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Holiday Front Door Decor To Dazzle the Neighborhood

holiday wreath with pinecones for the front door

Some people take their holiday decorating seriously, curating an overall look that’s festive, creative, unique, and most of all, fun. Making your own DIY decorations and arranging ones you buy specifically because they define a certain look you’re going for, involves applying your own insights on how to add some holiday-themed flair to parts of your home. Holiday decorations make it feel warmer and more welcoming, not only to your guests but to you as well.

While everyone makes preparations for the inside of their house for the holidays, front door decor sets the tone of your holiday motif. We’ve put together some design flourishes you can add to your porch scape to dress up your doorway and make it guest-ready.

Show your appreciation and add a beautiful seasonal accent to your home with one of our stunning holiday wreaths or an arrangement of flowers for the holidays. However you decide to celebrate or decorate, The Bouqs Co. wishes you a joyous, warm, and beautiful holiday season. And after you look at the front door and porch, don’t forget the interior with holiday tablescapes and centerpieces.

Decorating With Wreaths

holiday eucalyptus and magnolia wreath on the front door

We love door wreaths as an artsy assemblage of natural elements that form a classic festive accessory. Made from the foliage of iconic trees and growths, you can match them to everything from your Christmas tree to neighborhood trees and foliage depending on the time of year. Check out this list of holiday wreaths that can really put some fancy “dress” in your address this season.

Fir Wreath

Among the most iconic of traditional holiday decorations, fir evergreen wreaths evoke the history of the holiday season; even as many changes in terms of style and trends over time, this door wreath has been a staple for generations.

Cedar Wreath

This classic holiday wreath is frequently found on doors throughout the season depending on local evergreen availability. Fresh cedar gives off a warm, beautiful aroma to make for a memorable holiday.

Magnolia Wreath

Magnolias provide a classy update to the traditional Christmas wreath, some with colorful accents that bring a splash of subtle color that even makes the Fall/Winter seasonal crossover.

Grapevine Wreath

As a stylish accessory with artistic flair, the grapevine wreath starts with materials that highlight natural beauty and incorporate elements such as pine cones or juniper berries for a functional collage of holiday elements. One of our favorite things about these is their sustainability. Once their season has passed, they present the perfect opportunity for DIY projects, including building custom wreaths using flowers or succulents for the following year.

Eucalyptus Wreath

You might already know this, but eucalyptus trees are part of the evergreen family, so it’s no surprise their branches and leaves are a frequent addition to holiday decorations and wreaths.

Olive and Lavender Wreath

In warmer climates or for front door decor that transcends seasonal traditions, we love alternative wreath materials like olive leaves and lavender. Not only do these lavender wreaths look great on any door, but they smell incredible.

Front Porch Decorations

Your front porch is the first thing people see and appreciate before they enter your home, so it’s the perfect place to dress up if you don’t want to decorate the entire exterior of your home. If you do choose to place lights and other decorations on your whole house, you can use the porch as a focal point to really draw in people’s eyes.

Pool Noodle Candy Canes

Turn summertime fun into holiday decorations by wrapping pool noodles with red and white tape to create large candy canes you can put on or around your front porch.

Pre-Lit Cordless Garland

Skip the extension cords and get the fun of outdoor lights with less hassle when you choose battery-powered, pre-lit, cordless garland to decorate your front porch.

Christmas Tree

Why limit yourself to an indoor tree only? Chances are good you can find a perfectly sized Christmas tree for your porch. Keep it real, pick pink, or find one pre-lit – somewhere, there’s the perfect porch tree for your home.

Back Porch Decorations

Who says decorating the outside of your home is just for others to see? Why not create a comfy, cozy back porch that invites your family to sit and enjoy the holiday season together outdoors?

Bring the Softness

Winter is the perfect time to add throw pillows and snuggly blankets to your back porch. Make the area inviting regardless of how chilly the weather is.

Bring the Heat

Add a small (or large, if you have the space) fire pit to your back porch to truly make the area warm and inviting, no matter how “frightful” the weather is otherwise. Fire pits don’t necessarily require chopped wood – many fire pits actually run on propane, gel, ethanol, or other non-wood sources.

Bring the Baubles

You can incorporate ornaments throughout your entire back porch: on garland, inside lanterns, on wreaths, and hanging from the ceiling with fishing line.

Door Decorations

No porch? No problem! You can spread your holiday spirit on or around your door with these unique ideas.

Holiday Doormat

Make a statement with a doormat that shows visitors your enthusiasm for the holiday season. Not seeing anything you like in stores or online? Try creating your own DIY gingerbread house doormat with outdoor craft paint, stencils, and a coir doormat.

Wreath Snowman

With 3 different sizes of wire wreath forms, white yarn, and a few other tools and accessories, you can create a wreath snowman that can adorn your door all winter, then easily folds up for storage the rest of the year.

Apartment Balcony Decorations

If you live in an apartment or condo, you may only have a small balcony or patio to decorate rather than a porch. Don’t let that stop you from decorating for the holidays (unless your building’s rules forbid it, of course)! Here are some ideas for decorating your balcony for the holidays.


With or without the addition of string lights or ornaments, real or faux garland can really “spruce” up your balcony for the holiday season. Be sure to secure the garland with something weatherproof (think zip ties over tape).


Red and green and ideal for the holidays, poinsettias are perfect balcony plants, especially if you have cats or dogs. Poinsettias are mildly toxic to pets, so keeping the plants on your balcony, where they won’t be left alone with your pet unattended, is the best way to enjoy them.

Outdoor Hanukkah Decorations

Holiday decorations don’t need to be Christmas-themed. Here are some ideas for ways to decorate your porch to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Hanukkah Window Clings

With leading blanks or stencil blanks, Gallery Glass Paints and Simulated Liquid Leading, and toothpicks, you can create your own Hanukkah-themed window clings, which can be enjoyed by people on either side of the glass.

String Lights

You can either choose simple blue and white string lights or those that come in Hanukkah-specific shapes, like dreidels and Stars of David. String them around your porch, windows, door, garage, or anywhere else you like.

Outdoor Kwanzaa Decorations

Celebrated December 26 through January 1, Kwanzaa honors African American cultural heritage and traditional values. Since it’s less commercialized than Christmas, you may need to DIY some decorations (typically using the Kwanzaa colors of red, green, and black), but you can still use your front porch to celebrate.

Kente Wreath

Welcome guests to your home with a kente wreath on the front door. You can make your own by wrapping a wreath form with strips of kente cloth, or you can purchase a pre-made option.

Habari Gani Doormat

This handmade doormat features the Pan-African flag and the phrase “Habari Gani,” which means “What is the news?” in Swahili. As a bonus, one reviewer noted that buying this doormat from a Black-owned business ties directly into the Kwanzaa Principle of Cooperative Economics.

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