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Tips on Making Your Succulents Last

How To Care For A Succulent Bouquet

Bouquets are meant to be unique and interesting; the perfect centerpiece to light up a room. The ultimate way to create a beautiful flower bouquet is to feature floral cuts that stand out while complementing the others present. Succulent bouquets are a popular trend, but they aren’t a common cut to take care of.

One of the most common reasons why people tend to stay away from succulent bouquets is because they don’t know how to take care of them properly. With the proper steps, you can learn how to care for a succulent bouquet, the right way.

How Long Will a Succulent Bouquet Last?

While you sadly won’t be able to keep your gorgeous succulent bouquet fresh forever, there are ways to keep the original succulents lasting much longer than you would predict. With the proper care, your original succulents can last from as little as a week to as long as years, as long as you choose to replant the succulents from your Bouq and give them the proper care afterward.

How to Care For a Succulent Bouquet

If you are pruning your own succulents for your unique bouquet, make sure you make a clean cut across the stems without crushing them. This will keep your succulents strong and able to easily absorb water. While succulents don’t require water as much as other flowers, they will have a longer lifespan when cleanly cut for the bouquet.

Placing a succulent bouquet in a vase with water is an easy and necessary step to keeping your succulents lasting long. If they are arranged with carnations, they will stand stronger and wilt slower than they would with other blooms such as roses and sunflowers. The succulent cuttings will eventually dry out, but if you wish to keep your beautiful succulents forever, then you are in luck. Succulents are the easiest blooms to propagate with your spare cuttings.

Replanting Your Succulent

Replanting your succulent bouquet will answer the question of “how long will a succulent bouquet last?” Pick a piece of the succulent you wish to plant. It doesn’t matter if it’s a leaf or a stem, each piece will revive your beautiful succulents from your bouquet. Let this piece dry for five to seven days before planting into moist soil. You will notice your bouquet starting to sprout new fresh succulents that can be enjoyed as planted beauties or can be cleanly cut again for a fresh new look.

After your succulents are replanted, proper steps can be made to keep them thriving for years. Succulents don’t need to be watered as frequently as other blooms, but they should be watered in abundance when the soil becomes dry. As succulents are popular desert plants, they are meant to last without water for long periods of time and then soak up as much water as possible when it is provided.

They also need to be placed in a pot that has an open hole for the roots to grow and the water to filter out. Place the pot in an area that gets a lot of sunlight. This will create a very livable environment for your succulents to thrive. Caring for your new succulents can provide various beautiful bouquets to come. Also, if you’re planning on keeping it indoors, choose a good indoor succulent.

Order a Beautiful Succulent Bouq

At Bouqs we offer different variations of beautiful succulent arrangements for delivery. Each one is paired perfectly with other complimenting blooms such as roses and lilies. You can order them fresh from our website for yourself or for a perfect gift for a loved one. Our succulent Bouqs will last longer than many other types of bouquets and will be able to be replanted for your own enjoyment. To keep your succulent alive for years, all you really need to know is how to care for a succulent bouquet the right way.

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