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All About Roses, June’s Birth Flower

June Birth Flowers

Each month of the year has its own unique birth flowers. The June birth flowers are honeysuckle and roses, but let’s face it, roses are the star of this show.

No one knows exactly how birth flowers started, but most trace the origin back to the Ancient Romans who celebrated births and birthdays by giving seasonal flowers as gifts. Over time, the most common flowers to bloom in any given month were chosen as the universal birth flower.

Speaking of Ancient Romans, they were huge fans of roses and regularly cultivated them to be used as decorations or to be worn as necklaces. On top of that, in Roman times, anything said under a rose was said to be strictly confidential. What happens in Rome (under the rose) stays in Rome (under the rose!)

Aside from a rich history, roses have made their mark in the modern world more than any other flower, thanks primarily to pop culture. Roses have long played a massive role in movies and films, from the bathtub full of roses in American Beauty and the enchanted rose in Beauty in the Beast to the famous “will you accept this rose” line in the Bachelor. Roses come packed with interesting facts.

And thanks to their sweet fragrance, roses are often used in perfumes and skincare products. The flower’s fruit, rosehip, is used widely in food and drinks and is a great source of Vitamin C, as well.


Rose Symbolism and Meanings

More than anything else, roses are most commonly associated with love, devotion, passion, and romance. This is highly reflected in our society and culture. In fact, 72% of roses are bought by men to give to women as a sign of affection, and over 100 million roses are grown each year for Valentine’s Day alone. I mean, seriously, what girl or woman doesn’t love a dozen roses from the guy they adore?

But that’s just red roses, what about the other 100+ species and types of roses, which vary widely in colors, meanings, and lore? These flowers are sometimes used in combination with red roses and other flowers to create a beautiful bouquet that can offer combined symbolic meanings for special events or that special someone.  Here are just a few of the other type of roses and their symbolism:

  • White roses: Traditionally used in weddings, this version of the June birth flower represents innocence, humility, purity, and charm.
  • Pink roses: Often given as a gift on Mother’s Day, pink roses symbolize gratitude, appreciation, admiration, and gracefulness.
  • Yellow roses: Thanks to their catchy and bright appearance, yellow roses usually evoke feelings of happiness, joy, warmth, and friendship.
  • Orange roses: These roses have a striking and energetic appearance, which is why they are often associated with enthusiasm, desire, excitement, and passion.
  • Lavender roses: Known for the enchanting facade, these purple-shaded roses represent new love and eagerness.
  • Yellow + red roses: Yellow and red bicolor roses exude elegance and represent joyfulness and cheerfulness.


How to Care for Your Rose Bouq

So you received a stunning Bouq of roses from your significant other or a budding love interest. Look at you. Congrats! But don’t let that downright gorgeous Bouq die before it’s lived a full life in its new home. With just a little time and effort, you can keep it looking beautiful and fresh for up to two weeks.

  1. Remove any leaves that will be under your vase’s waterline so you can help prevent bacteria accumulation and so your roses can absorb water more easily.
  2. While holding them under room temperature water, cut one-inch off of each stem at a 45-degree angle to avoid any clogging of the stems.
  3. Fill your thoroughly clean vase with water and an appropriate amount of flower food.
  4. Keep away from direct sunlight or any abnormal hot or cold drafts.
  5. Repeat the process every 2-3 days to keep your flowers looking their absolute best!


Famous Birthdays in June

If you were born in June, here are just a few of the gorgeous, talented, and downright awesome people you share a birthday month with:

  • Marilyn Monroe, June 1st
  • Angelina Jolie, June 4th
  • Kanye West, June 8th
  • Neil Patrick Harris, June 15th
  • Chris Pratt, June 21st
  • Ariana Grande, June 26th


June Birthday Flower Delivery

Summer is here. And what better way to build on those summer vibes than by giving someone special in your life a beautiful, eye-catching Bouq of roses? Except for a weekend girl’s trip to the beach, we can’t think of anything—but we may be a little biased!

At The Bouqs Co., we ship local, farm-to-table, handcrafted Bouqs to your loved ones, wherever they may be—and at a flat, affordable cost to boot. When you need to make a flowers order online, visit The Bouqs for long-lasting bouquets sourced from sustainable farms. We also offer flower subscriptions, which include roses, so you can make sure you never forget a special occasion. What’s not to like?

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