New Year’s Eve Party Themes & Tips

New Year's Eve Ideas

It’s hard to believe it’s that time again. The year is coming to an end as we celebrate the last of the fall and winter holidays before we get ready to ring in another year in the millennium. Every year seems to pass by faster and faster. Until technology lets us slow down time a bit, we must keep moving forward to the next stages and adventures that a new year is guaranteed to bring.

New Year’s Eve parties are never in short supply, so this year make yours stand out with fun themes and tips that will leave lasting memories all through 2019. We’ve gathered a list of New Year’s Eve ideas that will inspire you to throw the best NYE party ever. Whether you’re hosting or you’re just helping your friend that is, you’re sure to find something that will inspire you to make this New Year’s Eve party different from the rest.


NYE Party Themes

Any party can be fun, but a themed party brings a new level of festivity that will leave your guests talking about your party all year long.

  • Fire and Ice
    Make your party explosive with fire and ice. A fun twist on the classic “black and white” theme. Have your guests dress up in fire or ice attire by choosing a fiery red or icy blue/white outfit. Bring the theme into your menu by having the choice between red or blue drinks.
  • Party Animals
    Like Halloween part 2, this theme calls for your guests dressing up as their favorite animal. They can get as intricate or simple as they like, or you can provide ears, masks, and tails to guarantee your guests participate in the fun. When the clock strikes twelve, everyone shouts the noise of their animal costume and enjoy the night being crazy party animals.
  • Throwback (Tuesday) 
    This new year falls on a Tuesday (which is kind of like Thursday, right?) and brings in the year 2019. Celebrate the pop culture of 20 years before: 1999! Have your guest wear their favorite fashion trend of the late nineties. Decorate with throwbacks like a Nintendo playing area, projections with music videos and music from ‘99 (can’t forget about those boy bands), and disposable cameras as party favors!
  • Midnight Brunch
    If your crew is always hitting the best brunch spots every Sunday, why not bring it into your party theme? Make brunch party-style by having a build-your-own mimosa and Bloody Mary bar alongside bite-sized waffles, finger sandwiches and candied bacon.
  • Flower Power
    Bring the fun of music festival season by having a “Flower Power” themed party. Create insta-worthy installations like a DIY floral photo booth and have a station where your guests can create flower crowns and more. Add music and flashy lights, and your NYE party will feel like an intimate music festival.


NYE Party Details

The fun is in the details! Make your New Year’s Eve party pop with these fun party tips that will “wow” your guests and make their night even more memorable.

  • New Year’s Resolution Wall
    Have a designated space where your guests can post their new year’s resolutions. You can have a stack of colored post-its that they can write on and stick to the wall or you can use a (very) large mirror that they can write on with colored markers. This also makes a fun photo backdrop as the wall gets more filled!
  • Photobooth Wall
    Whatever theme you decide to go with, a photobooth wall is always fun to have! Go to your nearest fabric store and pick up a few yards of material that match your theme. Hang it up on an open space of wall and provide themed props that your guests can pose with.
  • Floral Party Poppers 
    It’s not a new year’s celebration without party poppers! Make yours unique with flowers! You can use fresh flowers or leftover bouquets from your Christmas celebrations to make these DIY floral party poppers.
  • Glitter-Dipped Balloons
    Of course, every NYE party needs some sparkle to truly shine! Try glitter or confetti-dipped balloons to elevate your decorations. Keep it going by doing the same to your cups and champagne bottles!


There are endless ways to decorate your NYE party, but we hope we’ve given you a dose of inspiration that leaves you excited to plan your party. However you chose to decorate your New Year’s Eve party, there’s a bouquet that will match your theme and style. The Bouqs Co wishes you and your loved ones a safe and exciting new year!

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