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Life After Shark Tank with CEO John Tabis

John Tabis Shark Tank

Almost 5 years after testing out the waters in Shark Tank, founder and CEO of The Bouqs Co., John Tabis, has seen some serious growth with his farm-fresh floral business.

After Tabis first appeared on the show back in 2014 and walked away without a shark onboard, Robert Herjavec recalled the experience and decided to approach The Bouqs Company three years later for help with his upcoming wedding. To this shark, the collaboration was eye-opening. He had no idea that wedding customers can save up to 70% on average working with Tabis’ floral company than with a traditional florist.

On top of that, Herjavec saw that there was, in fact, room for growth in the floral industry with domestic sales amounting to $30 billion and $100 billion all across the globe.

Bouqs By The Numbers

To date, the numbers reveal the company’s overall success, and needless to say, numbers don’t lie. Currently its farm network houses almost 2 billion growing blooms, 10 thousand employees and 4 thousand acres of bountiful flower fields. Since its launch, The Bouqs Co. delivered over 30 million flowers, over 10 million of them being the fan-favorite: roses. Last Valentine’s Day, over 19 thousand rose bouquets alone out of nearly 3 million flowers were delivered just for the holiday.

By The Numbers: Valentine’s Day 2018

Valentine's Day 2018 Numbers

People love The Bouqs Co., and they do so for more than just the product, but what it all stands for: commemorating life’s special moments through a farm-fresh floral experience. Not to mention sustainability as well – since flowers are cut-to-order, up to 90% of unnecessary waste is eliminated, and even refrigeration needs are reduced by up to 70%. Farm partners also make sure to practice eco-friendly, sustainable farming, and better yet, they earn up to 20% more working with The Bouqs Co. than the average within the floral industry.

There is no denying the growth our farm-fresh flower delivery company has seen over the years, not just in our numbers but in also being a part of so many of our customers’ special moments. Catch a glimpse of some of our humble beginnings in the original Shark Tank airing below with our one-and-only John Tabis!

The Bouqs Co. on Shark Tank from Mai Nakamura on Vimeo.

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