The Dos and Don’ts of DIY Wedding Flowers

DIY Wedding Flowers

Your dream wedding just isn’t complete without the flowers. From the ceremony archway, the guest tables, the boutonniere to the bridal bouquet…  flowers are the focal point of every wedding event.

These days, brides are taking on a much bigger role in their wedding planning by unleashing their creative sides and getting down with DIY. If you want hassle-free, easy wedding flowers, read on for an exclusive guide to DIY wedding flowers, so you can not only have your wedding flowers exactly the way you want them, but also spend more of your precious time and money on your honeymoon!


Do Simplify Your Ideas

Every bride dreams of a fairytale wedding: you know, cascades of white roses with sprays of baby’s breath in every corner… But if you truly want to keep this DIY, you’ll have to let go a little, and go with the flow of creativity.

For easy wedding flowers that will still impress your guests and make beautiful memories, choose universal blooms like the pretty peony that you can artfully arrange with LED string lights inside of mason jars. Scatter potted succulents around the reception tables to bring it all together.

This goes for not only your choice of blooms, but also your design. Sure, an elaborate, overflowing bridal bouquet looks stunning in photos, but…can you carry it while managing a long dress in heels? Keep in mind the practicality of your arrangement so you can avoid an ungraceful wedding march down the aisle!

If this is your first go at DIY wedding flowers, do yourself a favor and stay away from those complicated Pinterest creations. You don’t want one of your wedding memories to include unnecessary chaos and tears! Choose a simple arrangement and do a few practice runs in the weeks prior to the wedding.

Don’t Forget to Research

Let’s say that from the very start of your wedding planning, you had your mind made up on sunflowers. But when you go to place the order, not one single place has cut sunflowers in season. Now your entire plan has a pothole in it. The lesson here? Do your research on what blooms will be in season at the time of your wedding.

Do Choose Versatile Colored Blooms

If the wedding party will be dressed in red and blue hues, you will definitely need to choose your flowers accordingly. A bouquet of pink lilies may not fit as well as a bouquet of white tulips. Choosing a universal color of blooms also helps prevent any extra changes if the overall color scheme must change last minute.

Don’t Forget About What You’re Wearing

It goes without saying that most brides wear white. But what if the bouquet you woke up extra early to create has a flower with a lot of pollen? You could end up with a dress stained yellow with pollen dust. Keep this in mind if you are including any type of berry into your Bouq, as those can also burst.

Do Select Long Lasting, Hearty Flowers

This applies for most white flowers. If you must have white flowers, remember they can quickly start to turn brown. And wildflowers of any color will begin to wilt and lose florets around mid-day. So when you choose your blooms, make sure they have the longevity to dance the night away with you and your guests.

Don’t Begin Crafting Too Early

The general rule of thumb is that everything should be completed no later than the day before. If you start making your bouquets and arrangements too soon, though, your flowers will not be at their best. Instead, aim for the morning-of at the latest to ensure you have the best presentation.

Do Incorporate Non-Floral Elements

The signature stamp of any DIY project is its uniqueness – that’s why you’re, ya know, doing it yourself! So get with the spirit and make your DIY wedding flowers yours with sprigs of pretty grasses, jewelry, candles or lights.

Don’t Feel Hemmed in by Tradition

Often, brides feel obligated to stick to current fashion trends or pressured to compete with the Royal Wedding. Don’t let this happen. Remember, it’s your day, and you get to do whatever you feel like doing!


At The Bouqs Co., the only thing we love more than a good DIY project is sustainable flowers arranged with love and creativity. Let us help make your DIY wedding flowers easy with our DIY wholesale boxes for guaranteed happiness on your big day.

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