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Holiday Front Door Decor To Dazzle the Neighborhood

Canary Yellow Garage Doors Decorated with Garlands and Christmas Wreath

While everyone makes preparations for the inside of their house for the holidays, front door decor is one area where you can set the tone of your holiday motif. We’ve put together some last-minute as well as not-so-last-minute design flourishes you can add to your porch scape to dress up your doorway and make it guest-ready.

Ring in the Season with Stylish Front Door Decor

We love door wreaths as an artsy assemblage of natural elements to form a festive accessory. Made from the foliage of iconic trees and growths, you can match them to everything from your Christmas tree, to neighborhood trees and foliage depending on the time of year. Check out this list of holiday wreaths that can really put some fancy “dress” in your address this season.

Fir Wreath

Among the most iconic of traditional holiday decorations, fir evergreen wreaths evoke the history of the holiday season, as much changes in terms of style and trends over time, this door wreath has been a staple for generations.

Person Holding a Holiday Wreath with Pinecones on a Snowy Background

Cedar Wreath

This holiday classic wreath is frequently found on doors throughout the season depending on local evergreen availability. Fresh cedar gives off a warm, beautiful aroma to make for a memorable holiday.

Magnolia Wreath

Magnolias provide a classy update to the traditional Christmas wreath, some with colorful accents that bring a splash of subtle color that even makes the Fall/Winter seasonal crossover.

Grapevine Wreath

As a stylish accessory with artistic flair, the grapevine wreath starts with materials that highlight the natural beauty and incorporate elements such as pine cones or juniper berries for a functional collage of holiday elements. One of our favorite things about these is their sustainability. Once their season has passed, they present the perfect opportunity for DIY projects including building custom wreaths using flowers or succulents for the following year.

Eucalyptus Wreath

You might already know this, but eucalyptus trees are part of the evergreen family, so it’s no surprise that their branches and leaves are a frequent addition to holiday decorations and wreaths.

Olive and Lavender Wreath

In warmer climates or for front door decor that transcends seasonal traditions, we love alternative wreath materials like olive leaves and lavender. Not only do these lavender wreaths look great on any door, but they smell incredible.

Decorating Puts the Fun Back in the Holidays

Some take their holiday decorating pretty seriously, curating an overall look that’s festive, creative, unique, and most of all, fun. Both making your own DIY decorations and arranging ones you buy specifically because they define a certain look you’re going for involves applying your own insights on how to add some holiday-themed flair to parts of your home that make it feel warmer, more welcoming not only to your guests but you as well. We have some tips for stunning winter flowers that you can order for a holiday bouquet.

Coming home to a house or apartment with a wreath hung on the door reminds us of how holiday-themed accessories can fill us with the spirit of the season with a simple flourish. In recent years, we’ve seen more types of festive Christmas trees with fewer ornaments, homes decorated with more of an understated aesthetic that highlights the foliage itself rather than simply dressing it up. They are showing appreciation for the bounty the outdoors gifts us constantly as a modern holiday motif. If you live in a smaller space, consider ordering a mini tree for the holidays.

Show your appreciation and add a beautiful seasonal accent to your home with one of our super stylish seasonal wreaths or an arrangement of winter flowers for delivery. However you decide to celebrate or decorate, The Bouqs Co. wishes you a joyous, warm, and beautiful holiday season.

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