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Mother’s Day Traditions: Global Edition

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Let’s face it – moms deserve to be celebrated! A lot of them work hard to put food on the table (both literally and figuratively), and they’re the heroes we rely on when we need help with school, adulting, or anything that requires some motherly advice. And what better day is there to celebrate all these powerful women than Mother’s Day?

We’re all familiar with some of the traditions associated with Mother’s Day – breakfast in bed, personalized gifts, brunch dates, and flowers. And it isn’t just us! People all over the world love Mother’s Day for the different celebrations and festivities that occur to let our mother figures know we appreciate them for everything they’ve done. From countries in South America to Southeast Asia, here’s some of our favorite Mother’s Day events around the world!



Mother’s Day in Thailand isn’t just dedicated to celebrating the wonderful women in our families; it’s also a birthday celebration of the queen mother of Thailand herself, Queen Sirikit! Every year on August 12th, you’ll see lights adorning the cities of Thailand, portraits of Sirikit hung up in homes and storefronts, and parades marching through the streets. You could probably say that this is the biggest birthday bash of the year!

This day also gives children an opportunity to formally thank their mothers for everything. Schools invite family members to a ceremony where students kneel at their moms’ feet, paying their respects and showing their overall appreciation. And of course, who could forget the gift-giving? Handmade cards and jasmine flowers make the perfect duo since they both relay that sweet message of “I love you!”

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, Mother’s Day is more than just a calendar date – it’s also a religious observation! Mothering Sunday, which occurs on the fourth Sunday after Lent, is intended to celebrate the mother of Christ. Throughout history, children have spent this day visiting their moms in church to present them with flowers they picked along the way. Nowadays, people in the UK like to celebrate this day casually and thank all the moms in their lives by showering them with roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums. And what better way to show your gratitude than giving flowers?


In Mexico, Mother’s Day – or Dia de la Madre – falls on May 10th every year. Mothers are viewed as “queens of the home,” which is why family members love to celebrate in the most cheerful fashion. The day typically starts out with a traditional breakfast of tamales and atole. Then families gather in churches to attend a special mass before returning home for the rest of their colorful festivities. Mariachi bands, dancing, singing, and other performances are just a few of the things you’ll see at one of these exciting parties.

And of course, let’s not forget the gifts women receive on this day! Younger children like to give their mothers handmade presents while the older ones treat them out to meals and prepare flowers.


Unlike all the celebrations in spring, Mother’s Day in Panama actually occurs during the winter season. December 8th is considered a Panamanian national holiday, honoring two different occasions: Mother’s Day and the Feast of Immaculate Conception. Because it is a national holiday, banks, government offices, and other establishments tend to be closed. Families all over the country also start their day by heading to church to celebrate the Virgin Mary.

But most importantly, Mother’s Day celebrates all women, including the wonderful mothers of the country. If you were to step outside, you’d see small impromptu bands go from house to house to serenade mothers. Gifts of choice tend to be chocolates, handwritten letters, traditional meals, and flowers.


No matter where you are in the world, gifting flowers has always been the universal way to let someone know you love them, including all the empowering mothers out there! Learn more about the meaning of rose colors for Mother’s Day or if you need help selecting the perfect color scheme for your Mother’s Day celebration.

This Mother’s Day, take part in this historical movement of sending flowers to all the lovely women in your life. We promise that our farm-fresh Bouqs will get any special message across.

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