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Baby Names Inspired by Flowers

Names Inspired By Flowers

If you’re expecting the arrival of a little one, choosing a name can take hours, weeks, or even months. We think one great option is to take a note from nature and choose a flower-inspired name. Cute yet sophisticated, these names celebrate the beautiful life you’ll watch bloom.

We’re going to introduce 18 of our favorite names as well as the meaning behind each one. That way you can choose a name that reminds you of a flower you love and holds a deeper meaning. We’ve left out common names like Lily and Rose, so we could include more unique names. Oh, and one last note: these names make choosing birthday flowers a whole lot easier. Then, you never have to worry about what to give someone on a forgotten birthday and it’s easy to plan for a floral-themed birthday party.


white alyssum flowers

Meaning: Without madness
Origin: Greek
Botanical Name: Lobularia maritima

Alyssum, also called sweet alyssum, is a small dainty flower with a sweet scent. Back in the time of Ancient Greece, people used this flower to treat rabies. That’s where the meaning “without madness” comes from.

While it’s no longer used for rabies (thanks, modern medicine), alyssum still acts as a garden delight. All it takes is one look at the small white flowers to see why this makes the perfect name for a sweet little one. If you like a bit more standard version of the name, you can always go with Alyssa.


Purple aster flowers

Meaning: Star
Origin: Greek
Botanical Name: Aster spp.

Asters are a group of flowers that include star-like blooms that resemble daisies. North America meadows and forests are dotted with native aster flowers that bees and butterflies love. Since aster flowers come in a wide variety of colors, you can find one that your babe will love.

Most types of asters are some of the last flowers to bloom each year. When summer flowers have faded and spring blooms are long gone, asters light up gardens and landscapes with their cheerful blooms. Therefore, Aster is a great name for a baby born in October or November.


Close up of pink azalea flowers

Meaning: Dry
Origin: Greek
Botanical Name: Rhododendron spp.

While Azalea means dry, don’t think this flower is drab. Rather, it’s hard and resilient, so it’s the perfect name for a child who is born to persevere through life’s challenges.

Gardeners commonly plant azaleas in front of homes, and there are also hundreds of species of native azaleas. During the late spring, these flowering shrubs turn landscapes aflame with bright orange and pink flowers, so Azalea is a great name for a little one born in May or June.


close-up of a purple-pink calla lily

Meaning: Beautiful
Origin: Greek
Botanical Name: Zantedeschia aethiopica

If you don’t know calla lilies, you’re missing out. Take one look at the vase-shaped blooms and you’ll have no question why the name Calla means beautiful. And with its unique shape, it’s truly one of a kind.

While these flowers can be found in nurseries and bouquets across the world, they are native to Southern Africa. So if your baby has roots in Malawi or South Africa, this name could be a great pick.


purple clover flowers

Meaning: Key
Origin: English
Botanical Name: Trifolium spp.

Cute little clover flowers seem to pop up whenever we need a bit of cheer and good luck. Their white, pink, and yellow blossoms blanket the ground and add some happiness to an otherwise boring lawn. Along with being cheerful, clover helps other plants by turning atmospheric nitrogen into a form that plants can use.


bright pink cosmos flower in morning light

Meaning: Order and beauty
Origin: Greek
Botanical Name: Cosmos bipinnatus

While we know cosmos as delicate flowers that blow in the wind, the word cosmos is derived from kosmos, which refers to a world in perfect order. Sure, life with a newborn is never in perfect order, but this name is still a good one! Cosmos flowers are known for mixing in well with just about every other garden flower, so this name sets your little one up for a life of harmonious friendships. And who doesn’t want that?


patch of bright flora flowers

Meaning: Flower
Origin: Latin
Botanical Name: N/A

While not a flower itself, we couldn’t leave the name Flora off this list. Flora, as in flora and fauna, refers to the plant world. It’s a perfect name for a little girl attuned with the natural world around her. Alternatively, consider the French name Fleur.


Close up of small holly flowers

Meaning: Like a dove
Origin: English
Botanical Name: Ilex spp.

