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Scorpio Zodiac Flower: Geranium

Purple geranium flower growing outside

Scorpios are often misunderstood and even negatively characterized, so zodiac flowers have special importance for this enigmatic water sign. The symbolism of flowers tends to shine the spotlight on our most appealing traits, making zodiac flower bouquets a lovely way to tell a special scorpio you see their inner beauty. Every zodiac sign has flowers that reflect and celebrate that sign’s characteristics. 

Moving through October, as we wrap up all our libra birth flower deliveries, we turn to loyal, enigmatic scorpio. Scorpio’s birth flower is geranium, along with secondary scorpio zodiac flowers marigold, chrysanthemum, amaranth, and peony. Turning for a moment to the birth flowers for each month, these can be combined with zodiac flowers for more impact aesthetically and symbolically. Just cross-reference November and October birth flowers with the corresponding zodiac sign flowers for all the floral possibilities.

Born between October 22 and November 21, a season of celebrating death and the occult, scorpios are a study in contradictory nature and duality. Because of the scorpio’s bold intensity, it’s easy to make the common mistake of thinking scorpio is a fire sign. This could be because scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars, the gods of death and war, but scorpios possess all the fluid sentiment and emotion of a water sign. This duality is what makes scorpio the sensitive, strong-willed mystery they are.

The incredible number of unique geranium varieties suits scorpio’s unpredictable nature well. Like scorpios, geraniums are a bit chameleon-like. In addition to a myriad of colors, flower types and foliage the leaves emit a truly fascinating variety of scents, some mimicking other plants and flowers. It’s not at all hard to find a geranium that smells like mint, lime, almond, lavender, orange, or even rose, and we’re only naming a few!

Geranium Symbolism

One of the most admirable scorpio traits is loyalty, and geraniums honor that with their connection with true friendship. The scorpio birth flower also symbolizes good health and joy. Red geraniums are symbolic of protection, and are believed in Wiccan tradition to warn of strangers approaching when planted by the front door. White geraniums were thought to drive away snakes, and pink ones were used in love spells.

The scorpio birth flower is significant in Victorian floriography, even playing the part of villain in the floral message. In this context, red geraniums meant consolation, melancholy, and foolishness. Fortunately, these less flattering messages have fallen out of favor. The most interesting floriography meanings are telegraphed by the fragrance of the foliage. Lemon to denote an unexpected meeting, rose to express preference, and ivy to ask for the next dance.

Geranium Varieties

With more than 400 varieties, there’s a geranium to please even the prickliest scorpio. Choose one for its flower, its aromatic leaves, or both – you can’t go wrong! They are divided into six groups: the more common zonal, ivy, regal, and scented, and the less familiar angel and unique geraniums.

Zonal Geraniums

Zonal geraniums are named for the zone of dark color on the leaves. The foliage is notable for its large leaves and pungent aroma. The flowers come in shades of pink, red, purple, white, and orange, and bloom in clusters.

Ivy Geraniums

Like the name implies, ivy geraniums are trailing plants, with large, bright green glossy leaves. The flowers grow in clusters of single and double blooms, in red, pink, mauve, purple, and white. The ivy geranium trails up to 48 inches.

Regal Geraniums

Also referred to as Martha Washington geraniums, the flowers of this group are showy and dramatic, with clusters of large blooms in white, orange, pink, purple, red, and reddish-black. The striking blooms are often patterned or variegated.

Scented Geraniums

It isn’t the geranium flower that gives this scorpio zodiac flower its name, but the leaves. Aromatic enough to produce fragrant oils, the scented geranium emits its fragrance on contact such as being brushed or the leaves rubbed. A few more scents we haven’t mentioned yet are apple, coconut, pine, and pepper.

Unique and Angel Geraniums

These two groups are hybrids . Unique or interspecific geraniums are cultivated with the most desirable traits of zonal and ivy geraniums, and angel is a cross between regal and p.crispum, or lemon geranium.

Geranium History/Fun Facts

Geraniums are indigenous to South Africa, where there are still over 250 varieties growing wild. They didn’t make their way to Europe until the 17th century, in time to play a significant part in the Victorian floral language of floriography. However, that didn’t stop some European countries from using the flower as a symbol of their own cultural pride. Switzerland went as far as to adopt the geranium as their national flower.

Thomas Jefferson introduced geraniums in the United States, where the scorpio birth flower continued to grow in popularity. The versatile plant adorns gardens, terraces, and front porches, and makes an excellent indoor plant. Because geraniums are prolific bloomers, they’re delightfully gratifying for those who can’t boast a green thumb.

Though they’re known for their ornamental beauty, geraniums have a lot more to offer. Geranium oil is used in perfumes, soaps, and herbal medicine. Some geranium plants repel insects like mosquitoes with the oil in their leaves. Many geraniums are edible, used in salads, teas, sorbets, desserts, and even meat dishes. 

Other Scorpio Birth Flowers

Each astrological sign is uniquely complex, so it makes sense to have more than one zodiac flower. Each scorpio zodiac flower reflects an element of scorpio’s true nature in the most celebratory fashion. 

  • October birth flower marigold symbolizes motivation and energy, spotlighting scorpio’s ambitious streak. 
  • Chrysanthemum, a symbol of loyalty in all relationships, reflects the fierce loyalty you can expect from a scorpio – until you cross them!
  • The purple blooms of amaranth remain vivid and last long after the rest of the plant has died, making it a symbol of immortality and eternal devotion and illuminating scorpio’s dark, mysterious nature, and once again celebrating their loyalty.
  • Peonies represent honor and courage, symbolic of the scorpio’s deep resolve and sense of honor.

More About Zodiac Flowers

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