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Which Fall Plants are the Most Colorful?

Colorful Fall Plants

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If we’re being completely honest, fall is definitely our favorite time of the year. Think about it: the whimsical falling leaves, the gorgeous autumn colors, and—of  course—stuffing your face full of delicious food at your family’s Thanksgiving feast. Honestly, what’s not to like… well other than the fact that as Jon Snow would say, “Winter is coming”?

But, don’t fret too much! Just because the weather is cooling down, your garden doesn’t have to look any less pretty or colorful. In fact, there are loads of stunning and vibrant fall plants that’ll no doubt keep your backyard feeling bright during the autumn months.


What are the Most Colorful Fall Plants?

After sweating through the heat of summer, we can speak for everyone when we say that the cool fall weather is just what the doctor ordered. But the arrival of crisper temperatures doesn’t mean your garden has to look any less lively than it did during summer. With these eight colorful autumn blooms, your flower bed will be teeming with vibrant and rich hues.

  • Beautyberry
  • Celosia
  • Pansies
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Heliopsis
  • Asters


When most people hear the word shrub they tend to get scared off a bit, imagining a hard-to-manage, headache of a plant. But not all shrubs are pesky and homely, and obviously not the ones with “beauty” in right there in their name. Beautyberries are a beautiful year-round garden addition. In the spring, they’ll blossom lilac blooms, while in the fall they’ll display their gorgeous, bright purple berries.


Celosia are stunning flowers characterized by flame-like pointed blooms. When other flowers begin to wilt from cold weather, celosia are able to retain their blossoms into the early winter months, which makes them the perfect fall plant for your garden. Celosia comes in lots of different colors from deep, dark reds and purples to sunny yellows and fiery oranges.


Pansies are another great fall flower to add some color to your backyard. For one, they are extremely durable when confronted with cold weather. Two, they come in nearly every color under the sun. And, three, if you plant pansies during the fall months, they’ll come back and grace your backyard with their presence again in the spring. They’re just awesome like that!


Also known as garden mums, chrysanthemums are top-notch fall plants considering that they are extremely adaptable and versatile. Mums come in a wide variety of hues, including traditional autumn colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown as well as white and pink. They also come in nearly every size imaginable, from miniature centimeter-wide mums to giant ones that measure up to a foot across.


Heliopsis is a type of flower that blooms from midsummer all the way into the fall months. They are called “false sunflowers” because, you guessed it, they look very similar to sunflowers. Although, we wouldn’t recommend eating their seeds. But just cause they’re lesser known compared to their popular flower counterpart, doesn’t mean they are any less worthy. In fact, their beaming yellow petals are downright delightful—and perhaps even more eye-catching than anything a sunflower has to offer! And best of all, they stay bright and beautiful through the autumn months, unlike sunflowers, which bloom only until the beginning of the season.


We absolutely love asters as a fall flower because they are a great change of pace from the traditional autumn colors that most fall plants flaunt. Most asters come in magnificent shades of purple, blue, and pink. On top of their rich color palette, asters also attract heaps of bees and butterflies to your garden. Just be careful not to get stung while you’re admiring all your new butterflies friends!

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