DIY Dried Focal Flowers

How to Make a Candle with Dried Flowers DIY

DIY Flower Candles

Are you looking to change up your DIY game this summer? Add DIY flower candles to your repertoire (and one more reason to spam your friend’s Instagram feed.) Your summer Bouqs can now pull double duty when you upcycle your flowers into homemade candles for your family and friends. Head online and order a special delivery of your favorite blooms. From roses to rustic florals, we’ve got all of your flower candle crafting needs covered. And DIY flower candles are just one of the fun things you can do with dried flowers!


Getting Started

You are going to need some candle-making basics. Plan to order and prepare your ‘kit’ a month ahead of time. This will allow sufficient shipping and delivery times for the materials.

For this project, we chose the rustic charm of mason jars.  Mason jars are chic and totally resilient (just like you!) You can order a twelve-pack over on Amazon. While you’re there, make sure you grab some organic soy container wax, a candle pitcher, and a package of cotton wicks. FYI: Make sure when choosing the thread count of your candle wick, you opt for 18 threads or higher. This project makes a big candle, so you do not want your burn time to end before all of the wax melts! To elevate the scent of your petals, you can pair up your favorite essential oil with the flowers.

Create Your Vision

While you are waiting for your materials to arrive you can start preparing the flowers. To give you an idea of what flower petals work best for candles, we’ve created a detailed list:

  • Roses invoke wistful feelings of romance and love. Add these lovely petals to your flower candle to create the perfect ambiance for a  romantic dinner or, spoil yourself with a candlelit bubble bath. Add a dash of fun to your homemade candles with a Rainbow Bouquet.  These multi-hue rose blossoms dazzle your senses with vibrant color.
  • Lavender embodies feelings of calm and relaxation. When combined with the soothing aura of candlelight, you’re sure to be singing,  ‘ahhh’ with this lovely combination. Try burning your homemade lavender candle in your office to help you de-stress before an important meeting, or steal a few soothing moments before you hit the pillow.
  • Lily of the Valley is a special flower. Used in aromatherapy to treat depression, the sweet scent of this bloom will give you a dose of happy feels. The lily comes in shades of pink, yellow, orange, red, and white. A candle made with the lily flower will add a gorgeous touch to any dining room or mantle.
  • Peony. The gentle sweeping fragrance of the peony is a luxury for your senses. Burn a peony candle to calm frazzled nerves. Grab your favorite book, and light this lovely candle. The aroma is just subtle enough to wrap your home in a relaxing floral bouquet.
  • Freesia. For a flash of invigorating floral, a freesia candle is a must! Freesia is known to increase alertness and promote memory. Burn this candle close by as you pull an all-night study session or prepare to give an important speech. These pretty buds also symbolize friendship, so gift a candle or two to your bestie.
  • Tulip. The iconic curves of this bloom stand out with grace in the garden. Did you know that the tulip offers a health boost to your senses? A candle of tulip flowers will leave you feeling more optimistic and enhance your mental clarity. Blossoming in a wide variety of colors, a tulip candle fits any decor seamlessly, appealing to every taste.

Two to Three Weeks Before

Once you have chosen what kind of candle to make, you need to dry out the petals. The drying process will take a few weeks to complete. If you need this done in a hurry, cut a few corners and use the microwave instead. The air-drying method preserves the original beauty and color of the petal. Note: if using a more delicate flower, like the lily, you will want to press your flowers instead.

Before you begin, find a dry, well circulated, and dark area that is free from pets or a curious toddler. Remove the bouquet from the sunlight and separate the stems that you have chosen to use. Carefully remove the excess foliage. Cut the stems to approximately six inches. Grab some plain dental floss from the bathroom and a clothes hanger. Holding the stem upside down, secure to the hanger, and hang your stems to dry. It doesn’t hurt to gather up some inspiration while you wait. Youtube is loaded with ways for you to transform those mason jars into artwork!

Time to Begin

Weigh out about one pound of wax and pour into the candle pitcher. Place onto stovetop and heat. Allow to completely liquify. Using a paintbrush, carefully coat one side of each petal with the wax. Tip a mason jar onto its side and attach the petals to the sides. You can use a wooden skewer to help you place the petals exactly how you want them.

Unleash your creativity and add other foliage like leaves, around the petals. As soon as it looks the way you want it, it is time to set your wick into place. To do this, add a little dot of hot glue to the center of the jar and secure the bottom of the wick. Don’t have a glue gun? Your local office supply store has Glue Dots that will work just as well! Twist the wick thread around a pencil and lay across the top of the jar, to keep it up and away.

Allow fifteen to twenty minutes to dry. Next, using the paintbrush, layer more wax around your flowers, until they are completely secured enough, that they won’t float away. Now it is time to add your essential oils to the candle pitcher. By this point, the wax should have cooled just enough that the oils won’t smoke. For a mild scent, thirty drops is plenty of oil. For a stronger scented candle, you can add up to one hundred. It really is all up to you!

Now it’s go time! Slowly pour the oil and wax mixture into the jar, leaving about two centimeters of space between the wax and where the lid will be. Place your jars into the refrigerator and allow the wax to firm and set completely. With a pair of scissors, trim the wick down to ¼th- ½ above the wax level. This is step is important to ensure your candle will burn safely.

Bonus Ideas

Do you have a favorite candle lying about that no longer lights? Great news, there is no need to part with it! You can upcycle your old candles and give them new life! Plug your kitchen sink and run some hot tap water.  Make sure there is enough to just reach the wax level of the candle jar and place the entire candle into the water. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes for the wax to soften. Using a butter knife or spoon, gently scrape the wax into a small pot. You can then liquefy the wax via stovetop to be used as a starter for your DIY flower candle making. Experiment with combined scents of multiple candles (pumpkin spice, vanilla, and rose, anyone?) to add to your flowered mason jars.

For a cozy and intimate vibe at your next backyard soiree, try bedazzling the evening with a backlit patio, adorned with your handmade dried flower candles. Just add a bunch of your favorite people, some yummy food, and music. You now have the perfect memory of a beautiful summer.

We all know not to bother Dad until after he’s had his two cups and read the paper in the morning!  Don’t throw those coffee grounds into the bin! You can give him his coffee fix any time, anywhere, with a coffee-scented candle. Just toss his favorite brew grinds into the melted wax (mix it up and include whole beans.) Attach the sides of your candle jar with pressed succulents to really give off an earthy vibe. You can make it extra unique by simply exchanging the mason jar for a vintage, thrift shop coffee mug. Tie some twine around the sides of the mug or jar for the final touch. Voila! you now have an intoxicating, handcrafted candle he will be proud to display on his desk.

Extend the Life of Your Bouqs

Giving gifts from the heart is a rewarding experience, and adding a personal touch can really make that gift go even further. You can extend the life of your wedding bouquet or anniversary flowers by turning them into an extra special memento that your loved ones will enjoy every time they light their DIY flower candle. Next time you’re placing a flower order online, consider all the uses your blooms have even after the bouquet’s lifespan winds down.

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