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Wedding Theme Ideas

As with everything style related, wedding trends evolve over time. While themes often come back around, they usually have a new, unique twist to give them a modern edge. A lot of brides-to-be want their weddings to be something a little different, so looking to new trends in weddings is a great way to stay ahead of what everyone else is doing.

Each year tends to come with a pretty wide range of new wedding theme ideas, so there’s usually something for everyone. They don’t have to be overly elaborate either; some of the best wedding themes come from a small bit of inspiration. So, if you’re planning a wedding and want something that’s going to blow your cousin Jane’s millennial pink wedding out of the water, here are some fresh trends to consider.



Metallics are definitely having a moment right now in the world of weddings. While rose gold accents have been popular for a while, the trend is moving away from this and has shifted to copper. The great news is that copper pieces tend to be inexpensive, and their effect is truly show-stopping. Candlelight bounces off copper creating a warm glow. Just imagine—20 years from now you’ll look warm and luminous in your wedding photos, while those stark, minimalist brides will look washed out and anemic.

For wedding flowers, try something big and soft like peonies, hydrangeas or garden roses mixed with lots of greenery and tied together with a bold metallic wrap. The edgy/soft contrast is sure to impress.

Ultra Violet

You know a hue is going to be big when Pantone picks it as a color of the year. Instead of the wedding theme ideas that are based around typical wedding shades, why not break out and try something completely new? As Pantone describes it, ultra violet conveys, “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” What could be more perfect to represent your new union?

The options are pretty open for flowers for an ultra violet wedding, too. There are so many blooms that come in lovely purple shades. Try vibrant lilacs, roses, or tulips.


The industrial look isn’t just for workshops and artsy lofts anymore. It may seem like an odd combination, but possibly in an attempt to do something no one else was doing, some couples are looking to industrial spaces. If you think about it, it kind of makes sense. Industrial is one of the best wedding themes for couples who seek an edgy, modern style. It’s sleek and uncomplicated, so it really allows you and your decor to shine on the big day. It’s a rustic wedding for urban folks.

To go with your unique venue, the wedding flowers should be structural and eye-catching. Try amaranthus, anthurium, poppies, or phalaenopsis orchids.

Touches of Black

Another of the new wedding theme ideas that many don’t think of is to a touch of black. Black is not commonly associated with weddings but added in small doses throughout the event; it can be captivating and very elegant. It’s definitely one of the best wedding ideas for those looking for a theme that’s a bit shocking, but still ultra-classy.  

Set against black, rich reds really pop. There are tons of stunning flowers that come in red hues; choose a style that best suits your tastes. Some options to consider are roses, tulips, gladiolas, chrysanthemums, carnations, snapdragons, cosmos, dahlias, and anemones.

Edgy Bohemian

In recent years many modern brides have been going with a more laid-back feel to their weddings. Barn weddings have become enormously popular with their country-chic vibe. While the easygoing style is sure to continue to be a hit, some brides are starting to steer their themes more towards a bohemian style. This shift gives the wedding a bit more of a dreamy feel than the down-home, rustic style.

For wedding flowers, you’ll want to think whimsical and untamed. Go for lots of greenery, interesting shapes and asymmetry. Try scabiosa, hawthorne, thistle, sweet peas, or ranunculus.

When choosing your wedding theme, think about your unique style and then give it a personal twist. When you’re ready to start browsing flower options, has you covered. Whether you want to be hands-on or have the experts craft something for you, we can help. We offer both DIY and pre-curated wedding packages that are sure to take your theme over the top.

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