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20 Mother’s Day Activities & Ideas for 2024

Woman surprising her older mom with flowers while they're prepping to bake.

Generation after generation, mothers around the world reliably demonstrate the countless reasons they deserve a holiday of their own. Anna Jarvis campaigned successfully to make Mother’s Day an official holiday after the death in 1905 of her mother, known as Mother Jarvis, who organized to aid mothers in Appalachia. Anna later expressed regrets that Mother’s Day had become commercialized, and her wish that the day would prioritize more personal celebrations amongst families. 

Most people do indeed celebrate Mother’s Day in the spirit intended by Anne Jarvis, while wisely choosing gifts and Mother’s Day activities that are centered on Mom’s favorite things. Sometimes though, we come up empty for ideas, and a few suggestions make a big difference. Flowers and candy are traditional gifts that a lot of moms look forward to, and they’re a great way to mark the day, since they’ll be enjoyed for days or weeks after you celebrate. We’ve compiled a list of Mother’s Day ideas to make the day memorable for the quality time with Mom, because we agree with Anne Jarvis, this day should be all about Mom.

Game Night

A lot of busy moms wish they had more time with family, and if that’s the case, a game night is a great Mother’s Day activity to reconnect by doing something purely fun. If your family’s not big on cards or board games, try this YouTube game that’s extra fun with multiple generations: write down categories like  

  • What song makes you happy? 
  • What song seems like it was written for you? 
  • What song brings back memories?
  • What song gets on your nerves?

Make categories that are relevant to your family members, and put all the questions in a cup. Pull a question, and pass the remote around for everyone to play their answer. You’ll laugh and reminisce together, and maybe learn some things about each other!

Learn a Skill Together

Is there something Mom has mentioned wanting to try? Try it with them! The great thing about this Mother’s Day idea is you can choose to sign up for a live class or workshop, or you can find one online that you and Mom can do at your own pace without worrying about the outcome. Either way, learning something together will last a lifetime, and what better kind of gift is there?

Make a Meal using a Family Recipe

There are a couple of ways to approach this one. If your mom lives in the kitchen, making most of the meals, ask them what family recipe they would love to resurrect, and make it for them. Pour them a glass of wine and ask them to keep you company. You might learn why that recipe is special to them. Or if Mom loves to spend the day cooking, do it together and ask for the duties they prefer not to do. And of course, when it comes time to clean up, take charge. Don’t let Mom lift a finger!

Have a Karaoke Party

Another great idea if you have a family full of music lovers, as long as Mom is one of them. This is especially fun if there are children. If you don’t have a Karaoke machine, you can rent one. Put up decorations, make plenty of snacks, and sing your hearts out!

Have a Cookout with Extended Family or Friends

Does your mom have sisters or BFFs they love hanging out with? Plan a cookout, and include their kids in the planning. If there are aunts, or honorary aunts, who don’t have kids, invite them and include them in appreciation for their role in your mom’s life. If you don’t have an outdoor space to use, check local parks with shelters that can be reserved for a reasonable fee or free.

Have a Mini Book Club

Busy lives these days mean our favorite pastimes start gathering dust. If your mom loves to read and discuss books, plan ahead a little and establish a book club of two, or more if you have siblings. Let Mom choose the book, of course, get copies for them as well as yourself, and be ready at the agreed upon time and place on Mother’s Day to meet for your own private book club.

Movie Night

Is there a movie out that your mom keeps saying they want to see? Make it happen, with popcorn, candy, and a few gourmet treats, since it’s a special occasion. Now that the Barbie movie is streaming, you and Mom might have fun bonding over decorating Barbiecore style – think pink snacks, rosé, and flowers – and streaming the movie. 

Hold a Chocolate Tasting

This is the perfect Mother’s Day activity for a chocoholic mom. Curate different chocolates yourself, or order a chocolate tasting box from a chocolatier like Godiva. Check your local area for small batch chocolatiers nearby. Some beverages pair especially well with chocolate, like champagne and bourbon, or for a non-alcoholic option, ginger beer goes great with chocolate.

Make a Waffle Bar for Brunch

This is a great MOther’s Day activity if young children are included. Keep them busy mixing batter, arranging bowls of toppings, and setting the table. Find a nice visible place for Mom’s Mother’s Day bouquet, and when it’s all set up, send the kids to “host” Mom to the table. Make sure you’re well stocked with all of Mom’s favorite toppings!

