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Cool Plants to Gift: Spring Edition

Plant Gifts

Open up the windows and get ready to smell the flowers, because spring is here…or at least it’s on its way. One of the best parts about the arrival of this new season is watching the world turn green as plants burst out and do their thing. And another great part is giving gifts to our friends and fam.

What Are Some Cool Gifts for Spring?

Whether your loved one was born with a green thumb or is a beginner in the garden, there’s a plant-related gift for everyone. Cue houseplants, gardening kits, cute pots, and more. And since you can order plants online, it’s easier than ever to browse plants to send as a gift..

Gifts for Plant Lovers

Do you know someone who swoons over a new leaf on their houseplant and thinks birthday flowers are better than cake? Then we’ve got some great gift ideas for you. These picks are perfect for all the plant lovers in your life.

A Cute Succulent

In case you haven’t heard, these desert-dwelling plants are all the rage. Send your friend a succulent to let them know they certainly don’t succ.

Potted succulents are perfect for sticking in a sunny window and keeping anyone company… even plant beginners. And colorful bouquets provide blooms to enjoy now and succulents you can propagate and enjoy for years to come. Talk about a gift that’s a two-for-one deal!

A Tropical Orchid

Let’s be real. Orchids are gorgeous. By giving them as a gift, you give a bit of the tropics. And after a long winter, we all know that is a welcome treat.

While orchids aren’t super easy to care for, they’ll thrive with the proper environment and love. Still, they might not be the best choice for a plant newbie.

A Flower Subscription

For a gift that keeps your loved one smiling, you can’t do much better than a flower subscription. Each month they’ll receive a gorgeous bouquet of farm-fresh flowers. And since you can pick the arrangement size and cancel anytime, there’s nothing to lose.

A Lemon Tree

With a lemon tree at home, any plant lover will be wishing for lemons. These citrus trees not only produce edible fruit, but also develop blooms with a sweet aroma that brightens any room.

Meyer Lemon trees can be kept in pots and moved indoors during cooler weather and outdoors during the summer. That means they can be sent to any dedicated plant lover with access to a room with lots of light.

A Visual Guide to Houseplants

If your friend says “no more plants, please,” it’s time to get sneaky.

No matter how big we wish our houseplant collections could grow, the sad truth is that our space and time are limited. But that doesn’t mean we can’t welcome hundreds of different plants into our homes.

Plantopedia is a beautiful guide to the wonderful world of houseplants. Your plant-loving friend will love browsing through the pages while sitting in their own indoor jungle. And it makes a great coffee table book, so there’s no need to store it away.

Plant Parents

Like all parents, plant moms and dads want to do what’s best for their little ones. The good news is that there are all sorts of gifts that make this job easier and more fun! Check out some of our favorite ideas for the plant parents in your life.

A Mint Plant

If you want to help your loved one make their space feel fresh, you can’t do much better than a mint plant. These guys are easy to care for and spread like mad.

While you probably know all about their invigorating aroma and flavor, did you know they can also benefit other plants? That’s right. Mint plants can help keep harmful insect pests away, so other plants can thrive. Now that’s a plant worth adding to your collection.

Aloe Vera

This classic beauty is a plant everyone should have at home. It’s easy to care for and it can help soothe the pain of burns…so it’s the perfect gift to help someone prepare for the returning sunshine.


These bright flowers add some cheer wherever they’re planted. Plus, they can help keep away pests such as mosquitoes and aphids. That means both plant parents and their plants will be happy to welcome this flower to the fam.

And since marigolds come in all sorts of different colors, sizes, and shapes, you can find one that your friends will love.

A Plant Care Book

Everyone from seasoned plant parents to those who just acquired their first little green one can use a bit of help in their plant parenting journey. That’s where the New Plant Parent comes in. This book by Darryl Cheng covers everything from nutrients to watering to lighting. Plus it includes care guides for all sorts of common plants.

A Beautiful Pot

Just like your friends help you shine, the proper pot amplifies a plant’s beauty. If you know your loved one already has a favorite plant at home, a new container is a perfect way to let them pamper their plant as it deserves.

When looking at planters, it’s best to pick one that’s the same size or a bit bigger than the current container. This means you might need to do some snooping and ask your friend how their plant child is doing. And trust us, you’ll just get bonus points for checking in on it.

Once you’ve figured out what size pot is best, select one that has drainage holes. This cute and whimsical plant lady pot will make any plant mom happy.

Gardening Kit

Spring means it’s time to get into the garden! Whether your loved one has a yard where they can get their hands dirty or a small patio, there’s a gardening kit gift for everyone.

Seeds for the Garden

If your friend or a family member has some space to work with, get them started with one thing that will surely help their garden grow: seeds.

No matter if they’re hoping to grow flowers, veggies, or herbs, you can find a great selection of seeds at Seed Savers Exchange. Since this company prioritizes heirloom seeds, you’ll be able to find something unique.

A Patio Perfect Garden

A deck, patio, or balcony is the perfect space for a garden! To help your pals get their spring garden started, pick out a container or two that will work in their outdoor spaces. Add in some potting soil and a gift card to a local nursery, and you’re good to go!

Want another option? Give your loved ones a cocktail grow kit from Uncommon Goods to let them add a homegrown component to their drinks.

Herbs Indoors

No outdoor space? No problem! It’s easy to grow fragrant herbs such as basil, cilantro, or mint plant indoors. By giving your loved one an herb garden kit, you make it even simpler.

Welcome In All Seasons

After receiving any of the gifts listed above, any plant lover will be even more excited for spring. If you want some more tips, check out our romantic plants for Valentine’s Day and how to take care of your plants when on vacation. And if you need a little dose of springtime cheer yourself, don’t hesitate to order some farm-fresh blooms! Because everyone could use a little more beauty in their lives.

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