5 New Ways to Repurpose Old Flowers

Reusing Dried Flowers

So your beautiful bouquet is starting to droop a little. We know it’s a bit sad to think that your floral companion might have to go in the trash bin in a day or two, but before you start to pay your condolences, we want you to consider some alternatives!

Dried flowers have been all the rage lately, and there are definitely so many ways to put them to use. Whether it’s for décor or something a bit more functional, The Bouqs Co. wants to let you in on all the wonderful things preserved flowers have to offer! Before we go on with making the most out of any dried arrangement, you can also check out our guide on how to preserve your blooms and other ways to repurpose them.


Dried Flower Bouquets

Dried Bouquet Vase

A bouquet doesn’t have to necessarily be “alive” for it to beautifully decorate your home. If you have extra vases or glassware lying around, just stick a few dried stems inside and display it around your space!


Dried Flower Potpourri

If you are an avid Pinterest or Instagram user, you have probably already seen potpourris all around the internet, but making them with dried flowers is probably the best (and long-lasting) method!

Floral Backdrop

Dried Flower Backdrop

What better way to fill up a blank, boring wall with a backdrop of dried flowers? There’s so many ways you can get creative with this, but our personal favorite is having them hang from twine down the length of your wall. Maybe you can put up some string lights for a more magical touch!

Manicure Decoration

Dried Flower Manicure

Dried flower petals or filler flowers can make the perfect accessory for your nails if you were thinking about getting a manicure. Just dip them lightly into some nail resin, lock them in place with a few layers of top coating and you should be set!

Clothes Freshener

Dried Flower Petals

If you happen to have an old rose bouquet that you want to make the most out of, dry the petals and put them into small mesh satchels. And that’s pretty much all there is to it – just place in your sock drawer or closet space to keep your garments smelling fresh and rosy!


When in doubt, repurposing is the plan! Not only is it eco-friendly because you are preventing more waste, you can bring out a bit of your creative side by making something wonderful.

If you were thinking of switching over to more of a green lifestyle, then The Bouqs Co. is definitely here to help! Our farm-fresh flowers not only brightens up any indoor space, they are also grown sustainably to ensure that you only have the freshest blooms you can find. Bring home some of that flower power today!

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