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A DIY Boutonniere Anyone Can Make

A DIY Boutonniere Anyone Can Make

Ever wonder how to make stylish Boutonnieres (aka “Bouq-onnieres) yourself?

Keep your dashing groom looking sharp on the wedding day with our DIY boutonniere tutorial. Do-It-Yourself Boutonnieres have never been so easy. (Assembly time 5-10 minutes).

Let’s get started!

DIY Boutonnieres








  • White Rose
  • Dusty Miller for greenery accents
  • Pins
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Green waterproof floral tape
  • Medium gauge floral wire
  • Shears
  • Scissors

Make Your Own Boutonnieres







Step 1:

Cut the stem of your desired flower to measure 2 inches long.

How to Make Your Own Boutonnieres







Step 2:

Pierce the bottom of the bloom with the floral wire and gently pull it through.

Floral Wire on White Rose







Step 3:

Bend the ends of the floral wire down.


Assembling a Boutonniere







Step 4:

Twist the wire around the stem and cut at desired length. (recommended length is to leave 3 inch of the stem).

Steps to make a DIY Boutonniere







Step 5:

Wrap the floral tape around the stem to create a seamless look.

Floral Tape on Rose







Step 6:

Trim off excess wire so the total length of the stem is about 3 inches.

Trim Rose Stem







Step 7:

Add in greenery accents and wrap securely around the stem using floral tape.

Add Greenery to Boutonniere







Adding Greenery to Boutonniere







Step 8:

Finish by adding decorative ribbons around the stem and pins.

Lace Boutonniere







Lace Boutonniere Display







Looking Good!

Step 9:

Always pin upwards to avoid a poke.

Pinning on a Boutonniere







Final DIY Boutonniere







More of an audio-visual learner? We got you! Just click here.

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