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Mother’s Day Activities and Dining Experiences

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Let’s hear it for the moms! The grandmoms, the stepmoms, the aunts, the dog moms…all the moms! No matter what type of mom you have in your life, Mother’s Day is the time to celebrate them. The question is, what type of celebration is best?

The truth is that there are all kinds of different moms out there. Some like quiet and calm days while others enjoy action-packed afternoons where they hop from one activity to the next. The secret to a great Mother’s Day celebration is finding activities that fit your mom’s unique personality and interests. Fortunately, there are Mother’s Day flowers and celebrations for every type of mom.

Good news! There are Mother’s Day flowers and OpenTable dining experiences to celebrate every mom. From classic brunches to cocktail tastings, there’s a unique dining experience to make mom’s day feel extra special. You can even prepay in advance so you can treat her to her meal.

The Mom Who Loves Classic

There’s something comforting about the classics, and mom knows it. If your mom gravitates toward tried and true options like a delicious brunch, a stroll through a garden, and quality time with her family, these ideas will fill her heart and let her know you care.

Mother’s Day Roses

What flower is more classic than the rose? Nothing, of course! Mother’s Day roses include a beautiful blend of colorful roses that will have mom smiling. And since The Bouqs Co. sources our flowers from sustainable farms, Mom will be able to enjoy long-lasting roses!

Zoe’s at Fairmont Chateau Laurier: Ottawa, ON

If you’re looking to take your mom to a classic Mother’s Day tea, look no further than Zoe’s at Fairmont Chateau Laurier. You and Mom can enjoy English scones, open-faced sandwiches, bite-sized sweets, and lots of tea! Plus, you can also treat Mom to a variety of hand-crafted cocktails.

Froggy’s: Highwood, IL

If your mom loves a classic set Mother’s Day meal, she’ll love dining at the French Froggy’s. For $55 per person, you’ll be able to enjoy soup, salad, a main dish, dessert, and more!

Commerce Kitchen: Huntsville, AL

For a contemporary twist on American fare, head to Commerce Kitchen. This year they’ll be hosting a Mother’s Day brunch featuring mimosas and a 3-course, prix-fixe menu. Not only will your motherly figure enjoy the food, but she’ll also love the classic yet elegant decor.

The Mom Who Wants to Be Outside

Does your mom wait all day until she can head outside to sit on the patio or hit the trails? Then give her a Mother’s Day celebration that’s tailored to her outdoor-loving self. After a great brunch at one of Open Table’s dining experiences, consider spending the day riding bikes in a local park, working in the garden, or enjoying an outdoor yoga class.

Mother Earth

While flowers are beautiful, don’t overlook potted houseplants! If your stepmom or mother-in-law is in love with all things green, they’ll appreciate an indoor plant. Many of our plants thrive in bright yet indirect light, so your mom will likely be able to find the perfect spot for it in her home. Plus, some come in a super cute planter!

Layla: Miami, FL

Help Mom enjoy the sunshine with a rooftop meal at Layla. The rooftop itself is stunning, with tropical plants, umbrellas, and wicker furniture. And it’s the perfect setting to enjoy a family-style meal that includes kale salad, hummus, grilled octopus, and more!

Branchline: Watertown, MA

With a year-round patio, Branchline is the place to enjoy a meal outdoors! With a wood-fired grill as well as a rotisserie, you’ll be able to dine on chicken, seasonal salads, and sandwiches. Pro tip: don’t miss out on the rotisserie chicken!

Shadowbrook Winery: Walnut Creek, CA

No matter the weather, Mom will enjoy spending her day sipping wine beside a fire at Shadowbrook Winery! As you sip, you’ll be able to look out onto the vineyards and peaceful surrounding landscape.

The Mom Who is Up for Anything

Some moms love to be kept on their toes. They delight in surprises and will never turn down a chance to experience something new, whether that’s a trip to a new museum, a concert, or a new restaurant. If your mom is game for just about anything, weave these ideas into your Mother’s Day celebration.

Full of Grace

Take one look at this mixed sunflower bouquet and you’ll find something new at every glance. There are bright yellow sunflowers, subdued pink lilies, stalks of purple snapdragons, and more! That means this bouquet is perfect for the mom who likes a little bit of everything.

The Melting Pot: Kansas City, MO + multiple locations

Ready to try out all sorts of combinations of dippers and dips? Then take Mom to The Melting Pot! A Mother’s Day meal will let mom dip into both cheese and chocolate fondues as well as enjoy a salad and entree.

Old Mill Toronto: Toronto ON

While brunch and dinner are wonderful, they’re not every mom’s cup of tea. If your mom is ready to ditch the dining table and boogy, take her to the special Night Fever show at the Old Mill Toronto. You’ll be able to dance the night away as you listen to some of the Bee Gees greatest hits.

Berber: San Francisco, CA

A Moroccan speakeasy is exciting enough. But add in a live cirque show and you’re bound to give Mom a one-of-a-kind night. Berber allows you to choose from various menus and cocktails as you enjoy the show with Mom.