Volunteer Together

In the true spirit of Mother Jarvis, celebrate your mom’s passion for community and giving. Most cities have festivals and other public celebrations on Mother’s Day. Schedule a volunteering shift for both of you to work together, and enjoy the event the rest of the time. Or if you have a vehicle, offer to give rides to an event for moms who don’t have transportation. You and Mom can get to know other families in the community on the way to and from the event!

Visit a Botanical Garden

Outdoor botanical gardens will be bursting with spring blooms, and many botanical gardens have beautiful and diverse indoor gardens year-round. Make a day of it, lingering at whatever catches Mom’s eye, and breaking for a leisurely lunch.

Plan a Gallery Hop

Local gallery hops are fun, but you don’t need to wait until an official one comes around. Make a list of galleries open on Mother’s Day, or plan it on the Saturday before, if more are open then. You can still check out all the exhibits, there just won’t be wine and cheese – but you’re sure to find a restaurant close by, just get a reservation if you can. 

Take a Boat or a Train

Many cities have waterways or historic train routes that provide a fun and fascinating experience with tours that highlight surrounding nature, historic structures, and other aspects of the area often missed otherwise. Check to see if there are Mother’s Day tours with dinner or brunch included, and take Mom on a fun, educational, and relaxing day trip.

Visit a Winery

You don’t need to go to California to find a local winery anymore. Many states you wouldn’t naturally think of as wine country have well established vineyards and wineries with local color and history. For instance, would you have guessed that there’s a winery in southern Indiana that was established in 1843? Who knows what you might find near you? Make a day or a weekend of it, and enjoy local wines with regional cheeses, meats, fruits, and vegetables while soaking in the bucolic scenery.

Take a Flower Arranging Class

Take ordering flowers a step further by enrolling in a flower arranging class! With both in-person and virtual options, this is an activity you and your mom can enjoy, no matter where you live. If you opt for a virtual class, make sure to order flowers ahead of time. The Bouqs has a wide variety of blooms available, so order a few Bouqs to play with. Pair the activity with some snacks and drinks, and you’ll have a day any crafty mom will enjoy.

Visit a Local Museum

Is your mom into art, or perhaps a history buff? Local museums are full of fascinating exhibits, and we often overlook the ones where we live. Spend a day at the museum of your mom’s choosing, or visit a few, and make sure to hit one that has a nice bistro for lunch!

Go Thrifting

While no mom will turn down a gift, there’s something special about shopping with your mom. Sure, you could head to a local mall, but what fun is that? Instead, hit up a local flea market or thrift shop to hunt for hidden gems.Have some fun trying on outfits and combing through furniture looking for your next DIY project. If mom finds something she likes, buy it for her!

Head To the Farmers’ Market

If your mom can’t get enough of local produce and she loves cooking, start the day with a trip to the local farmers’ market. Pay for the strawberries that strike Mom’s eye and treat her to the cinnamon roll she can’t stop looking at. Once you’ve got a bag or wagon filled with ingredients, head back home to cook up a meal.

As you and Mom figure out what you’d like to cook, whip up a batch of herbal iced tea or seasonal cocktails. With your drinks in hand, it’s time to cook! At the end of the day, you’ll have a meal you, Mom, and the rest of the family can enjoy. Just make sure you don’t leave your mom to do the dishes!

Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane

There’s something special about looking at the past. Not only does it make you appreciate all the moments you and Mom have shared, but it also shows you how much you’ve grown over the years.

To thank Mom for all she’s done for you, break out the books filled with old photos and the VCR tapes of home videos. As you laugh at the silly outfits of 20 years past and smile at the sweet memories you’ve shared together, make sure to take a moment to thank your mom for standing by you all these years.

Spend Time in the Garden

If your mom delights in spring, help them soak in the changing seasons by helping out in their garden. At the start of the day, offer to take your mom to a local garden center or nursery where she can pick out some new plants.

Once you’ve got pots filled with colorful annuals and long-lasting flowering perennials, head back to Mom’s garden to get to work. Spend some time designing the garden layout, whether you’re working in the ground or creating a container garden. Once everything looks good, help Mom plant everything then water well!

After all this hard work, you may need a drink and a snack. To keep with the garden theme, mix up a batch of lavender-scented lemonade and some shortbread cookies topped with edible flowers.

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