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What’s the Symbolism Behind Certain Flowers?

Flower Symbolism

Flowers have long been the bearers of important messages beyond simply their beauty. Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, right up to the more modern Victorians and people today have all been obsessed with the symbolic meaning of flowers.

The great thing is, with the huge range of varieties and colors, the symbolic meaning of flowers can express pretty much anything. For all manner of occasions and purposes, your Bouq can have a much more meaningful message with the inclusion of the right kind of flowers.

The various symbolic meanings of flowers include:

  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Strength
  • Beauty
  • Happiness
  • Good Fortune
  • Health
  • Sympathy
  • Thoughtfulness

So, let’s take a look at all the different connotations that can be held in your Bouq of choice. Though it’s also important to remember that individual flowers can often have more than one meaning.


Which Flowers Represent Love?

As you’ve probably noticed every Valentine’s Day, the flower most commonly associated with love is the red rose, but it’s not the only one. Carnations are also renowned symbols of love, with pink signifying love towards a female partner or mother and white symbolizing pure love. There are plenty of others of course:


Which Flowers Represent Friendship?

Sending a bouquet to a special friend in your life is a pretty and thoughtful way of brightening up their day. Friends can mean so much to us but finding ways to show them how much we care can actually be quite difficult. Never fear, include these flowers in a Bouq you order for them and they’ll get the message (provided they also know the symbolic meaning of flowers!):


Which Flowers Represent Strength?

Whether it’s for someone recovering from an illness or otherwise going through tough times, a bouquet of flowers can really help make the process just that little bit more joyful. This is especially true if you include flowers which are used to symbolize strength, such as:


Which Flowers Represent Beauty?

All flowers are beautiful in their own special way and everyone has their own personal favorites. Even on their own they naturally represent beauty however they are arranged, but some special flowers also carry historic connotations and become especially prized for their meanings of beauty.


Which Flowers Represent Happiness?

Of course, a spectacular bouquet is going to bring joy to pretty much anyone’s day, that’s what they do. With such delight in their colors and pleasure in their petals, it’s no surprise that many flowers also carry symbolic meanings of happiness.


Which Flowers Represent Good Fortune?

There are many special occasions when you might want to wish someone good fortune, like at the start of a new job or at their graduation. You can make that bouquet even more meaningful by adding some of the following flowers thought to bring fortune:


Which Flowers Represent Sympathy?

The passing of a loved one and funerals are some of the most difficult times of people’s lives. Flowers are a thoughtful and traditional gift to try and ease the pain of the deceased’s family and friends. When wishing to express your condolences and choose a bouquet that will represent your feelings, the following flowers are good to include:


Which Flowers Represent Thoughtfulness?

Reminding someone, with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, that they are on your mind and that you’re thinking of them is a very nice thing to do. It takes on a whole new dimension of thoughtfulness when you include flowers which specifically imply thoughtfulness though, that’s taking things to Matrix-level of messages-inside-messages.

If you’re planning on purchasing a bouquet and want it to have an even deeper meaning beyond the beautiful arrangement itself, then our artisan florists can provide exactly what you want. The symbolic meaning of flowers is something that gives our Bouqs an extra dimension, just get in touch with us to find out more.

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