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15 Great Shark Tank Gifts

Cast of investors from Shark Tank

It’s no wonder entrepreneurs are clamoring for a spot on Shark Tank. The “sharks” are entrepreneurs themselves who’ve made their ideas into empires – they’ve got the touch. So it’s a big deal if they deem your product worth investing in.

The Bouqs Co. on Shark Tank

Why is The Bouqs Co. so hyped up about Shark Tank and the companies they believe in? Well, we are one! When CEO John Tabis pitched The Bouqs on Shark Tank, he may have thought he hadn’t convinced anyone, but one shark remembered Tabin after being astounded at the cost of flowers for his wedding.

So three years after seeing Tabis’ pitch, Robert Herjavec asked a question, and the answer motivated the shark investor. He and Tabis had a thorough conversation about why flowers were so expensive, and why we’re different. Herjavec was intrigued by The Bouqs’ business plan, which is firmly rooted in sustainability models that promised significant results for sustaining our resources, our environmental impact, and our profitability, as well as our direct path from farm to the recipient when customers send flower arrangements.

Thanks to that conversation, The Bouqs has sold over 30 million flowers, proving Tabis and Herjavec right about our Shark Tank potential. Mark Cuban has even expressed regret at not snagging The Bouqs in the first place! So we’re happy to share the success and promote some of our favorite Shark Tank products, especially the ones that make great gifts. Here’s a list of some we really love, but we encourage you to keep your eye out for more!

LuminAID Packline 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lantern

Just because we’re all about flowers and romance doesn’t mean we don’t know a great practical gift when we see it. This is one of many of Shark Tank’s super practical, gift-worthy picks. With both solar and USB charging options, this 2-in-1 is perfect for camping, traveling, and power outages. The lantern is shatterproof, waterproof, and inflatable, with long battery life. For the person who loves a useful gift, this one definitely wins!

Square Keg Mini Keg

If there’s been one thing missing from the casual gathering playbook, it’s a way to pour draft beer. The Square Keg Mini Keg is a great gift for the life of every party. It’s a perfect pairing of old-school entertaining – think dinner parties, picnics, and tailgate parties – and 21st-century technology. The sleek, food and beverage grade 304 stainless steel keg fits easily into a refrigerator or cooler, and in addition to beer, can hold up to a gallon of wine or other beverage. It’s easy to transport at just six pounds and doesn’t require a power source.

Sand Cloud Towels

Here’s a product that has it all: luxury, practicality, and environmental responsibility. Really our kind of company! We love their colorful, appealing design and luxurious Turkish cotton. The Boho Towel is large and substantial, yet thin enough to pack with ease. And to back up their environmental commitment, a percentage of each purchase is directed toward their mission of marine life conservation.

SneakErasers Instant Sole and Sneaker Cleaner

As we mentioned, there are some super practical gems on our list. The sneaker market has its own brand of sustainability, so this sneaker cleaner has huge gift potential. The pre-packaged, pre-moistened sponge is a portable powerhouse for anyone’s sneaker game. It cleans up scuff marks, dirt, and other marks from soles and insoles, and is easy to reuse – just rehydrate the sponge. Brilliant!

Glovestix Odor Eliminator

You can’t have your shoes looking great but smelling not so good. No worries, the sharks have you covered. The two-pronged design of Glovestix kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria using Silver Seal technology and absorbs moisture. It’s strong enough to use on shoes and athletic equipment like cleats and boxing gloves. A must-have for athletes, adventurers, and anyone who keeps their accessories in impeccable condition.

Bala Bangles

This discreet, easy-to-wear pair of one-pound weights adds some resistance to your workout, and are comfortable enough to wear as you do chores and errands, for a healthy boost to your bone and muscle health. They come in a range of colors, and fit all sizes comfortably, making them a delightfully versatile and practical gift.

Spotty Daddy Last Drop Spatula

Do you get annoyed at having to throw out that last bit of whatever you paid for just because you can’t coax it from the container? Problem solved. This little spatula has a long, flexible handle to fit into any opening, and a perfect design to reach every nook of the container. Who doesn’t need one of these in their kitchen – and get one for the bathroom, too – you can thank us later!

Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag

While we’re on the subject of containers, we can’t leave out these mighty multitaskers. Noted by online experts as the best reusable silicone bag, these easy-to-seal bags come in varied sizes and close tightly, making them versatile for storage, plus they’re microwave and dishwasher safe. They get high ratings from customers, and a bonus for cooks: they’re designed for sous vide.

Boarderie Charcuterie & Cheese Boards

More good news for foodies! With charcuterie boards trending in restaurants and becoming a popular and versatile entertaining mainstay, a savvy group of caterers pivoted into our desire for a little extra as we stayed home to stay healthy. They focused their talents on creating vacuum-sealed charcuterie and cheese boards that ship overnight in reusable wood crates. We love this product, and so do food delivery services, making the boards available nationwide.

Expedition Subsahara African Baskets

Here’s another product that’s chock full of added value. The baskets are beautiful and very useful, so at face value, they’re a hit. But these baskets are so much more. Founder Sofi Seck was born in Senegal, where basket weaving is taught from an early age, and is a valued social activity. Upon arriving in the US, she vowed to represent the Africa she knows, full of laughter, friendship, joy, and vibrant color. A place full of life. Sofi and 120 Senegalese weavers expertly make these colorful baskets in a variety of practical sizes. Their mission is to provide access to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education to young women, with a commitment of part of their sales to building schools.

Little Elf Gift Wrap Cutter

Put your gift wrapping on pause and check out this game-changer! It’s so simple, but it’s the thing we all need to perfect our gift wrapping. Slide this durable plastic sleeve onto any size roll, and the embedded steel blade makes a precise, straight cut. It’s made of high-quality materials to make it a reliable addition to your gift-wrapping supply kit, no matter whether your style is clean and simple or all-out extravagant. Your gifts will be so effortlessly flawless, you might pick up a side gig!

LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Life is busy, and a trip to the gym or some time spent on your favorite activity requires being prepared. This self-cleaning water bottle gives you one less thing to keep ready. The proprietary ultra-violet technology patented by the company is embedded in the bottle’s lid, and kills nearly 100% of harmful bacteria. No more wasting plastic with single-use bottles. The LARQ is a perfect gift for serious multitaskers.

Ring Video Doorbell

You’re probably familiar with this popular home security product, but did you know it was a Shark Tank winner? With delivery services and other home-based traffic at an all-time high, the Ring Video Doorbell has become a necessity for busy people everywhere. This high-quality video device was recently upgraded, enhancing capabilities in motion detection, privacy zones, audio privacy, and night image quality. This was definitely a wise choice for the sharks, and a thoughtful gift for those dearest.

Garden Genie Gloves

We saved our favorite for last, of course! These waterproof, puncture-resistant gardening gloves captured our attention with their durable, ABS plastic claw attachments. They’re a hands-on gardener’s dream, making it easy to dig up weeds and work the soil without relying on tools. The uses for this clever glove are still coming to mind, from container gardening to the farm. Does this remind you of a passionate gardener in your life?

Shark Tank Worthy Flowers from The Bouqs

As you can see, we’re in a pretty impressive company, as a business that made an impact on a shark investor, and inspired a commitment based on our unique model of sustainable flower delivery. We’re glad our customers agree, and with so many reasons for flowers this year, we invite you to check out our new arrivals and flower subscription options. See the difference between long-lasting, responsibly sourced and delivered flowers from The Bouqs for yourself!

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