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How to Arrange Roses

Whether you have a classic or modern taste, it’s hard not to love a rose. These timeless flowers bring smiles with layers upon layers of delicate petals. And yes, they’re for more than Valentine’s Day!

Not only are these roses beautiful, but they’re also super easy to arrange! With our simple tips, you’ll be able to create a rose arrangement that fills your home with beauty.

Types of Roses

Roses originated in China, but these flowers have come a long way from the days of their wild family members. Plant breeders have created a wide variety of roses that vary in size and texture. Plus, these flowers are now available in almost every color!

Some of the most popular types of cut roses include floribunda, hybrid tea, grandiflora, and polyanthus. Within each of these categories, there are hundreds of different types of roses!

While many roses arrive with a single bloom atop each stem, spray roses are a bit different. These flowers contain many smaller roses on each stem. When you add them to a bouquet, they provide a splash of delicate blooms.

How Your Roses Arrive

If you order roses from The Bouqs Co., they’ll arrive in bud form. So don’t be upset if your flowers look different from the fully open roses shown on our website. Your roses will slowly open up, and you’ll get to watch the blooming process! Plus, your roses will last longer than if they arrived fully open.

Prepping Your Roses

Since roses are so beautiful, you want to do everything you can to help them shine during their time in a vase. By following these steps, you’ll end up with a gorgeous rose bouquet.

Remove the Leaves

While the rose blooms are the stars of the show, you’ll need to take care of the rest of the flower first. And that means spending some time on the leaves and stems.

Once you’ve found a vase, you’ll want to remove all the leaves that will sit below water level. If you let your leaves go for a swim, they might attract pesky bacteria and fungi. You don’t have to remove the upper leaves — we recommend leaving these intact to add some fullness and depth.

Remove the Guard Petals

After you’ve removed the leaves, it’s time to move onto the guard petals. This part of the flower does exactly what you expect; it guards the bloom against damage!

We leave the guard petals on to protect your blooms from damage during transport. So don’t be surprised or worried if the petals look bruised or broken. Even if the guard petals look great, it’s still a good idea to remove them. If you leave them on, your rose won’t be able to open to its full potential. And we want your flowers to shine the stars they are!

Removing the petals is easy. All you need to do is grasp each one and give a light tug. Once you remove all the damaged petals, your roses are ready for arranging!

Give the Stems a Fresh Cut

Before you start arranging your stems, give each one a trim. Use a sharp pair of scissors or a knife to cut each stem at a 45º angle. This will allow your blooms to drink up as much water as possible so they stay looking nice and fresh.

Place Them in Water

After you’ve prepped your roses, place them in cold water until you arrange them. Cold water will extend the life of your blooms. However, if you want your roses to open a bit faster, you can place them in warm water.

Arranging Your Roses

Now that your flowers are ready to shine, it’s time to create a stunning arrangement.

If you have a bouquet made from all roses, it can be helpful to arrange these flowers in your hand rather than in the vase. Once you have a style you’re happy with, add them to your vase!

Mixed bouquets are a bit different. If your arrangement contains different types of flowers, chances are good that the roses are some of the bigger flowers in the bunch. If this is the case, these flowers are begging to serve as focal flowers.

After you’ve added greenery and supporting flowers to your vase, it’s time to add the roses. Keep the stems a bit longer than the other flowers so the roses can sit on top of the arrangement. This will give them room to fully open and grace your home with layers upon layers of petals.

Enjoying Your Rose Bouquet

To enjoy your bouquet for as long as possible, it’s important to change the water each day. This will prevent the buildup of bacteria and keep your flowers fresh.

You should also keep your flowers out of direct sunlight as well as away from any hot or cold drafts. With the right care, you’ll be able to enjoy your roses for days to come!

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