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Want to Send Flowers to Someone’s Office? Read This

Office Flowers

A surprise office flower delivery can make your partner’s day, but it can also lead to embarrassment and awkwardness. While we wish there was a magic formula to help you decide if workplace flowers are a good idea, there’s no hard and fast rule (similar to when you’re thinking about sending flowers to your work BFF). With that said, considering your recipient, their workplace, and your relationship can help you make the right call.

For example, some offices expect suits and dresses while workplaces are happy with t-shirts and jeans. Likewise, some people get giddy at the idea of public surprises while others would rather not receive anything to draw attention at their place of work. When you consider factors such as these, you realize what initially seemed like a simple decision may take a bit more consideration.

Questions to Ask Before You Send Flowers to Someone’s Work

Before you send your partner or crush flowers, you’ll want to ask yourself three basic questions. If you answer no to any of the following, it’s best to skip the office gift.

  1. Would the recipient enjoy the added attention that a public flower delivery would cause?
  2. Would the floral gift be work-appropriate?
  3. Are you at a point in your relationship where a public gift of flowers would be fitting?

If you decide that you should skip the office delivery, you can still send flowers to your partner’s home.

Don’t ‘Out’ an Office Romance

Whether you find secret romances annoying or fun, they’re probably secret for a reason. While using a grand gesture to reveal an office romance may sound like something out of the movies, think twice before following through with your big plans.

If your fling is secret because workplace romances are frowned upon, it’s best to keep things between the two of you. Even if you do decide you want to reveal your relationship to the rest of the office, this should be done with the consent of both parties. After receiving a big bouquet in front of their boss, your romantic interest might wish they had broken things off before Valentine’s Day.

Even if you think you’re being sneaky by adding a “from your secret admirer” message, you’re probably going to make things awkward. Offices typically have a fervent rumor mill, and there’s no reason to feed that by sending a workplace bouquet.

If you and a co-worker are in a public relationship, that’s another story. While this isn’t a green light to jump right into sending flowers for Valentine’s Day, it does let you move on to other questions.

Consider the Stage of Your Relationship

While making a public display of affection early on in a relationship may seem like a sweet thing to do, it can make for an uncomfortable situation. Sending flowers is quite a personal gesture, so it might not be the best idea to send a dozen roses to your new partner’s workplace.

If you’re in a new relationship (or you’re not even sure if you’re in a relationship), it doesn’t mean it’s wrong to send romantic flowers on Valentine’s Day. We’re simply suggesting that you consider the publicity around your romantic gestures. A good compromise is to send flowers to your partner’s home rather than their office.

If you decide that your new partner would appreciate office flowers, don’t go over the top. Consider sending a small arrangement or even a single stem.

When it comes time to send flowers to a coworker, you should also think about how long you’ve known each other. Have you made it through five years of deadlines and meetings together or did you just meet a few months ago? While it’s fine to send flowers to both types of people, opt for a smaller arrangement for people you don’t know very well.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you’ve probably sent your partner flowers before. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great idea to send flowers to their work. Before you decide to order a bouquet for the office, think about your partner’s tastes.

Think About the Recipient

While some people love sharing details of their home life with their coworkers, others prefer to keep their work-life and their personal life separate. Just because you’d like to receive flowers at your workplace, it doesn’t necessarily mean your partner feels the same way. If you think your partner may be embarrassed by a public flower delivery, it’s probably best to opt for home delivery instead.

If your partner doesn’t mind being the center of attention and talking with their coworkers about their love life, go ahead with the workplace flower delivery. Not only will they appreciate the bouquet, but it will also give them an excuse to gush about their wonderful partner (that’s you)!

Of course, you can send Valentine’s Day flowers to people besides a romantic partner. Sending Galentine’s flowers lets your gal pals know you’re thinking of them, regardless of their relationship status. And a bright bouquet or houseplant is a great way to thank your office BFF for hanging with you during long workdays and supplying the coffee needed to meet tight deadlines.

If you want to send some love to the whole office, The Bouqs Co. has you covered. We offer a wide variety of stunning, artisan-crafted corporate gifting and office decor packages as well.

Keep Things PG

If you decide it’s okay to send flowers to the workplace, keep proper etiquette in mind. While you may be tempted to turn things hot and steamy, the office isn’t the place to do this. That means no edible undies or deliveries via scantily clad individuals.

While it’s okay to add a few inside jokes or pet names, don’t make your note R-rated. If you don’t want your partner’s coworkers to read what you’ve written, don’t write it. It’s as simple as that.

Order Flowers With the Office In Mind

If you decide that your partner would love a workplace flower delivery, the next step is to choose the right type of flower. While red roses are a classic option, you can always opt for something that’s not as in-your-face romantic.

You should also consider the size of the arrangement. While you may think that more flowers equal more love, this isn’t necessarily the case. If you know your partner is working with a small cubicle or crowded desk, opt for a smaller arrangement. Trust us, they’ll still love it.

Even if your partner doesn’t have any pollen allergies or sensitivities to fragrances, their coworkers might. That means a beautiful arrangement can cause a literal headache. To be on the safe side, opt for low pollen and unscented flowers like hydrangeas, tulips, and snapdragons.

A final point to consider is the vase. While diehard flower fans might have a vase stashed in their office, don’t count on it. By adding a vase to your bouquet, you’ll have no doubts that the flowers will be on full display.

Order Early for the Largest Selection

While next-day delivery appeals to the procrastinators, we recommend you order your flowers early ahead of time. This will give you access to the largest selection of flowers and remove the stress that comes with last-minute ordering.

We make it easy to schedule a delivery ahead of time, so you can toss your excuses out the window.

Understand How Deliveries Work

Before you order flowers to a workplace, you need to make sure this place accepts deliveries. If they do, you should also do some digging about how deliveries work.

While flowers can sit outside for a bit of time, you don’t want to leave them out in the February cold for hours on end. Therefore, make sure deliveries are brought inside rather than left at a door.

You should also make sure you include any necessary address details, such as floor number or office suite. This will ensure that the flowers make their way to their recipient, and you don’t have to say “I swear I sent you flowers”.

Benefits of Simplifying Bouquet Delivery with The Bouqs

Whether you’re ordering flowers for the workplace or home, The Bouqs Co. is ready to help. When you order from us you not only receive gorgeous flowers, but you also help support responsible flower delivery.

While you may not know it, traditional flower delivery services waste 30-50% of stems! By working directly with sustainable flower farms, we’re able to decrease this unnecessary waste. Our flowers go right from the farm to our floral designers instead of sitting in a warehouse. That means fewer wasted flowers and fresher blooms for you.

When you order flowers from The Bouqs Co., you don’t only show your recipient some love — you also support a healthy environment and the flower farmers working to produce eco-friendly blooms.

Keep Love Blooming

To keep your love blooming, send a bouquet from The Bouqs Co. If you decide that sending flowers to the office isn’t such a great idea, you can always send flowers to your partner’s home. If you decide sending flowers to your partner’s workplace is an appropriate way to brighten someone’s day, we deliver to offices and all other types of workplaces.

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