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5 Popular Holidays for Flower-Giving in the U.S

Holiday Flower Gifting

You don’t need a holiday as an excuse to send flowers, that’s for sure! Flowers are the perfect ingredient to spice up anyone’s day. However, there’s no doubt holidays are a popular time to send flowers to loved ones. It’s not a proper celebration if you don’t have flowers on hand!

Some holidays are more popular than others in the flower industry, however. Maybe it’s because flowers are a part of the traditional celebration, maybe it’s because some holidays are all about gift-giving. And who doesn’t love the gift of flowers? These are the five most popular holidays for flower-giving in the U.S.

Christmas and Hanukkah

The winter holidays account for thirty percent of all holiday flower sales! That is from Christmas and Hanukkah combined, which makes sense. Both holidays are about giving and celebrating with loved ones! Those two aspects basically require flowers to be involved in the equation somewhere.

Poinsettias are a Christmastime favorite, perhaps because of an old Mexican legend about a little girl, Pepita, who did not have a gift to bring the baby Jesus at the Christmas Eve church service – so she picked a bunch of weeds off the side of the road. When she placed the weeds at the bottom of the nativity scene, they grew into the big, beautiful red blooms we know and love!

Of course, if you do not celebrate Christmas, the poinsettia is still a beautiful flower for the season, and a wonderful gift to give if you just cannot figure out what to get someone.

Hanukkah flowers make up the second half of the winter holiday flower sales. Think about it: Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days and nights. That’s a lot of celebrating, which calls for a lot of flowers! Hanukkah is known as the Festival of Lights, so it’s popular to give out white flowers, like lilies. No matter how you celebrate the winter holidays, adding flowers to the mix is never a bad choice.

Also consider: Rosh Hashanah. While Rosh Hashanah might be more famous for apples and honey, sending flowers for Rosh Hashanah is a great way to show a family that you care.

Mother’s Day

Unsurprisingly, the next most popular holiday for flowers is Mother’s Day. Everyone’s mom loves a nice bundle of flowers (and of course some quality time spent with her children). So this Mother’s Day, be sure to send your mom some flowers – and don’t forget to give her a call!

The most popular flowers to gift to moms everywhere in the U.S. on Mother’s Day are daisies, tulips, roses, or lilies. You aren’t limited to just those four flowers, however. Use your imagination and get creative! Pick out flowers that remind you of your mom’s beauty and personality, or even better, send mom her favorite flowers. Don’t know her favorite flowers? This gives you another excuse to give her a call!

Valentine’s Day

The next most popular holiday for flowers is Valentine’s Day. This seems like such an obvious answer, we almost thought it should be higher up on the list! Think about it, though – not everyone always has a Valentine. But almost everyone does have a mom or mother figure that they can celebrate. So Mother’s Day edges out right above Valentine’s Day, but just barely!

Roses are the most popular flower to gift to loved ones year-round, but they are extra popular on Valentine’s Day. Red roses are a top choice to gift on Valentine’s Day, since they symbolize romance and love.


And last, but not least, comes Easter. It’s another no-brainer, but you may not immediately understand why without a little bit of background information.

First off, Easter is in the spring, the season most associated with fresh greens and flowers everywhere! (Allergy sufferers, beware.) Not only that, but Easter is typically celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon falling on or after the vernal equinox (a.k.a. the first day of spring). Did you ever wonder why Easter Sunday is on a different Sunday every year? That’s why! So get your Easter lilies ready for the full moon!


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