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Baby Shower Flower Arrangement Ideas

Baby Shower Flowers

“Help! I’m planning a baby shower for a precious new arrival, and I want everything to be perfect—how do I choose baby shower flowers that will blow everyone away?”

It’s the question at the forefront of every shower hostess’ mind. Parties to welcome a new baby are among the most special type of celebrations, but handling the details can be stressful if you don’t know where to start. If you’re the one planning a shower, there are many decisions to be made, not the least of which is choosing the perfect baby shower flower arrangements to set the tone of the day.

If you have a big budget, you can go nuts with the baby shower flower centerpieces, but many of us need to find more creative ways to impress.

Recommendations for Baby Shower Flowers

  1. Go Light and Bright—Baby shower flower arrangements are often done in pastel hues to represent the softness and innocence of a new life.
  2. Avoid Dangerous Flowers—While the new baby is too young to try a sampling of the shower flowers, there may be other little ones at the party who are at the ‘taste everything’ stage. Also, if there will be pets at the event, you’ll want to be sure that they don’t come in contact with anything dangerous either. Be mindful that the flowers you choose aren’t going to be harmful if ingested. 
  3. Keep the Theme in Mind—If the shower you’re having has a theme, be sure that you’re considering that when choosing the floral arrangements. If the new baby has a floral-themed name, that makes it easy! Don’t be deterred if it’s not that easy. You can even incorporate whimsical objects to tie the bundles of blooms in with the rest of the decor.

Here are some ideas to help jump-start your shower planning.

A Gift for Guests

Having flowers at an event adds a cheery touch that can’t be replicated with anything else. That said, once the event has ended what do you do with all the flowers? One clever idea is to create arrangements comprised of mini bouquets. That way, at the end of the event each guest can take home a little piece of the decor as a favor.

Tea for Two

If you’re planning an outdoor baby shower, then a garden party or tea party theme make for lovely decor. Delicate blossoms can be displayed in antique teacups at each place setting or lined up down the length of each table.

Rustic Beauty

For a casual, lighthearted gathering you might consider arranging some lively blooms in simple mason jars. To take the look up another notch you can paint the insides of the jars either in a soft color that coordinates with the flowers or something more striking that will make them pop.

A Bottle of Fun

You don’t need to splurge on fancy vases to dress up your shower space. Add a fun element to the celebration by arranging flowers in baby bottles. What could be more fitting? These makeshift vases perfectly fit the theme and are tall enough to easily display a pretty stem or two.

Encourage Nesting

Many expectant moms feel the urge to set their homes in order in preparation for the big arrival. This instinct is known as nesting and it actually makes a rather adorable baby shower theme. To go with a nesting theme, arrange baby shower flowers in and/or around birdhouses. The playful decor will surely be the talk of the party.

There are countless ways to dress up a baby shower with flowers, and many of them are uncomplicated and budget-friendly, too. Take a bit of time to consider the type of celebration you want to host and then work with elements that fit that theme. When you’re ready to select the baby shower flower centerpieces or a bundle of blooms to create your own, be sure to browse the selection at All our flowers are cut to order, so nothing is wasted. Plus, they’re cut when you place your order, so you always get the freshest blooms possible.

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