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Best 40th Birthday Gifts for Any Loved One

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

People like to say that some of the best years of your life are in your 20’s, but we object! In your 40s, you probably have your life together – you’ve advanced far in your career, you’ve started a beautiful family, or you finally have all this time to travel with those accrued vacation days! Plus, who said quiet nights in with a few glasses of wine can’t be fun too?

Maybe someone in your life is feeling a little down in the dumps about the big “four-zero,” or maybe they’re just living it up regardless of their age. Regardless of how they feel, there’s no harm in congratulating your loved one for joining the 40s club! And what better way to do that than give them a gift that lets them know how much you appreciate them?

Tell your 40-year-old loved one that you’re happy they’re in your life with our fool-proof 40th birthday gift ideas!


Time to “Par-Tea”

At this point in their life, your 40-year-old loved one is probably starting to be more health-conscious. This means watching what they eat, staying active, and especially cutting down on their caffeine intake. Trust us, we know it isn’t easy to give up on energy drinks and coffee; they’ve kept us sane all those mornings, through those tiring commutes and early meetings.

If you know the birthday guy/gal is looking to make that switch from coffee (or they’re already not much of a fan anymore), a personalized tea kit is a perfect alternative for anyone looking for their daily caffeine fix! Simply choose the loose-leaf flavor you know they’ll love and have the sender work their magic. With so many health benefits of drinking tea, there’s no way your recipient can pass up a piping hot brew of their own!

A Long Shelf Life

When you’re in your 40s, you probably have most of your life figured out. Many of you finally own your homes! For those hard-working 40-year-olds who managed to make a home for themselves and need a few decorative pieces around the house, you might want to opt for these rustic hexagon shelves.

Not only are they an aesthetic addition to anyone’s humble abode, but they’re also super practical! Your birthday guy/gal can use them to display photos, books, and even small potted plants – like succulents.

Can’t “Mist” Out!

Everyone wants to come home feeling refreshed, and sometimes, that’s not always the case. Especially during the hot and muggy summers we have to endure, the air in our homes can feel pretty stale and dry. And we all know what that means: uninvited odors (yikes)!

Luckily, with this gift, you can kill two birds with one stone. This diffuser-humidifier hybrid will not only eliminate all the dryness in the room, it’ll emit a pleasant scent, getting rid of any unwanted smells. Plus, an added bonus: this diffuser also acts as a color-changing lamp for a nice ambiance!

Born with Good Jeans

Being in your forties doesn’t mean that you can’t live fashionably! For those fashion-conscious 40-year-olds who can never pass up a nice shoe sale or two, save them a trip to the store with a clothes subscription box.

Trunk Club does all the shopping for you. Depending on how much you feel like splurging, your trusty stylists will concoct a personalized wardrobe for your recipient based on their tastes! Once you sign up, you’ll find about 6-10 items per trunk, but no worries, you get to approve the trunks before they ship. You even have the option to schedule how often you receive these packages, and you can continue to receive styling advice whenever you have an occasion or two coming up – so helpful!

Flower Power

The great thing about flowers is that they’re timeless! No matter what age the lucky birthday guy/gal is turning, a poppin’ batch of blooms is sure to impress them.

Flowers have always been the best way to not just spruce up any space but also relay any special message. We’re here to help you pass it along and fulfill any floral needs at the same time! Welcome your loved one into the 40s club by sending happy birthday flowers. If they’re feeling a bit down in the dumps about leveling up a year, any of our wonderful arrangements are sure to lift their spirits! We’re committed to providing the best online bouquet delivery service with our dedication to farm-direct, fresh flowers, sustainable farming, and outstanding customer service.

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