers in 2023. Pairing these larger blooms with fresh greenery, bold yellow and orange blossoms, and small succulents can create a modern twist on a classic flower arrangement.

Famous Choices for Bridal Bouquets

Many of the flowers we’ve mentioned above are a popular choice for celebrity weddings as well. If you followed Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, you might have noticed Kate’s elegant lily of the valley bouquet, which she paired with a satin McQueen-style gown.

Meanwhile, Michelle Keegan opted for a clean, white bouquet of hydrangea blooms, white roses, lisianthus, gypsophila, and delphiniums. This monochromatic flower arrangement allowed Michelle’s gown and decor to stand out while delivering an elegant natural element.

Notably, Ellie Goulding’s classic bouquet of cream roses complemented her five timeless wedding outfits, including a floor-length, high-neck gown with delicate lace accents.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a flower arrangement is an excellent decision whether you’re designing an elegant, timeless wedding or incorporating simple elements into a more unique theme. If you’re still not sure which combination of flowers to place in your wedding bouquet, we have several iris-istible bouquets to choose from.

You can also take our wedding flower quiz to narrow your floral arrangement options and choose the perfect bouquets, centerpieces, and accent flowers for your wedding.

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