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Elegant & Fashionable Ways to Wear Real Flowers

Flower Fashion

Flower fashion never really goes out of style, from a floral patterned dress and embroidered denim to floral accessories. Whether you like to dress elegantly, feminine, masculine, formal, or bright and fun, there’s definitely a floral fashion for you. But what about fresh floral accessories?

Whether it’s for a music festival look, a wedding, or just for fun, learning how to wear flowers as jewelry or other accessories just takes a little bit of prep and a love for flowers. Try freshening up one of your outfits with one of these elegant and fashionable ways for men and women to wear real flowers!


Floral Hair Clips

Making hair clips out of fresh flowers is a simple way to add fresh flowers to any day. All you need to have on hand are some fresh flowers and bobby pins. To create the pins, all you have to do is trim most of the stem off the flower, pin the flower into the bobby pin, and pin the flowers into your hair wherever you want. This style goes with any hairstyle. It’ll freshen up a braid, liven up your beautiful curls, or give some volume to your gorgeous straight hair.

Flower Beard

Is putting flowers into your beard a touch over the top? Maybe, but who says only men get to have fun at music festivals with fresh flowers? All you need are flowers and that luscious beard of yours. The website Beard Oil Recipes recommends using honey to help get the flowers to stick if you are trying to get this to be an all-day look.

Fresh Flower Crowns

Flower crowns aren’t exactly a new floral accessory, but when you make them with fresh flowers, they will stand out even in a Coachella crowd. If you’re looking for a fun way for your bridesmaids to accessorize and show their personality at your wedding, try throwing a fresh flower crown party! Get creative with this tutorial on Paging Supermom if you’re looking to make them yourself.

Dried Flower Temporary Tattoos

Have you been thinking about finally caving and getting a floral tattoo, but maybe you wanted to try it out first before you fully commit? Fortunately, you don’t have to have any artistic skills to do this; you just need dried flowers. Any flower will do; you can pick out your favorites and dry them out for a few days. Eyelash glue is pretty safe for the skin and can be used to place them as you please. If you’re worried about the eyelash glue on your skin or you have sensitive skin, try it out first. Set it with hairspray and you’re ready to take the day with your flower power!

Make Beads out of Real Flowers

If you have an occasion that you want to save flowers from, like maybe your wedding, there is a process you could use to make the flowers into beads. The beads can go on a necklace, a bracelet, or a keychain so you can bring part of your special day with you wherever you want. It’s a bit of a long process, but the results are breathtaking, so it’s worth it in the end if you are looking to commemorate your day. There’s a pretty simple tutorial at Felt Magnet and before you know it, you’ll have a floral accessory that is unique to just you.


Whether you want to wear some flowers around your neck or in your hair, or maybe you have another creative way to wear fresh flowers in your everyday life, all you need to get started are a bunch of fresh flowers! Browse our farm-fresh selection today!

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