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5 Surprising Facts About Succulents

Succulent Facts

Let us be the first to say it: succulents definitely don’t suck. And, recently, they’ve taken the world by storm. It seems they’re literally everywhere these days.

When you order succulents, you’re getting a trend-setting Bouq that can add the right amount of color and texture to any room. And, if you don’t want them inside your home, they’ll be perfectly happy chillin’ outside too. Trust us – succulents are super easy to please!

But before you go pulling those dazzling beauties from their Bouq, why not take a few minutes to soak up some cool succulent facts? Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to take someone by surprise with your random knowledge about these sun-loving creatures.

Cacti and Succulents Aren’t (Always) Equal

This is a huge point of confusion for many people, and we can understand why. But let us try to explain.

Succulent is an umbrella term for plants that store water for long periods of time in their thick leaves and stems. They typically hail from dry, harsh environments, and most produce a thick juice or sap that can be applied to skin to protect against sunburn, including – you guessed it! – aloe vera. Cacti are just one specific variety of succulents. There are also flowering varieties of succulents, ground cover succulents, and many more distinctions.

As for what makes a cactus a cactus, it’s quite simple: they have thorns or prickles whereas other succulents don’t.

Pro tip: Always keep your cacti away from kids or pets (or clumsy people, for that matter,  like yours truly). You definitely don’t want to have to get the tweezers out…

Okay, glad we cleared that up! Let’s move on.

Succulents are the Ultimate Plant for DIYers-at-Heart

Even though succulents are literally prehistoric, having sprung up some 5 to 10 million years ago, they are at the height of their historical popularity. And it’s definitely not hard to see why: they’re hardy, ultra-versatile and they come in nearly every size, shape, and color you could imagine.

That’s why they are the perfect plant for the creatively minded who love DIY projects to perk up their home’s vibes. Want a cute little succulent to put in your cute little teacup? Done. What about a living piece of succulent jewelry that grows as you wear it? No problemo. Or maybe you want a colorful batch of trippy-looking indoor succulents decorating your bedroom? Again, succulents are the perfect guy or gal for the job!

Succulent Care is Ridiculously Low-Maintenance

Want to know the absolute best thing about succulents? It’s that succulent care is shockingly simple and requires almost zero work or time—a huge, huge win in our book!

Basically, you just need to put your succulents in a spot that mirrors their natural arid, desert environment. So pick a room with a decent amount of sunlight and a little bit of heat. Then just water them once a week and let them do their thing—which we hope is to wow all those guests you have over for dinner.

But wait… It gets even better. You can expect your indoor succulents to live for several months, if not years. They are also extremely durable and resistant to annoying little pests.

Succulents Have a Wealth of Symbolism

In western cultures, succulents symbolize timeless and enduring love, thanks to their uncanny ability to persevere in rugged habitats.

In Asian culture, on the other hand, they represent prosperity. In the interior design practice of feng shui, which attempts to arrange objects in a way that best manipulates energy, water is a symbol of wealth and since succulents can hold a great deal of water, ipso facto, they are a sign of good financial fortunes.

You Can Plant Succulent Clippings to Get New Succulents

If you’re like us, you’ll never have enough succulents strutting their stuff in your home. If so, you’re in luck.

Just cut a piece off one of your outdoor or indoor succulents, or wait until one of their leaves falls off. Put it in sunlight until it grows tiny roots, toss it on top of some soil, give it some more sun and an occasional pinch of water, and voila! You have a brand new succulent.

You gotta give it up for succulents. They truly are the gift that keeps on giving, and gorgeous to boot. Wins all around! So next time you’ve got the urge to refresh your home or garden with new plants, we hope you find these succulent facts as inspiring as we do.

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