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5 Reasons to Have a Micro Wedding

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Any wedding that joyfully celebrates the union of two people in love is perfect, but a ceremony’s size greatly influences the tone and mood of the big day. While some lovebirds opt to throw the party of a lifetime, inviting every person who’s ready to dance the night away, others choose to pare down their guest list to a selection of close friends and family.

This growing trend of “micro weddings” sees couples saying “I Do” in intimate settings surrounded by those they cherish most, and although it may not be the most traditional route, here are 5 ways a micro wedding beats out a big-tent bash.

1. It’s More Affordable

It’s no secret that weddings are pricey, with couples often prolonging their engagement to save up for their dream event. The venue, catering, decor—every aspect of a wedding exponentially rises in cost as the guest list grows. When push comes to shove, there’ll be a moment when wedding hopefuls have to decide between more guests and staying true to their original vision, but with a micro wedding, that dilemma never arises. Micro weddings typically have a max of 50 guests, freeing up funds to splurge on other ceremonial elements like elaborate floral backdrops, intricate decorations, or better yet, the honeymoon.

Since the limited number of guests requires even fewer florals, couples don’t need to splurge on an entire wedding package worth of flowers. Our wedding flower collections offer the chance to simply buy bouquets and boutonnieres for the happy couple themselves. We also offer premium micro wedding florals for brides and grooms looking to dazzle their guests and punctuate their love with a pop of succulents, mums, or ruby red roses.

2. It’s More Intimate

A wedding is the perfect time for a couple to celebrate their forever love with family and friends. For some, that includes everyone ranging from those who have commented well wishes on engagement photos to those consistently supporting the couple through thick and thin. But for couples who wish to share their special moment with their most treasured companions, a micro wedding is the way to go.

Once a couple starts a guest list, it can easily snowball into “Well, we have to invite her, and if we have to invite her, then we have to invite him…” It can go on and on, but setting a limit of 50 attendees or less will encourage engaged couples to really hone in on their nearest and dearest. By the time the ceremony comes, micro wedding couples are assuredly joined only by those who are undoubtedly just as excited about their path to the altar.

3. It’s More Manageable

Since a micro wedding is smaller than a traditional wedding, it naturally requires less prep time and hands-on labor for the big day. There are fewer tables to decorate, seats to arrange, party favors to assemble, etc. The benefits of a micro wedding trickles into every aspect of planning and execution, offering more time to ensure every element that is present stays in tip-top shape. Hosting a wedding, no matter how small, comes with some stress, but a smaller affair lessens the number of moving parts couples have to juggle before they can finally walk the aisle.

4. More Time With Your Guests

At large weddings, few guests get substantial face time with the couple as everyone in attendance is vying to celebrate with the newlyweds. There’s an old adage that newlyweds rarely remember all the details of their big day since they were too busy running around to make sure they spoke to everyone, while also ensuring everything ran smoothly. However, as micro weddings feature small guest lists and more manageability on the day of, there is ample time to make meaningful memories as opposed to passing conversations. Plus, your guests will love less competition for the prized bridal bouquet!

5. Less Germs!

We admit it, this is the least fun reason, but it is worth noting that fewer guests makes reduces risk of spreading infection— Covid or otherwise. Micro weddings are a safer, yet still just-as-romantic option for post-pandemic-era ceremonies that protect both attendees and the overall community.

Micro weddings are becoming increasingly popular for couples who wish to share their special day with their closest friends and family. While it isn’t the most traditional option, there are several reasons to consider a small guest list, because at the end of it all, as long as the pair saying “I Do” is in attendance, everything else is just the cherry on top. 

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