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The Best Things to Have Delivered on Someone’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Flowers

Birthdays are the most celebrated occasion around the world. Every person on earth has their own special day and everyone who loves that special birthday person, or at least likes free cake, wants to make them feel special. No matter how close or far away the birthday person is, having a special something delivered on their birthday is always a great idea. Arranging an exceptional, personalized birthday delivery is an excellent and thoughtful gesture letting the recipient know that they are loved, admired, and appreciated.

A special day demands special treatment! Happy birthday flowers are one of the best things to have delivered and always go great, whatever the mood of the birthday celebration. Depending on the recipient and their preferences, there is a wide variety of options to choose from.

If delivering a gorgeous birthday flower arrangement simply isn’t enough, you can, of course, combine it with something else. Depending on your relationship or the type of message you wish to send, here are some birthday gift ideas that match perfectly with sending birthday flowers.

Sweet Treats

The first thought that pops into your head when thinking of birthdays is birthday sweets and plenty of it. Flowers for birthdays go very well with the finest of foods. Sending a colorful birthday Bouq along with a collection of flavored macarons is an elegant present that shows finesse, sophistication, and grace. Staying on that note, another great suggestion for a birthday delivery is a Gourmet birthday gift basket or the Birthday in a Box, both full of candies and sweets, perfectly suited for those with an eclectic and selective taste.

A cute and adorable alternative is a combination of happy birthday flowers with the delivery of a tin of delicious hand-decorated cookies, a present that shows tenderness and warmth. Another thoughtful and customizable, tasty choice is having Happy Birthday spelled out with milk chocolate letters.

Fun Stuff

Want to be more playful? You can surprise the birthday person with a bunch of helium balloons. Arranging a delivery of birthday flowers along with a balloon bouquet, sent to their workplace is guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day, filling the space with fun-loving colors. Another deliverable gift perfect for the workplace is the Teeny Happiest Birthday Party, which will wonderfully complement a birthday Bouq and bring a smile to their face.

If the special person likes a bit of pampering (who doesn’t?), a gift such as this personal treatment beauty box really says “this day is all about you.” The combination of fragrances along with the delicate scents of the birthday flowers will stimulate their senses and take them on a journey to an exotic place, making it a great gift for someone who is stuck inside their boring cubicle on their birthday.

A Poem

If you want to be more creative and have a talent for words, you can express your affection through a traditional poem. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, try out something a little more unconventional (and a bit kookier) with a haiku. A modern Japanese Haiku has 17 syllables, in three lines of 5, 7, and 5. Here’s a haiku you can use for someone with a good sense of humor:

You’re old, blooms of gold

Opportunity for drinks

To forget your age

Get Creative

And if those words are still not creative enough to express your true emotions, there are lots of other ways to express yourself. You can make your own Reel Viewer by assembling snapshots of your favorite memories of the birthday person, creating a lovely time capsule. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Obviously, every birthday celebration peaks with the song “Happy Birthday,” so why not say it with the tunes of a cute, tiny music box for a rather charming combination with your happy birthday flowers. By choosing a music box, you have the opportunity to be more original and customize the box with a personalized song, like the person’s favorite or one that represents your friendship.

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