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5 Tips for Delivering Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine's Day Online Flower Delivery

Flowers and Valentine’s Day have always been the unbeatable power duo since the holiday first came to be. There’s no denying that the best way to get any sweet message across is to gift your loved one a beautiful batch of blooms, which is why sending flowers is especially a much-needed tradition for this love-filled holiday!

We know that delivering flowers from online services can be a little intimidating at first, but trust us: once you get the hang of it, there’s no going back. Not only are there so many options to choose from, you’re just a click away from gifting your romantic partner, family members, and even your best friends the brightest arrangements out there!

Here are our 5 tips on purchasing flowers for this upcoming Valentine’s Day online!


Plan Ahead

It’s so easy to think that last-minute purchases are always an option, and although they’re convenient for all those busy bees out there, it’s always recommended that you plan ahead when it comes to buying flowers online. With holidays like Valentine’s Day where flowers are a popular gift choice, it’s easy for certain selections to get sold out as you get closer to the date.

If the flower delivery service you chose gives you the option to schedule your delivery ahead of time, then you’re more likely to send the flowers you know your recipient will absolutely love! No more moments of disappointments of panics when that lovely bouquet of ranunculus runs out of stock.

Do Some Research

Before you go ahead and put that one bouquet in your online cart, there’s probably some things you should read into. If you can find any reviews or testimonials about the flower delivery service, you should spend a bit of time making sure people are satisfied with the bouquets they receive.

It’s also important to keep in mind that certain flowers may not arrive like the way they were pictured on the site, but this doesn’t mean that something went wrong. Blooms such as lilies and tulips can sometimes be delivered in bud form to ensure freshness and even a longer vase life. So don’t fret!

A good way to catch this before you place an order can be to look up any reviews that come with photos of the arrangements straight out of the box. This can give you an idea of what to expect ahead of time and prevent any unnecessary panic.

Be Prepared

It’s always ideal that a flower arrangement is paired up with a vase, and sometimes, your recipient doesn’t have one handy to use. Luckily, it’s possible to purchase one through the flower delivery service itself. If the online website gives you the option to buy a vase with your flowers, it’s probably for the best that you do!

Because no sender wants that awkward text from their recipient about not having a vase to put their brand-new floral arrangement in – yikes!

Prevent the Sniffles

Let’s face it – flowers are oh-so-beautiful but can also be not-so-friendly to those who have allergies. If you know your loved one will probably get the sniffles from a bouquet (or you just don’t want to take any risks), make sure you choose an arrangement of hypoallergenic flowers! Our personal favorites are tulips and hydrangeas, of course.

And luckily, roses are part of that list so you don’t have to choose any alternative for everyone’s favorite classic bloom!

Read the Fine Print

With a big holiday like Valentine’s Day coming up, you can only imagine how many flower orders a lot of online services receive around this time. With such a high volume of purchases made, things can get hectic. Maybe something goes wrong and your arrangement gets sent to the wrong address or it’s just a total no-show – yikes!

But of course, mistakes can be fixed with some reliable customer service. Before you put your flower order into your cart, read the fine print about the company’s redelivery or reimbursement policies. You can even get some reassurance by peeking at some previous customers’ experiences. If the flower delivery service of your choice offers transparent communication with purchasers, then you’ll likely feel more at ease placing your order. No buyer’s remorse here!


Here at The Bouqs, we want to make sure every floral experience leaves you more than satisfied. Not only do we offer the freshest blooms in the market, we provide all the flower-lovers out there with nothing short of transparency – in pricing, in our products, you name it!

Need to get some flowers to your loved one for Valentine’s Day? Order from our most romantic collection today!

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