How to Make Giant Paper Flowers for An Event

How To Make Giant Flowers

Have you ever wanted to be just like Alice in Alice in Wonderland and learn secrets from chatty flowers? Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a potion to drink to make us tiny, nor a garden of gossiping flowers available for us. If you want to get as close as you can get in real life, you should learn how to make giant flowers.

You don’t have to plant sunflowers and wait for them to grow tall to have some giant living flowers in your life, though we obviously encourage it! Who doesn’t love sunflowers? Even if you do have time to plant flowers, consider making time for these oversized paper flowers too.

Giant paper flowers are sure to make a splash at your Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party, or even if you are looking for a backdrop for your wedding photo-booth. These oversized paper flowers will make any room feel dreamy and beautiful!


How to Make Giant Flowers Out of Paper

Supplies Needed:

  • plastic cups
  • cement
  • 5” wide stucco corner
  • 20-gauge tie wire
  • gloves and wire cutters
  • tape, glue, and scissors
  • tissue paper
  • dried moss
  • zip ties

The Stem

  1. Decide how many flowers you are making: The first step of making giant paper flowers is deciding how many you want, because this determines how many cups you will need. Once you have your cups, fill them with cement and let the cement harden.
  2. Cut the stucco corner: Cut the stucco corner in the desired stem lengths. They don’t all have to be the same size – in fact, it’s actually pretty cool to have some variation.
  3. Make the base of your oversized paper flower: Mold the wires you just cut around the cement-filled cup as a base.
  4. Cover the wire: Tape the wire for a smooth surface, then cover the wire and tape with green tissue paper.

The Leaves

  1. Make the leaf base: Cut the tie wire into the desired length and twist it together to create the base of the leaf. Save the leftover wire so you can use it to attach the leaf to the stem later!
  2. Add tissue paper: Cut the green tissue paper into leaf shapes and glue it to the wire leaf base you just created.
  3. Add the leaves to the stem: With the extra tie wire, poke the leaf into the stem.

The Flower

  1. Cut the petals: Using whatever color tissue paper you want the actual flower to be, cut “petals” in varying sizes.
  2. Form the flower petals: Using the smallest petals you cut from tissue paper, form a bouquet. Tape the bottom of the bouquet together. Add the next size up petals until you get your desired flower size.
  3. Add in the details: To make the center of the oversized paper flower, cut circles out of a different colored tissue paper. Scrunch the edges up and glue a few layers together. Glue the moss to the center of the tissue paper and attach it to the center of the flower petals you created.
  4. Attach the flower to the stem: Using zip ties, connect the giant paper flower to your stem.


Voila! Just like that, you have a garden of giant paper flowers to wander around in. Of course, if you are making these flowers for a party and are looking for some real, regular-sized flowers for balance, the folks over at The Bouqs Co. are here to help!

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