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8 Cool Plants to Gift a Loved One

Plant Gifts

Gift-giving happens year-round, and yet, we still find ourselves scrambling to figure out what our friend or loved one would like and appreciate. We question whether we should buy them clothes (that they may or may not like), a gift card that seems a bit impersonal, or other miscellaneous items. This holiday or birthday, consider giving a living gift!

Plants are the latest trend and for good reasons. Plants not only help clean the air in your space, but they help providing a relaxing atmosphere, whether at work or home. They bring life and greenery into your décor, especially if you personalize it with a decorative pot. And, of course, many have lovely scents that will act as a natural deodorizer for your space. With so many plants to choose from, you might still be struggling trying to decide which plant gift is the best for your recipient. Whether you think your friend or loved one would be better with a low-maintenance plant, or a more fragrant plant, we’re here to guide you on which varieties are best for gifting.


Best Plants to Gift

A plant makes a great gift for housewarmings, birthdays, and holidays because they bring a positive energy into your recipient’s work or home space. With a few plant care tips, this gift is sure to be your recipient’s favorite! Plus, you’re likely to pop into their mind every time they water their new plant friend.

1. Lavender: Lavender grows well in full sun and slightly dry areas. Because of its scent, lavender is fantastic for those who could use calming vibes as lavender improves sleep and relaxation.

2. Lucky Bamboo: This plant grows well in indirect sunlight which makes it a perfect gift for an office desk. Also, like the name implies, lucky bamboos are associated with promoting prosperity, happiness, and good fortune (especially when given as a gift!).

3. Orchids: Orchids can be a little more intimidating to care for, but the result is a beautiful plant that makes your space feel tropical. With tons of colors, an orchid plant will bring brightness into your décor.

4. Aloe Vera: For those who like their gifts to provide a functional purpose, an aloe vera plant is the perfect choice. It’s easy to care for, only needing watering every few weeks, and the gel under the leaves can be used for sunburns, make-up setting spray, and more.

5. Succulents: If this is the first plant in your friend’s #PlantFam, a succulent is a safe choice. They’re cute and incredibly easy to care for. They come in many forms — a good option is a set of mini succulents, so they can have a little bit of everything.

6. Mint Plant: Another plant that is multifunctional, is a mint plant. It may not sound like a plant to gift but its sweet scent and flavor make it a great choice for the friend who loves to cook (or loves mojitos!). Once this plant is thriving, it has a weed-like nature where it’ll continue to grow so is best potted.

7. Ferns: Ferns, like an asparagus fern, bring an amazing splash of green into any space. Having a full pot of greenery is sure to make a space feel more alive and thriving. Ferns are great for those looking to amp up their home décor.

8. Artificial Plant: You know what they say, fake it ‘til you make it! For those that you know would appreciate the beauty of a plant but maybe their schedules don’t allow them to be on top of flower care, a fake plant is the way to go. There are plenty of artificial plants that look real until the touch. Sometimes the best houseplant is a fake one.


Gifting doesn’t always have to be a difficult chore. Gift your friend a houseplant so they can start their own #PlantsFam. Or, if they’re already a plant owner, you can add to their growing indoor garden. In the end, your friend or loved one is sure to appreciate anything that you give them. If you’re still a little unsure about which plant will make the perfect pal, a gift card from The Bouqs Co let’s your recipient select their own picture-worthy plants.

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