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9 Thoughts People Have When Receiving Flowers

Thoughts of Girl Holding Flowers In Field

There aren’t always words for the feeling. Sometimes receiving flowers just warms the heart, eases the mind, or spreads a huge smile across your blushing face, but many people that get flowers eventually find words that come close.

For the many kinds of people in the world (the hyper-minded millennial, the office over sharer, the kindly quiet wallflower, etc.) thoughts are similar when receiving flowers, but we’re amused by the variety of expressions out there. In fact, we celebrate it without shame.

What People Think When Receiving Flowers


    – The hyperactive, so-excited-you-just-got-a-surprise person doesn’t think much about getting flowers. They just get super amped about the surprise, the color, and how amazing the person is for thinking of them. “OMG OMG OMG I’m special!”omg2

  2. I needed this!

    – The optimist going through a rough patch at work or with the family loves the pick-me-up. There’s no rough day that pretty flowers can’t wash away. “You sure know how to take my mind off things.”

  3. These will look great on Instagram.

    – I’m going to hashtag these #surprise #flowers #sopretty and everyone will love it and comment on how special you are for giving me these and how special I am for getting these from you. #SoCuteinstagram buzz

  4. I’ll forgive you

    – For those that can’t stay mad long, or hold a grudge, their true sweetheart comes out when receiving flowers. After minor arguments and disagreements with a person like this, a flower bouquet works perfectly. “Fine, you don’t have to sleep on the couch anymore.”

  5. This doesn’t fix things

    – Let’s face it, flowers can’t fix everything. If a person is bitter, holds grudges, or isn’t easily won over then a simple flower bouquet might not be the best to patch things over. Try a grand flower bouquet, or a dozen of them. “Nope. Still mad at you.”

  6. It’s real

    – For women especially, flowers let them know that what they have invested is reciprocated. They’ll never say it, but it’s a sign when a guy buys her flowers. “He isn’t faking these emotions. He’s serious.”

  7. My coworkers are going to be so jealous

    – Some of us like to show off a bit. Office flower deliveries put it out there for everyone to see. Introverted or extroverted, the cooing around the office will make everyone else jealous. “I’m loved, just so you all know.”

  8. These are going to look so pretty in the house

    – The homebody that loves interior decorating and cuddling up on the couch by the fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate love flowers. There are a few prime floral real estates in the home with the perfect lighting and staging to really make the flowers pop. A room without flowers isn’t worth opening to the world. “These are going right on the counter.”

  9. So Blessed

    – Who cares what kind of person they are? Everyone feels grateful to receive flowers. In the back of his or her mind, the warm feeling in their chest is gratitude for all of the great things and great people in life. “I’m #SoBlessed.”

There aren’t always the right words for a feeling, but there is always a Bouq. When you’re looking for online floral delivery, send some fresh Volcano flowers is one way to make her speechless!

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