The Best Flowers for a Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding Flowers

There’s something special about a summer wedding. Sure, spring weddings are delicate and graceful, and fall weddings are crisp and dramatic, but summer weddings are filled with whimsy and are so wonderfully carefree. There’s so much that can be done with a summer wedding. No wonder it’s such a popular time of year to get hitched!

If you’re planning a ceremony during the warmer months, you’ll want to give some thought to summer wedding flowers. Every season has its own set of blooms, and it’s important to get a clear idea of which flowers are in season during the summer. You don’t want to get your heart set on a certain flower, only to find out it blooms in the spring.

Having seasonal flowers in a wedding helps reinforce the time of year you’ve chosen for your celebration, and it tends to be more budget-friendly, too. So, if you’re hosting a summer wedding and are unclear on which flowers are in season during the summer months, here are some suggestions.


Packed full of pointy petals, the stunning dahlia makes a bold choice for any summer bride. Dahlias come in a variety of shapes and a wide range of colors, and their large size means they can be used in many different ways. When mixed with others flowers, dahlias make an arrangement pop, but they make an impressive statement all on their own. Even a singular dahlia can be quite remarkable.


The uncomplicated daisy is just the flower for a lighthearted summer bride. Whether it’s the traditional white and yellow daisies or the bright and bold Gerbera daisies, this type of flower is a playful choice for the bride who doesn’t want anything too fussy or formal for her summer wedding flowers.


Lush hydrangeas come in a variety of spectacular shades that scream ‘summer.’ From sky blue to lavender to precious pink, hydrangeas will remind you of a stunning midsummer sunset. These blooms are gorgeous used in all one shade, mixed together, or incorporated with other types of flowers. Even better, due to the size of their stems, they work well to fill out a bouquet or centerpiece.


Peonies ooze romance. They’re fluffy and full and can be arranged in a wide variety of ways to create anything from a bohemian bouquet to a formal centerpiece. A few cleverly placed peonies add an enchanting touch, but for those who adore peonies, this bloom makes an awe-inspiring statement all on its own. To top it off, the dreamy scent of the peony only adds to its appeal.


If you’re looking to add a chic French feel to your wedding, then lavender may be the perfect summer wedding flowers for you. Lavender, whether incorporated with other flowers or carried on its own, creates a rustic and uncomplicated look. Even better, lavender has a captivating fragrance that will fill the room with charm and elegance.

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There are so many amazing floral options for the summer bride. In fact, it may be less a question of, ‘which flowers are in season during the summer’ and more of, ‘how will we narrow down all the options’. Begin your search by seeing which blooms you’re most drawn to. Once you have those choices in mind, consider your location, wedding theme, and level of formality. You’ll also want to take heat into consideration. If your wedding will primarily be outdoors, be sure you’re choosing seasonal flowers that can stand up to the temperature.

When you’re ready to start selecting your summer wedding flowers, be sure to have a look at our wedding flower packages. We offer ultra-fresh, cut-to-order flowers in both pre-curated and DIY packages, so whether you want lots of summer wedding flowers or just a few, we have just what you’re looking for.

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