How to Decorate a Wedding Cake with Flowers

wedding cake in purples and dark tones with flowers decorating it

The wedding cake is the wedding reception’s center of attention. Unlike the smaller centerpieces that grace the top of seating tables, the dessert table attracts attention and admiration from each and every wedding guest. As the evening’s center of attention — second to the newlyweds, of course — a wedding cake is one of the first symbols of marriage that a newlywed couple presents to their loved ones.

Every wedding cake is as unique as the two lovers joining hands. But any wedding cake benefits from being adorned by fresh flowers. Fresh blooms are a much-loved staple that elevates any cake. Whether you’re in need of a cake to match your fall wedding bouquets or one that fits perfectly with your rustic wedding centerpieces, we’ll help you take your cake game to the next level.

How to Decorate Cake with Wedding Flowers

Just like assembling breathtaking arrangements, decorating a wedding cake with fresh-cut flowers isn’t as simple as it seems. That’s why Bouqs Weddings has outlined this comprehensive guide on how to give a wedding cake that extra-special, personal touch.

First, consider your wedding theme. Are you going for a rustic, country-style wedding or opting for a sleek modern wedding aesthetic? Do you love vintage looks that invoke the vibe of the 1920s or do you just want a classic, romantic wedding? Whatever your theme, fresh blooms on your wedding cake will make that dessert table a hit at the reception. To take it to the next level, use edible flowers.

Step 1: Choose a Color Scheme and Flower Type

First, consider the type of cake you chose. Are you going with a classic white wedding cake? Maybe you picked an extravagant three-tiered cake or maybe you prefer a naked wedding cake. Whether you’re going for a classic simple wedding cake design or a themed-out design, take this into account when choosing colors and flowers. Remember that flowers can elevate an otherwise simple cake into a memorable photo opp for your guests and wedding photographer.

A wedding cake should always stand out, but its colors shouldn’t clash with the rest of the ceremonial decor. Look for hues that align with your theme, then search for flowers that match. For example, a sunflower’s vibrant yellow pairs nicely with a summer wedding theme, while blush garden roses for weddings add a romantic touch to a pastel-inspired palette.

After settling on a color scheme, consider the flower type. Lilies have wider petals, while a ranunculus is a tighter wound. Each blossom has a different look when placed on a cake. To balance out the flowers, you can add greenery elements like seeded eucalyptus or silver dollars. Balancing your florals will make for a more well-rounded aesthetic for wedding cakes. Once you’ve assembled an ideal assortment of flowers and foliage, it’s time to go find them! The Bouqs Weddings offers loose-stem flowers in our DIY packages and separately in our wholesale catalog.

Bonus: Take a look at our pre-arranged bundles to see which flowers and colors complement each other.

Step 2: Prep Your Stems

Fresh flowers look amazing as wedding cake decorations, but steps should be taken to uphold food safety, even if you’ve chosen edible flowers. There are two main methods for prepping flowers for cake decoration.

Wire Method

    1. Remove excess leaves and the entire stem, leaving only the bud and petals.
    2. Trim food-safe wire (can be found at a local bakery or online) to 8 inches.
    3. Thread 2 inches through the base of the flower, then twist tie both ends at the base of the bud.
    4. The longer end will be used to anchor the flower to the cake.

Saran Wrap Method

      1. Trim the flower’s stem to a length suitable to anchor the flower (approximately 3 inches).
      2. Cover the exposed end of the stem in saran wrap.
      3. Seal the saran wrap with floral tape, then continue to wrap the entire stem in floral tape, leaving no exposed areas.

Step 3: Decorate the cake!

Now that the flowers are prepped, it’s time to decorate! Before adding them to the cake, consider arranging the flowers on a nearby counter or table to ensure you’ve created the perfect design. For example, larger flowers are better balanced by smaller buds, so trying a few different arrangements in advance will save you time and lead to fewer holes in your cake.

If you choose to decorate the cake with non-edible flowers, make sure your guests know they should be plucked off the cake before they eat it. Most cake decorators will use the saran wrap technique when using non-edible flowers. A word of warning, even if you use non-edible flowers make sure you don’t use poisonous flowers such as oleander, lily of the valley, angel’s trumpet, and foxglove.

With edible flowers, you definitely have more freedom to incorporate flowers however you want and not worry if someone accidentally or intentionally eats the blossoms. Popular edible flowers include those from known herbs such as rosemary and lavender. Other beautiful and edible blooms include roses for weddings, cherry blossoms, cornflower, apple blossoms, pansies, chrysanthemums, violas, and dahlias. If you have an artistic eye, feel free to get creative or ask a friend

For design inspiration, browse our gallery to see how clients have used Bouqs’ fresh-cut flowers as cake decor. Once you find an arrangement that speaks to your vision, peruse our selection of loose flowers, floral tape, and other floristry necessities to make your decorating experience a breeze.

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