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Surprise Valentine’s Ideas for Your Partner

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Let’s get one thing clear, there’s no need to wait until your anniversary or Valentine’s Day to show that special person in your life that you really care. That said, planning a date night or selecting the perfect gift for your partner might feel like a difficult task, especially when you’re busy with work, holidays, and everything else.

To help you out, we’ve compiled some ideas that are perfect for surprising your partner. With a little bit of help, you’ll be able to master the art of creating that perfect lazy day in or a romantic night out. Plus, you’ll have the perfect gift idea for when it’s time to congratulate them on a promotion or just let them know how much you appreciate them.

Flowers That Keep Love Blooming

It’s no accident that flowers are one of the most popular gifts out there. They let your partner know you care and brighten up spaces with color and life. Plus, when you give your partner a bouquet, you remind them your love keeps blooming.

Since your partner is no doubt one of your favorite people, you don’t want to settle for flowers that are less than the best. Enter The Bouqs Co. We source our flowers from sustainable farms, which allows us to deliver some of the freshest flowers possible. It also means that we show love to the environment and the farmers who grow our beautiful blooms.

When it comes time to choose a specific arrangement, we have options to fit everyone from the wild child to the teacher’s pet. Think mixed bouquets filled with bright flowers as well as arrangements that feature subdued hues. And if your partner is more into houseplants, we’ve got you covered with plant delivery for Valentine’s Day. Plus, you can choose from cute succulents and jaw-dropping monsteras any day of the year.

One more thing: if you think flowers are just for women, think again. Everyone can appreciate a stunning bouquet. To help make your shopping easier, we’ve curated a stunning collection of flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day. And if you’re looking to send flowers to help celebrate his birthday, graduation, or promotion, check out our full collection of flowers for men.

Date Night Just Got an Upgrade

While gifts are great, time together can be even more meaningful. The problem is that the usual routine of dinner and a movie can grow stale after a few months (or years). Mixing things up with a new event or destination will surely surprise your partner and lead to a memorable day.

Creative Date Ideas for Any Day of the Year

When it comes time to head out of the house with your partner (or BFF), consider adding a twist with these date ideas.

Frisbee Golf

If you and your partner are the active type, get outside and try out a new activity: frisbee golf, aka frolf. If you aren’t familiar with frisbee golf, it’s just what it sounds like — a combination of frisbee and golf. In this game, you’ll swap golf balls for small discs, clubs for arms, and in-the-ground holes for specialized frolf targets.
Many towns and cities now have free frisbee golf courses in parks, so do some internet searching to find a course near you.

An I Spy Picnic

A picnic in the park is romantic, but it can also be a bit cliche. To liven up your afternoon, take a note from the classic childhood game I spy. After you’ve packed a basket or bag with some of your favorite foods or takeout, it’s time to get to work crafting your I spy list. Add ten or so items that you’ll probably see in the park you’re heading to — squirrels, a kid on a bike, a dandelion, etc.

Once your basket is packed and your list is done, grab your partner and take them to the park. As you enjoy your food, try to check off everything on the list.

A Plein Air Painting

You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy expressing your creative side. Plein air painting, aka painting outdoors, allows you to capture the world around you with your medium of choice. Take your partner to one of your favorite spots, and get ready to make some art.

If this is your first time doing an art activity together, you can keep things simple with colored pencils or a basic watercolor kit. Once you know whether or not this is something the two of you enjoy, you can buy more advanced materials.

Spend a Lazy Day In

While people often equate nighttime with time out on the town, we think cozy nights in are a bit underrated. A planned night at home is especially appropriate when your partner is a bit tired or overwhelmed. If they’ve just completed a long week of work or have been dealing with family drama, they’ll love coming home, changing into sweats, and spending time with you.

At-Home Date Night Ideas

To mix things up from a movie on the couch, check out these date ideas you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Return to Your Childhood with a Blanket Fort

To release some stress and express your creativity, spend a night reliving your childhood (or at least part of it). Drag out the coat rack, rearrange the furniture, scour the house for old Christmas lights. Grab every blanket, pillow, and sheet you own. Use the lighter materials for the top and the heavier ones for your ‘walls’.

After you’ve made your fort, pile some pillows and any extra blankets on the floor. Bonus points if you can add a fluffy rug or two.

Now that your fort is finished, it’s time for decorating. Toss in all of those couch cushions and pillows and string up some lights. If you have some battery-powered candles, add those too.

All that’s left to do is grab some snacks, power up a movie, and relax.

Travel to Your Dream Destination

While hopping on a plane and heading out of the country may be out of the question, experiencing a new place is not. With the power of the internet, you can travel from the comfort of your living room.

Always wanted to experience the history and architecture of Rome? Cue up a 4D walking tour on YouTube and order some cacio e pepe from a local Italian restaurant.

Has your partner always been a fan of space? Head over to Access Mars and spend the night exploring the red planet. If you want to really feel like an astronaut, order some freeze-dried food.

Up Your Cooking Skills

If you and your partner love cooking or want to improve your skills in the kitchen, sign up for an online cooking class. In today’s age, you can learn how to make everything from homemade ravioli to saag paneer to three-tier cakes. To keep things romantic, we recommend booking a private class, but you can always opt for a group class if you’re looking to keep the cost low.

Before the class begins, make sure you’ve gathered all the necessary ingredients. By the end of the night, you’ll have learned something new and you’ll have a meal to enjoy. What’s not to love about that?

Give Them a Gift They’ll Love

It’s easy to give your partner a gift, but it’s not as easy to pick a gift that both surprises and delights. A glow-in-the-dark frying pan will surely surprise, but it probably isn’t at the top of their list. And while they’ll probably love it if you got them that sweater they’ve been talking about, it won’t come as a surprise. While you know your partner best, we have some gift ideas you might want to consider.

A cozy pair of slippers may seem like a boring gift, but trust us, it’s not. When the weather is cold and the floor feels like ice, your partner will appreciate that you thought of them. If your partner has been overwhelmed with work and social obligations, help them relax with a gift certificate to their favorite cafe or coffee shop. They’ll appreciate that you recognized the need to spend some time by themselves, even though you know they can’t get enough of you.

For a gift that keeps on giving, you can’t go wrong with a flower subscription. Your partner will receive a new bouquet each month to remind them that your love keeps blooming. Since bouquets rotate throughout the year, they’ll be in for a surprise each month.

What Matters is Showing You Care

Ultimately, what matters the most is showing your partner how much you truly care. Whether you opt for flowers or a cozy date night in, they’ll love that you spent some time making their day a bit better. And remember, while holidays and big events are excellent times to surprise your partner, an ordinary Thursday is a great time as well.

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