The Mom Who Goes Glam

If your mom’s tastes are more champagne and pearls, give her an elegant celebration to match her style. Skip the casual brunch at a local chain restaurant and opt for high-end options that will have her feeling like the royalty she is.

Farmer’s Choice Orchid

With an arching stem and exquisite flowers, a potted orchid practically screams glam. While these plants may look like they’re difficult to care for, they’re actually not too fussy once you get a handle on what they like. To set mom up for success, provide her with some orchid care tips on Mother’s Day.

Lilly Rose: Los Angeles, CA

Imagine a Mother’s Day tea with the elegance amped all the way up. That’s the experience that Lilly Rose has created. Their High Tea and Highballs event combines exotic teas, unique tea cocktails, light bites, and custom highball cocktails.

Elements: Princeton, NJ

If you’re looking for a high-end tasting menu, look no further than Elements. Their 15-course menu will introduce you and your mom to a variety of flavors and creative cooking techniques. The end result is an unforgettable experience that will wow even the most glamorous moms.

Plume at the Jefferson Hotel: Washington, D.C

With no shortage of awards and accolades, a day spent dining at Plume at the Jefferson Hotel will wow any mom. The impressive dishes are designed based on the harvest from the Monticello gardens, and a huge wine collection allows you to find the perfect pairing.

Other Mother’s Day Activities

If you’re thinking these ideas sound great, but you don’t live in any of the highlighted cities, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with Mother’s Day activities you can complete no matter where you and Mom live.

Take Part in a Flower Arranging Class

Take ordering flowers a step further by enrolling in a flower arranging class! With both in-person and virtual options, this is an activity you and your mom can enjoy, no matter where you live. If you opt for a virtual class, make sure to order flowers ahead of time! The Bouqs has a wide variety of blooms available, so order a few Bouqs to play with.

Not only will this class teach you how to keep flowers looking fresh and flowers that go well with carnations, but it will also help you create a beautiful arrangement! Pair the activity with some snacks and drinks, and you’ll have a day any crafty mom will enjoy.

Go Thrifting

While no mom will turn down a gift, there’s something special about shopping with your mom. Sure, you could head to a local mall, but what fun is that? Instead, hit up a local flea market or thrift shop to hunt for hidden gems.

Have some fun trying on outfits and combing through furniture looking for your next DIY project. If mom finds something she likes, buy it for her!

Head To the Farmers’ Market

If your mom can’t get enough of local produce and she loves cooking, start the day with a trip to the local farmers’ market. Pay for the strawberries that strike Mom’s eye and treat her to the cinnamon roll she can’t stop looking at. Once you’ve got a bag or wagon filled with ingredients, head back home to cook up a meal.

As you and Mom figure out what you’d like to cook, whip up a batch of herbal iced tea or seasonal cocktails. With your drinks in hand, it’s time to cook! At the end of the day, you’ll have a meal you, Mom, and the rest of the family can enjoy. Just make sure you don’t leave your mom to do the dishes!

Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane

There’s something special about looking at the past. Not only does it make you appreciate all the moments you and Mom have shared, but it also shows you how much you’ve grown over the years.

To thank Mom for all she’s done for you, break out the books filled with old photos and the VCR tapes of home videos. As you laugh at the silly outfits of 20 years past and smile at the sweet memories you’ve shared together, make sure to take a moment to thank your mom for standing by you all these years.

Spend Time in the Garden

If your mom or mother-like figure delights in spring, help them soak in the changing seasons by helping out in their garden. At the start of the day, offer to take your mom to a local garden center or nursery where she can pick out some new plants.

Once you’ve got pots filled with colorful annuals and long-lasting flowering perennials, head back to Mom’s garden to get to work. Spend some time designing the garden layout, whether you’re working in the ground or creating a container garden. Once everything looks good, help Mom plant everything then water well!

After all this hard work, you may need a drink and a snack. To keep with the garden theme, mix up a batch of lavender-scented lemonade and some shortbread cookies topped with edible flowers.

Get the Whole Family Together

Some moms love nothing more than spending time with their families. However, getting everyone in the same place at the same time isn’t always easy! To give Mom a day she’ll love, put in the work ahead of time to gather all your mom’s people in the same place.

Keep the focus on time together by hosting a casual picnic complete with lawn games and lemonade. Quick and easy dishes like sandwiches, an egg casserole, burgers, or potato salad will keep things low-stress (and prevent Mom from feeling like she needs to help).

While everyone is together, don’t miss the opportunity to hold a family photoshoot! While a photographer is nice, a camera phone and timer will do the trick. For an extra bonus, print out a family photo a few days later and have each family member write a special note to mom on the back.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Bouquet from The Bouqs

No matter your mom’s personality, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet from The Bouqs! With various modern and stylish options, there’s something available for every type of mom.

Not only will our bouquets designs bring a smile to Mom’s face, but so will our sourcing methods! We source our flowers from sustainable farms and eliminate the time they spend sitting in a warehouse. That means long-lasting flowers that you can feel good about.

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