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Celebrate National BFF Day: Friendship Flowers

Friendship Flower Bouquets

Your friends have been with you through everything. Your first high school sweetheart, your first breakup, your first job interview jitters – they’ve seen it all! You can’t imagine where you would be without them because they’ve always supported you (even during your embarrassing boy band phases in middle school).

June 8th might just seem like another day on your calendar, but it’s actually National Best Friend Day! Although it’s an unofficial holiday, it still gives us a chance to show our best friends just how much we appreciate them. While you’re planning your next night out or making reservations to that one brunch place the two of you have been meaning to go to, consider gifting them the freshest token of appreciation ever! That’s right, friendship flowers and plants are the way to go when you want to express your sincerity to those special people in your life.

Here are some of our favorite blooms and greens that symbolize friendship!


Friendship Flowers

  1. Azalea: Symbolizing gratitude, gifting your best friend an azalea arrangement is the best way to tell them “take care”! Azaleas are a versatile bloom and can represent different emotions and occasions, but the yellow petals work best for friends.
  2. Heliotrope: These dainty blooms may typically represent the idea of eternal love, but we think they get the message of devotion across perfectly! Thank your bestie with an arrangement of some of their favorite blooms and sprinkle in some delicate heliotropes as a filler flower.
  3. Pear blossom: These petals pack a lot of history! During the Victorian Era, people sent flowers to express their sentiments – just like us today – and the pear blossom actually expresses the beauty of lasting friendship. How fitting!
  4. Rose: We know that the red rose has been a popular symbol of love, but with different colors come different meanings too! Yellow roses symbolize friendship, and it’s only fitting to gift your best friend a Bouq that will make their days a bit brighter.
  5. Tulip: The tulip has also been known to represent love, but different colors also have different meanings as well. Pink tulips express friendship and good wishes, so they might be more appropriate for your favorite loved one!
  6. Sunflower: All those summer days spent with your best friend either biking around the cul-de-sac or lounging by the AC unit can be remembered with a lovely batch of sunflowers! Symbolizing adoration and loyalty, let your BFF know how much you appreciate them for sticking around.
  7. Zinnia: For those long-distance friendships, let your bestie know that you’re always keeping them in your thoughts with these vibrant blooms. Representing daily remembrance, your favorite loved one will always be reminded of you despite the miles between you both!

Friendship Plants

  1. Arborvitae: This plant is as everlasting as you and your bestie’s friendship! Symbolizing unchanging friendship, this evergreen would make the perfect addition to the garden of your friend’s dreams.
  2. Ivy: Probably our go-to houseplant, and best of all, it symbolizes friendship as well! They’re easy to take care of, ensuring your best friend can have the greenest addition to their home in no time.
  3. Bamboo: Bamboo can thrive both indoors and outdoors, so if your bestie is a bit fickle about where to place things, this elegant plant is their best bet. Depending on how many stalks you choose to gift, bamboo can take on different meanings. Three stalks represent happiness, wealth, and a long life; six stalks represent good luck. However many you want to give, bamboo will always express your sincerity!


Whether your best friend loves to stop and smell the flowers or they appreciate the jungle vibes that plants bring into their home, we have options for all! The Bouqs always wants to lend a helping hand when it comes to getting the right message across, even for holidays like National Best Friend Day.

Picking from our bountiful collection of both plants and flowers is just one of the many ways of letting your friends know just how awesome they are (even if they probably already know)! It’s never too late to treat your loved ones to some farm-fresh goods – order today and surprise them with some of the best blooms and greens out there!

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