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DIY Floral Photo Booth Frame for Weddings and Other Parties

DIY Photo Booth

Whether you are planning the party of the century, the perfect wedding, or the perfect wedding of the century, chances are you’re looking for ways that you can make the night memorable. When the drinks are flowing, the music is popping, and your friends are around, the night is bound to be unforgettable. The best way to ensure that your guests never forget the night is with a DIY photo booth!

The way to throw a good party going is to make sure your guests are mixing and mingling. Social anxiety can be hard to overcome, and alcohol shouldn’t be the only way to get party goers to loosen up and have fun. Everyone is looking for an instagrammable moment at a party, right? Are you making the DIY photo booth for your wedding? Everyone will want pictures with the bride and groom, so getting them in the wedding photo booth is a good way to do that without ruining any special moments that should be reserved for the wedding photographer to catch.


Don’t Forget the Props

The trick to creating a good party photo booth is getting the right photo booth props. There are plenty of options; you can use funny hats, wigs, glasses, or word bubbles with funny phrases in it. What can you do if you want your DIY photo booth to stand out a little? If you want some fresh ideas, try getting some fresh flowers!

Fresh flowers are the perfect party photo booth prop because you can hand pick the flowers so they match the event you are planning. If you are creating a wedding photo booth, you can match the flowers that are being used for the wedding reception and add in ribbons or lights so it fits the night perfectly. If you are creating a party photo booth, you can pick a seasonal flower to match the occasion. For example, if you’re having a birthday party, maybe pick the month’s birth flower!


What You’ll Need for a DIY Photo Booth Frame

  • A medium to large sized frame. Think big enough for a couple of people to fit in, but not too big or heavy that it will be hard to hold up. Bonus points if you can find a rad frame at a thrift shop and give upcycling a go!
  • Floral adhesive
  • Floral scissors or sheers
  • Fresh flowers of your choice
  • Optional: Fairy lights, greenery, ribbon, glitter, confetti, or anything that might make that photo booth frame pop!


Instructions for a DIY Photo Booth Frame

  1. The first step is to trim the stems off the flowers. Leave just enough of the stem on to glue the flower to the frame. The floral adhesive will work better on the stems.
  2. Use the floral adhesive to glue the flowers to the frame. If you haven’t used floral adhesive before, here are a few tips: Start by either spraying cooking spray or rubbing some sort of oil on the lid of the adhesive and the nozzle of the adhesive. The stuff is, as you can imagine, really sticky. This will prevent it from sticking to the nozzle and creating a blockage. Put the glue on the frame and the stem of the flower. The glue bonds really well to itself so this will guarantee it will stick better and no flowers will fall off when it’s being used.
  3. You can choose how much of the frame you wish to fill with flowers. You can go all out and cover the entire frame or just do pretty little bunches on each corner. Either way, the trick is to make sure that they are bunched together to give the flowers a full look. Adding greenery is a good way to make sure that it is properly filled out!
  4. Optional Step: Add fairy lights, ribbon, glitter, confetti, or anything else that will give your DIY photo booth frame that extra touch of glam.


Don’t Forget the Flowers

In addition to the DIY photo booth frame, you’ll want to impress your guests with beautiful flowers throughout the event venue. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a birthday, a baby shower, or a special anniversary, we have gorgeous, fresh flowers that will match any occasion–we promise!

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