When you think of Holly, you might think of Christmas decorations and winter. While we won’t argue about this plant’s role in holiday decorations, holly bushes are a lot more than some festive greenery! The popular tea Yerba mate is made from a type of holly bush! Plus, birds love holly berries.


lavender colored iris flowers

Meaning: Rainbow
Origin: Greek
Botanical Name: Iris spp.

Irises brighten up the garden with tall flower spikes that come in practically every color. However, what you might not know about the name Iris is it’s relation to Greek mythology.

Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and carried important messages from the gods above to humans below. If there is someone who deserves an A+ in interpersonal communication, it’s Iris. So if you’re looking for a name that evokes beauty and charm, Iris could be a great fit.


Honeybee On An Ivy Flower

Meaning: Faithfulness and immortality
Origin: English
Botanical Name: Hedera spp.

If you’ve ever tried to remove ivy from a garden, you know how it loves to stick around. This steadfastness is why this vining plant is tied to faithfulness and eternal life. We’re not saying that naming your child Ivy will make them immortal, but it sets them on a path to strong relationships.


cluster of white jasmine flowers

Meaning: Gift from God
Origin: Persian
Botanical Name: Jasminum spp.

Jasmine carries various meanings depending on the location and culture. However, most of these are related to positive attributes like beauty and love. If you think your little girl is a beautiful gift from God, Jasmine is a perfect name.

One fun fact about the jasmine plant is that it blooms at night. Only those who sneak out to catch the small open flowers will experience the wonderful fragrance these flowers produce.


small bay laurel flowers

Meaning: Laurel tree, success and peace
Origin: Latin
Botanical Name: Laurus nobilis

People use the term laurel to refer to numerous evergreen shrubs, but the most famous species lurks in your kitchen cupboard. Humans have long used the leaves of the bay laurel plant to add depth to stews, sauces, and soups.

Laurel is a great gender neutral name that sets the stage for a calm and successful life.


Yellow and pinkish leilani flower

Meaning: Heavenly flower
Origin: Hawaiian
Botanical Name: N/A

Leilani comes from the Hawaiian words “lei” meaning flower or child and “lani” meaning heaven or royal. While this name is popular in Hawaii, don’t think you have to live on the islands to name your child Leilani.


orange and yellow marigold flowers

Meaning: Golden flower
Origin: English
Botanical Name: Tagetes spp.

Marigolds are like the little flames of the flower world. Their bright orange and yellow blooms brighten up gardens and landscapes around the world. Therefore, Marigold is a great name for a baby that lights up your world.

Not only are marigolds gorgeous, but they also help other plants out by keeping away insect pests while also attracting pollinators. Yes, these are those flowers that are gorgeous and too kind to hate.

Marigolds are also the October birth flower, so this is a perfect name for an October babe.


Field of red poppies

Meaning: Red flower
Origin: Latin
Botanical Name: Papaver spp.

Poppy has long been a common name in England, and it’s caught on elsewhere in the last few years. If you want to instill some spunk and brightness in your little one, the name Poppy will do the trick.


pink-white ren lotus flower floating on the water

Meaning: Water lily, lotus
Origin: Japanese
Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera

While you might think of Ren and Stimpy when you think of this name, Ren is a popular name for both boys and girls. It’s most common in Japan, where it refers to the beautiful lotus flower. If you want to invoke a sense of sereneness into your baby, Ren is a great name.


yellow rue flowers in a garden

Meaning: Herb, regret
Origin: English, Greek
Botanical Name: Ruta graveolens

Recently made famous by the sweet girl in The Hunger Games, Rue is a perfect name for any lovely child. If you’re not familiar with the rue plant, it’s a flowering herb that was once popular in gardens. While it’s not as common today, we still think it makes a wonderful name for any child.


green xylem leaves

Meaning: Wood
Origin: Greek
Botanical Name: N/A

If you’re looking for a name that shows your plant knowledge and stands out from the crowd, consider Xylem. The word xylem refers to plant tissue that carries water throughout a plant. Without xylem, plants wouldn’t survive. You can also use the nickname Xy, which is super cute.

Blooming Names for a New Baby

Aren’t you glad you have a few more options to add to your list of possible names? Even if you don’t choose a floral name for your baby, we still think flowers will make your time together sweeter. Fortunately, we have lots of flowers for a new baby. So tell your friends and family, and don’t forget to order some blooms for all the new parents in your life!

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