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Libra Birth Flower: Rose

Bush of red roses growing outside

When you think of Libras, you may imagine their balanced nature, quest for harmony and beauty, or their sometimes annoying indecisiveness. But when it comes to floral life, Libras are all about roses. These flowers are known as symbols of elegance and romance—two things Libras can’t get enough of. Plus, their delicate petals and strong, thorny stems create a balance that fulfills the Libra’s cravings.

Libras birthdays fall between September 23 and October 23. If you’re looking for a birthday flower for a Libra, or just want to make their day a bit better, a rose bouquet is the right choice. Want to know more about why this is the case? Then stick with us to learn more about roses as well as some other Libra zodiac flowers.

Rose Meaning and Symbolism

While roses adorn English cottage gardens and manicured French landscapes, these flowers are often associated with Valentine’s Day. And since they’re a symbol of love, this makes sense! All types of roses are linked to love and affection, but red roses portray feelings of the type of passionate romance that’s on full display come February.

That said, roses can symbolize a lot more than romance! To see the other meanings behind the Libra birth flower, it helps to look at the specific rose color. Yellow roses are linked to friendship and forgiveness, so they make great gifts for celebrations like birthdays as well as apologies. Pink roses’ sing of friendship and happiness, so they’re a great option when you’re looking to brighten a friend’s day. White roses symbolize innocence and purity, and orange roses are linked with energy and happiness.

Popular Rose Varieties

There are thousands of different types of roses, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all! Breaking them down into a handful of categories can help make learning about them a bit easier.

Wild Roses

These roses have single layers of petals and bloom only once a year. They’re also referred to as species roses since they’re designated by a species name rather than a cultivar. Some examples of wild roses include the Carolina rose (Rosa carolina) and the swamp rose (Rosa palustris).

Old Garden Roses

These roses aren’t necessarily classified on how they look but rather when they came into existence. All old garden roses were around before 1867. Many of these roses bloom for only a few weeks, but they often fill the air with strong fragrances. Some popular types of old garden roses include ‘Autumn Damask,’ ‘Louis Odier,’ and ‘Queen of Denmark.’

Modern Garden Roses

These roses include all varieties that came into appearance after 1867. You can break this category into many subcategories, including hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, miniature, and climbing. Each of these subcategories is distinctive due to their flower shape and/or size and the plant’s growth form.

You can find hundreds of cultivars within each subcategory, and that means you can find just the plant you’re looking for! Rose plants that produce yellow flowers and remain only a few feet tall? You’ve got it. Climbing roses that tower over gazebos? Sure thing!

Rose Fun Facts

Sure, roses are beautiful, but have you ever looked beyond that stunning exterior? That’s right, there’s more to roses than their good looks!

They’re Edible

You probably don’t think about munching on a rose, but you can. Both rose flowers and fruits are edible as long as they don’t contain any harmful pesticides or herbicides. You can soak the petals in water and use the resulting solution to make a simple syrup or jam. Rose hips, the fruits that appear in the fall, can also be used in jam and tea. Not only are they delicious, but they also pack a high dose of vitamin C and powerful antioxidants.

They Can Live for a Long Time

We’re not talking twenty or even fifty years. No, we’re talking up a thousand! While most roses die before they hit the thousand-year mark, the roses at the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany are believed to be over a millennium old.

Not All Roses Have Thorns

First off, roses don’t actually have true thorns. Nope, the little sharp objects that grow out from their stems are actually prickers. Whatever you call them, not all roses are ready to stab you! You can find all sorts of thornless roses, including miniature thornless roses and climbing thornless roses.

They’ve Been Around a While

Sure, old garden roses have been around since before 1867. But exactly how long has this group of plants existed? Fossils found in Colorado provide evidence that supports that roses have been around for 35 million years.

Additional Libra Birth Flowers

Roses are the widely-accepted Libra birth flower, but you can also find a few other flowers that are associated with this zodiac sign.

Morning Glory

The morning glory is one of the September birth flowers, which makes it a fitting choice for Libras. These flowers are known for their vining habit and short-lived flowers. The blooms open in the morning and then close at night, never to reopen again. But since the plants are loaded with a continuous display of new flowers, their short-lived nature often goes unnoticed.

Perhaps the connection with both vibrant life and apparent death is why the morning glory is a Libra zodiac flower. After all, this sign appreciates honesty and recognizes the balance that life brings.


Hydrangeas are popular garden shrubs due to their large flower clusters that bloom throughout the summer. While many native hydrangeas produce white flowers, modern cultivars produce flowers that vary from white to blue depending on the soil pH.

These flowers are known as symbols of empathy and compassion, which makes them a great match for the Libra’s caring nature and dislike of confrontation.

Learn More About Zodiac Flowers

Now that you know that the rose is the Libra zodiac flower, it’s time to learn about the flowers for every zodiac sign! We’ve included information on Virgo birth flowers and the flora that makes Leos and Geminis sing. With this information in mind, you can select a birthday flower delivery for all the special people in your life.

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