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10 Interesting Facts About Protea Flowers

Protea Flower Facts

If you’re a fan of all things flowers, you have probably heard of the protea. It’s becoming more and more loved within the floral community, and there’s no denying why! Protea blooms are oh-so-unique, which is why you’ve probably seen them around more often than you’d think.

Interested in learning more about the wonderful protea? Search no more – The Bouqs Co. is bringing you 10 fun facts about proteas!


1. The protea belongs to the larger family of Proteaceae, which supposedly existed in the ancient landmass of Gondwanaland – so they go way back!

2. In the U.S., proteas are commercially grown in San Diego, Santa Barbara and parts of Hawaii.

3. The genus itself was named after Proteus, a Greek god with the ability to shapeshift. The name is fitting since these blooms come in all kinds of shapes and sizes!

4. Protea is used medicinally as a cough syrup to treat certain chest disorders.

5. These flowers symbolize diversity, transformation and courage.

6. South Africa’s national flower is actually the King Protea, the largest species of protea!

7. They also come in various shades of pink, white and red.

8. Proteas flower in autumn, winter and spring; however, the species overall is evergreen.

9. Surprisingly, protea blooms thrive best after wildfires due to the scorching of their outer shell, allowing dormant buds to finally emerge!

10. All proteas have a proteoid root system, allowing them to survive in soil that isn’t as rich in nutrients.


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