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6 Reasons Anniversaries Are Just As Important As the Wedding

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There is often a huge deal made about weddings. The lead-up to the big day is usually filled with engagement parties, showers, dress fittings, cake tastings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more. Then comes the wedding day itself, with all its pomp and circumstance. It’s a major frenzy around one event: celebrating two people starting a life together. And then…

…Nothing. Yet the wedding is just the beginning of a new phase in life, and there’s so much more after that.

Why Anniversaries Are Important

While the fuss may die down after the wedding is over, it’s super important for a couple to keep up some anniversary celebration traditions in the years that follow. This may include anniversary gifts, trips, special dinners, flowers — anything that marks the day as significant in some way. In fact, a quick search of popular anniversary flowers by year demonstrates just how culturally important anniversary celebrations really are.

Why We Celebrate Anniversaries

In short, for many of the same reasons that cultures around the world celebrate holidays. Celebration forms a key aspect of our human condition. Work is great, and so is relaxation. Both are important for a healthy balance in life. But don’t forget the importance of celebrations either. They give us a chance to reflect on one of the most important days of our lives, recommit to our vows, provide a time to appreciate all the joyous things life has given, and they allow us a chance to remember loved ones who have passed. Anniversaries are important for couples to maintain the bond they share.

How to best celebrate your anniversary really depends on the couple. Some might enjoy throwing a party while others might want a weekend together away from the everyday grind. Whichever way is best for you to honor your anniversary, here are six reasons why it’s important to celebrate and remember your special day.

A Chance to Reminisce

A lot of couples throw their all into wedding planning — financially, physically, and mentally. They live and breathe wedding preparations. After putting so much into a celebration, it only makes sense to look back on it fondly from time to time.

Pull out the photo albums, visit the church, swing by the reception hall, maybe even dress up in your wedding attire for a laugh. Talk with each other about all your feelings from that day. Even things that weren’t so much fun on the day of the wedding might be absolutely hilarious now.  Reminiscing helps renew your original feelings and displays how far you’ve come.

Highlight the Importance of Marriage

It’s easy to get caught up in work, family and other day-to-day tasks that eat up your time. Over time, even couples who start out completely head-over-heels often get pulled into the daily grind vortex that takes focus away from the relationship.

This is not to say that the love is gone necessarily, but the attention that you used to give to each other can be diverted in many different directions. After a while, two people may begin to feel like they’ve drifted apart or even that they don’t know each other at all.

While you certainly can’t stop life from happening, you can make a point of taking time out for an anniversary celebration to reinforce why you came together in the first place.

Make New Memories

An anniversary celebration doesn’t have to be entirely about strolling down memory lane. Try to think out of the box so that you can add to your marriage highlight reel.

Plan a date doing something the two of you have never done before, or come up with unique and thoughtful anniversary gifts, such as anniversary flowers by year (yes, different years of marriage are represented by specific flowers — pick up a bundle with one for each year of your marriage).

A Chance to Set Goals

Some couples are wonderful at regularly setting goals, but many remember to set financial or work goals and forget all about relationship ambitions. Relationships need something to strive for too. If setting goals for your marriage isn’t part of your regular routine, an anniversary can provide the perfect opportunity to think about where you want your partnership to go.

The Excuse to Do Something Fun

If you two never seem to get out and do anything exciting, an anniversary makes for a perfect excuse to break out of your routine and let loose a little. Even if you regularly get out and play, having another reason to celebrate is always welcome, right?

Think about your regular routine and then completely bust out of it. Instead of making dinner reservations at your usual spot, try a brand new place or plan a picnic in the park instead. If you can afford it, arrange a getaway for your special day. It could be for just one night, a weekend, or even longer — whatever works for you.

Smart People Say You Should

That’s right: researchers have found that couples who celebrate important dates in their relationship strengthen their connections. You can keep things simple if that’s your style. The important thing is that you make each other and your relationship feel special!

Go on a weekend getaway; pour over wedding photos; surprise your partner with anniversary flowers by year. It doesn’t really matter how you choose to mark your anniversary. The important thing is that you do. Flowers are a wonderful way to make someone feel adored, and has stunning floral anniversary gifts. Even better, you can have them delivered every month of the year to let your spouse know that those loving sentiments are always there.

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