How to Plan the Ultimate Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Planning

Destination weddings have always been a dream of every bride, especially if you’re a bit of a wanderlust soul. But of course, with big trips come big planning!

Whether you feel like having your wedding on the clear coasts of Greece, in a national forest surrounded by mountainscapes and towering trees, or on a warm tropical island, there are some things you should consider when it comes to planning your ultimate destination wedding. We want to make sure your Big Day goes by as stress-free and as beautifully as you imagined it!

Here are some of our tips when it comes to planning the perfect destination wedding:


1. Choose a place that has meaning to you as a couple

A big part of motivating yourself to go through with all the hectic planning is making sure the place you have in mind actually has sentimental value. Maybe this was where you first met your spouse-to-be or this was where you took your first vacation as a couple. Wherever you decide, it should have meaning. And trust us – everything will be so much more worthwhile once you do!

2. Know what to expect

Whether you grew up in there or you’ve visited a couple times here and there, it’s important to know everything there is to know about the place you choose to fly out to. That’s right, that means you should look into things like weather – because who knew places like Australia have their summers from December to February? – and overall accommodations to make everything easier for you and your guests.

3. Keep it intimate

Let’s be real – not everyone can always afford to fly out for your wedding, especially if it’s somewhere quite far. We know you’d want everyone in your life to be part of your big day, but unless you’re willing to pay for a portion of their trip, you might want to rethink your guest list. Keep your destination wedding as intimate as possible. This means close family, close friends, and a few others who would love to attend (and can)!

4. Ship things ahead of time

Getting everything you need on time can be tricky, and depending on where you plan on traveling, it can be hard to make sure all the necessities get to your venue in a timely fashion. Getting décor and all that jazz overseas can cause a bit of worry since you can’t be 100% sure that things won’t be handled properly. Give yourself that safety net of making sure you have enough time before the ceremony to make things right in case of emergency!

5. Find a know-it-all

By know-it-all, we mean a local planner – and we mean this in the best way possible! Local planners know everything there is to know about the venue, the area, and the overall culture of the place you decided on. Even if you feel like you know everything there is to know, a local wedding planner can help alleviate some anxiety surrounding the whole process. Plus, there’s no harm in having a second set of eyes on the checklist!

6. Keep your guests filled in on the details

A wedding ceremony is also about creating an experience for your guests as well as you and your partner. That’s why it’s important that your guests feel like they’re in the loop if things go down. Make sure they’re aware of everything they need to know – including information about their accommodations, activities planned for them, and just how to get around town! Happy guests make things a lot easier than one would think.

7. Choose a reliable wedding flower service

Local florists are usually the way to go when it comes to destination weddings, but if you’re planning on getting flowers delivered across the country, then make sure you communicate effectively with the flower service you chose. Because you want your wedding blooms looking their best for the ceremony, the arrangements are usually delivered the day before or even the day of! So make sure you talk to your floral reps about what you both can do to make the experience much smoother.

8. Remember to keep calm!

We know it’s easier said than done but keeping calm leading up to the big day can do wonders. Do whatever you can to relax, be patient, and most importantly, be flexible! Just because things don’t happen the way you want them to, doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity for something better. Stick with your closest friends for some moral support, have a few cheat days (don’t worry, we won’t tell) and have some fun nights out (or in) – anything to keep yourself as stress-free as possible!


Planning a destination wedding is no easy feat, which is why these tips can help keep any engaged hopefuls as organized and grounded as possible before the ceremony.

And of course, a huge part to any wedding – destination or not – is making sure you’re accompanied by beautiful floral arrangements for the big moment. Whether you need flowers for a wedding in a different state or within your city, The Bouqs Co. has got you covered! Check out our DIY and prearranged package options to meet your floral needs – because your wedding should the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

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