DIY Succulents

Eight Ideas to Upcycle Succulent Planters

DIY Succulent Planter

You’ve Been Given A Succulent, Now What?

That adorable bowl of Aloe has been sitting on your coffee table for months. You even remember to water it (…sometimes.) Your endearing little desert gem has proven to be a long-lasting, thriving addition to your home decor. So what on earth are you supposed to do with it?

If you have been looking for a way to get ahead of the home decor game, then DIY succulent planters are the perfect project! Read on to unlock the mystery behind those rich green rosettes that make the succulent so intriguing. With more than forty chlorophyll rich varieties to discover, we just know that  you’ll become a fan of the succulents odd beauty.

The Mystery Behind The Succulent: Revealed

There is a language behind all of Earth’s  flora and fauna. We are well-versed in the symbolism of flowers and the sacred value of our trees and shrubs. The word ‘succulent’ is derived from the Latin word for sucus’ meaning ‘juice’ or ‘sap’. Aptly named, this plant stores water inside of its thick leaves and stems, which allows the plant to survive during times of drought.

You are probably already familiar with one of these plants: the cactus. It differentiates itself from other succulents because it has thorns. Originating from dry to tropical areas, this rugged plant can thrive just about anywhere. In Feng Shui, the succulent represents money and gold. If only these plants could produce it! But there are some real-life uses this tough plant can have. You can thank the popular agave for your all of that tequila you drank in college! And if you are one of those lucky people who sunburn easily,  you’ve probably had your fair share of that thick aloe vera gel slathered on to soothe a burn. Also, there are succulents that are pure nutritional powerhouses. The Saguaro can be chopped and mixed with fruit into salsas, and your local smoothie shop has probably been promoting the Dragon Fruit lately. This cactus fruit blooms only at night, is rich in fiber and vitamin C, and blends well into any smoothie.

Upcycle, Display and Admire

A proper display for your succulent is essential! You can give your succulent a forever home, by creating a DIY succulent planter to transfer into. Here are some ideas:

  • If you are seeking something modern, try your hand at these mini concrete planters.
  • Dress up any succulent with an upside down light fixture! Head over to your local thrift shop or yard sale and buy an old glass light fixture. The more brass it has, the better! Turn it into a terrarium by turning it upside down, then fill it with a mixture of potting soil and sand, and replant.
  • If you’re more of the artsy type, just grab a couple of old soup cans. Discard the labels and replant your succulent. Embellish the sides with paint, gems, pieces of mirrored glass, or keep it as is. You can drill tiny holes into the sides and add chain, ribbons or twine to make a hanging DIY planter.
  • If you’re looking to upgrade your landscape, then head outdoors for a hike! While you’re out, look for thick fallen tree branches with unique markings and peeling bark. This DIY requires some power tools, so check beforehand. Pro tip: These look awesome when scattered around flower beds and alongside the edges of a pond or fountain.
  • Have you been looking for a way to use those wine bottle corks you’ve been hang onto? Turn them into cute, miniature magnetic planters, perfect for tucking your succulents into. These pint-sized planters look awesome stuck onto the metal siding of your shed or indoors on the refrigerator
  • Embrace your inner steampunk princess with a wall mounted copper pipe planter. This DIY will inspire you to turn ‘trash’ into a treasure.
  • For a playful DIY planter that’s part nostalgia with a touch of whimsy, grab yourself some toy dinosaur figurines. Then, follow this crafty DIY to create your own herd of dino DIY planters. Line these cute little guys up around a rock centerpiece or a child’s bedroom to really boost their imagination.
  • Cleanse your space with stunning crystal planters. Harness the metaphysical qualities of amethyst, rose quartz and quartz geode…there are literally hundreds of options for you. Hunt for your local crystal shop to get your hands on some these beauties. Buy some leather cord, and a good floral adhesive, your succulent of choice and you’re all set.


When choosing ways to decorate with your succulent, stay creative and let your personal style show through. Indoors or outdoors, the possibilities are limitless. The succulent is having its moment right now, so give succulent gardening (and Bouqs!) a second look.

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