Bridal Shower Decor Ideas for Party Planners

Bridal Shower Planning

Are you hoping to throw the ultimate pre-wedding bash? Whether you’re planning for yourself, your bestie, or your sister, getting the bridal shower decor, flowers, and activities just right is vital to the entire event going off without a hitch.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help. As your resident experts in bridal shower flowers, the team at The Bouqs Co. has been an integral part of many big-day parties – and we have some bridal shower planning advice to share!


Plan Bridal Shower Activities in Advance

There is absolutely nothing worse than showing up to a party and finding that the hostess is not the one with the mostess. Whether you plan borderline cheesy games, film an interview and make a game with the bride or groom to be, or plan a getaway weekend for the whole crew, just make sure you have something fun planned that everyone will enjoy.

So what events are actually fun? It really depends on the group you have. For multigenerational bridal showers, you probably want to stick with the staples: toilet paper dress design competition, unwrapping risque gifts, and making a bonnet or veil from the wrapping decor.

Of course there are also a ton of games, like bridal shower bingo, bridal shower Jenga (in which the guests write a special message on a Jenga block), and bridal shower scavenger hunts. For non-traditional bridal showers, going out of your way to make the activities non-standard might be the best way to go.

Think about who the bride is and what makes her unique and plan your day from there. Is she super into yoga and meditation? Perhaps a day of mantras and mudras would be just the thing. Call around to local studios to find a teacher who does both and arrange a day. Or if the bride is into theatre, perhaps a dinner show or night at the theatre could be just the thing to make her feel cared for and connected to her bridal party before the big day.

When planning activities, the main goal is to connect. So have fun with the bridal shower planning and get creative!

Bridal Shower Activities

Don’t Forget the Bridal Shower Decor

Once you know what the event itinerary and guest list look like, it’s time to think about how you’re going to decorate the space to make the pre-big day event special. Matching the bridal shower colors to the wedding party colors is a common favorite and is easily done with bridal shower flowers and classic bridal shower decor such as plates, napkins, and cutlery.

But it’s also nice to make the activities, guest attire, and even drinks match the decor the bride-to-be will absolutely love.

Bridal shower decor can be as simple or complex as you make it, and whether the wedding is taking place in a beautiful barn or a historic library, keeping it classy and upscale is always a good idea. Fresh cut Bouqs, beautiful fabrics, invitations and other paper pieces, as well as interior decor can all add to the bridal shower decor and general vibe of the party.
Bridal Shower Decor Ideas

Never Underestimate the Bridal Shower Flowers

There’s just something about fresh cut bridal shower flowers that make the event feel special. More than just decor, artisanal Bouqs are a conversation starter and they can add to the ambiance of the room.

If you’re planning a bridal shower at a restaurant or at someone’s home, bringing along beautiful Bouqs that fit the atmosphere and theme is a great way to hint at the upcoming nuptials. This is also a great way to incorporate the theme colors for the big day in this pre-wedding event.

Bridal Shower Floral Tablescape

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